Midnight Madness….err…Hoosier Hysteria

Indiana has released details for their Midnight Madenss celebration leading up to the first day of basketball practice.

Try to get pumped about it, OK? I know you’re all still thinking about football, but just squeeze in some room for hoops if you can.

Looks like the party starts at 9 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 13th. Cost for a ticket is $2 or a donation of two non-perishable food items, and they can be bought the day of the event starting at 8 a.m. at the IU athletics ticket office.

ESPNU will broadcast part of the event, which will follow a similar format to recent years. Besides an autograph session, the event will include dunk and sharp-shooting contests.

Click here to read the story on Indiana’s web site.

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  • IUmatthew says:

    Chris, the IU Basketball homepage indicates that “the doors open” at 9:00 p.m.

    While it is conceivable that both your printed column (oh god, you probably created a line when the door opens) and the website are correct. But that would mean the doors open at start time.

    More likely, you are incorrect and the party “starts” at 11:30 when ESPNU begins televising. I know this your first year in Bloomington, but the couple of hours leading from door-open time to the beginning of practice are far from party-time.

    I just hope a large number of families didn’t read your article and get to Assembly Hall at 8:00 to get a good seat.

    In addition, anyone reading this should bring far more than 2 canned goods. Hoosier Hills Food Bank is undergoing a shortage as outlined in this publication. Bring a sack of canned good, or make a reasonable donation to the food bank.

    Midnight Madness is a fun event and if you short-change the starving sub-set of our community, you are cheap bastards.

  • Chris says:


    I’m leaving it up to you to get the party started right at 9 p.m. when the doors open and you guys go flooding into the arena.

    Because if the fans here can’t get hyped on their own for some basketball, what will they get hyped about? So show up at 9 and make it happen.

    Thanks for the heads up on the canned goods. You’re right — people do need to donate as many as they can.

  • IUmatthew says:

    Touche’ Mr. Korman.

    If Assembly Hall opens at 9, it doesn’t matter what time the actual practice starts. Indiana fans should enjoy themselves before the start of a new season.

  • Jack says:

    Im going to assembly hall right now to camp out!

  • TiBwa says:

    What you guys stop talking about gordon? I guess it will be there to party.

    GO ILLINI GO !!!!

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