Illinois at Indiana, in-game analysis (2nd half)

Armon Bassett is happy.


  • Who takes this shot for Illinois?
  • Inbounds to Meacham.
  • He curls around and gets to McCamey. Who drives. Block by A.J. Ratliff. But the balls out off him.
  • Randle launches a shot. No. Bassett comes down with it. A scrum. Foul called. Bassett will shoot.
  • Weber leaves the floor almost immediately after the final buzzer.


INDIANA 60, ILLINOIS 58 (25.8)

  • Wow. Bassett hits a 3 after Gordon’s pass is tipped.
  • Now Meacham answers with a 3.
  • Ellis hard to the hole, hard after the rebound. Refs talk it over. Ball to Indiana.
  • fifty seconds in the game. Thirty-five on the shot clock.
  • Wait. They’re going to replay. Still Indiana’s ball.
  • Bassett gets inside and takes an off-balance shot. Why?
  • Hoosiers haven’t faced a situation like this so far this year.


INDIANA 57, ILLINOIS 55 (1:55)

  • Bassett drives and that leaves Crawford open for 3. He misses. Good look, though.
  • White fouls Pruitt, who will shoot. D.J.’s got four fouls now.
  • White takes it at Pruitt. Misses. Brock in for the rebound.
  • Randle called for a moving screen as he blocks Gordon’s path to his man. Randle’s fourth.
  • Gordon’s called for charging.
  • Meacham drives and misses. Pruitt grabs the rebound and scores.


INDIANA 57, ILLINOIS 51 (3:51)

  • An ugly possession. As a result, Bassett will replace Crawford. The freshman guard is simply not anywhere near ready to run an offense. And you have to wonder if he’s really suited to be that type of player.
  • But Illinois, the worst free-throw shooting team in the conference, misses at the other end.
  • Here comes Gordon. He gets to the net and is fouled. But he misses the first and hits the second.
  • Gordon called for fouling Meacham. Doesn’t agree. Illinois is shooting one plus the bonus, and Meacham makes both.
  • Bassett eventually gets it in the corner and hits a 3. What a game he has played.
  • Pruitt takes it at White and hits the hook over him again.
  • Gordon drives on Randle and is fouled.
  • Ellis is going after Randle now after Gordon takes the shot. It takes a few seconds to get him settled down.
  • Ellis goes back and throws Randle to the ground while trying to guard him. So Randle will shoot and Ellis will come out of the game.
  • Bassett cuts through the lane and finds Ratliff for a 3. Two possession lead now.
  • This game has turned extremely physical.


INDIANA 49, ILLINOIS 46 (7:51)

  • D.J. White tries to kick out but Brock steps in front.
  • The Brock turns it over.
  • Can Crawford keep up the momentum that Bassett brought? Well, Ratliff gets open for a 3. It misses, but Randle grabs the rebound and steps out of bounds. Indiana’s ball after the flags clear the floor.


INDIANA 49, ILLINOIS 46 (8:30)

  • Ratliff hits one. Misses the second. But the Illini trip over each other and D.J. White gets the rebound. He scores.
  • Pruitt works inside. White’s called for his third foul. He misses the first, hits the second.
  • Couple of missed chances there. Gut a good possession for this Indiana team. Ellis kicked out to Ratliff, who just couldn’t get it to fall.
  • Crowd here is all over the referees after Ellis gets called.
  • McCamey tries to take Bassett off the dribble. But Bassett stands in and McCamey’s shot is way off.


INDIANA 46, ILLINOIS 45 (10:23)

  • White fouled. Hits both. Hoosiers within four.
  • Randle rolls off a screen and gets to the basket. He’s met by Gordon, who is called for a foul. He misses both free throws though. Could that be the turning point?
  • Bassett fakes the drive, pulls up and hits a 3.
  • McCamey misses the 3. White with the rebound.
  • Gordon drives and puts it off the glass. Hoosiers lead.
  • Gordon and Ratliff running now after another miss … Ratliff can’t get it to fall. But a foul is called.
  • This crowd is boisterous.


ILLINOIS 45, INDIANA 39 (11:59)

  • Bassett is back in running the point. Let’s see if he can orchestrate something.
  • Well, Stemler gets an open 3 but misses it. Indiana is doomed if it doesn’t start hitting from the outside. The Illini are packing in the middle and ignoring the Hoosier 4-man for the most part, allowing them to clog and double-team.
  • White with a monster dunk. Crowd into the game again.
  • Not matter. Pruitt comes back and hits from inside.
  • Gordon draws the foul from Pruitt by going hard ot the rim. That puts Pruitt on the bench with three fouls.
  • Stemler can’t handle Randle and fouls him as he runs past. That’s Stemler’s third.
  • Jeff Jordan, the son of Michael Jordan, is in the game. Here he is getting to the lane past Armon Bassett — how’s that ankle really feeling? — and drawing the foul. He hits one of two.
  • White works against Tisdale — an obvious mismatch — and draws a foul.


ILLINOIS 42, INDIANA 35 (15:22)

  • Mike White called for his second foul.
  • Wow. Gordon with an amazing block.
  • Ellis wastes it with a poor offensive performance.
  • Pruitt uses that hook — left-handed — to beat White.
  • Gordon turns it over.
  • Crawford drives and forces a shot.
  • Pruitt gets into the lane with some space. Ellis fouls him. His second.
  • Gordon drives and has an easy time getting to the rim. Gotta expect we’ll see him driving more this half.
  • Indiana forces Meacham into a late shot. No good.
  • Randle pops free. Indiana does not cover well.
  • Gordon fires a 3 from deep. People stadning as IU pulls within 4.
  • Meanwhile, Brock goes baseline and finds Meacham open for 3.
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  • Laffy #1

    Sunday, January 13, 2008 - 7:27 PM EDT

    He didn’t shake Kelvin’s hand or any of our players?

  • Bill #2

    Sunday, January 13, 2008 - 7:36 PM EDT

    If watching on TV it first appeared that he immediately left the floor without shaking anyones hand. But that was an assistant coach in a brown suit. Weber, who had earlier thrown his jacket to the ground, gave Sampson a “Belichick-esque you just took a poop and didn’t wash your hands” handshake. Then he went to the locker room. He didn’t shake with the players, but many coaches don’t do that so it didn’t bother me much. That assistant is a sore loser though.

  • Juan Blanco #3

    Sunday, January 13, 2008 - 8:54 PM EDT

    I’m out in Cali and didn’t get to see it. Were there many Illini fans in the house?

  • Kyle #4

    Sunday, January 13, 2008 - 9:16 PM EDT

    No, there werent very many illini fans in there at all.

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