Mid-season awards: you pick

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The Hoosiers have played 15 games thus far. They have 16 to go before the Big Ten Tournament starts. So technically, halfway point of their regular season isn’t until intermission Thursday night in Minneapolis. But you get the picture…

Here’s a list of mid-season awards that should generate some good discussion. Any other ideas you come up with, feel free to throw them out there.

I’ll let you guys make your cases for a few days then I’ll give you my list on Thursday.

1. MVP

2. Biggest Surprise

3. Biggest Disappointment

4. Best coaching move by Kelvin Sampson

5. Worst coaching move by Sampson

6. Best play

7. Best team performance

8. Best individual performance

9. Remaining game you’re most looking forward to

10. Team left on the schedule that scares you the most

11. This season’s biggest annoyance (I suggest the Big Ten Network)

12. Your post-season prediction

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008 - 4:22 PM EDT


Surprise = DeAndre

Disappointment = Xavier loss

Looking forward to = MSU game

Post-season = Win Big Ten/Elite 8

drew arnold
Tuesday, January 15, 2008 - 4:43 PM EDT

1. MVP – DJ White

2. Biggest Suprise – M. White

3. Biggest Disappointment – All the suspensions

7. Best team performance – Win over UK without 3 starters

8. Best individual performance – DJ against Michigan

9. Remaining game you’re most looking forward to – UConn, both MSU, both Wis, both Purdue

10. Team left on the schedule that scares you the most – At Minnesota (seems like we always loose at Williams Arena)

11. This season’s biggest annoyance (I suggest the Big Ten Network) – I love the B10 Network, I live in Louisville and already paid for the sports package, so it’s great for me. Locally in Louisville, no radio station carries IU any longer. I hate not hearing Fish & Leary.

12. Your post-season prediction – I like IU at 27-4 going into the Big Ten Tourney (losses at Minn, at Wis, and at MSU). I think this is IU’s year to win the Big Ten Tourney and a 2 seed. Depending on who is the 1 seed in their region, there is a great chance of a final four run! Go Hoosiers!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 - 4:50 PM EDT

MVP – DJ White
Surprise – Lack of playing time for Brandon McGee. I thought he’d get more minutes.
Disappointment – All the injuries
Best coaching move – whenever he utilizes Gordon as a point guard, guaranteeing him involvement in the offense
Worst coaching move – well, all the suspensions make me wonder how much control he has over the team…
Best play – that nifty touch pass from Mike White (I think) to DJ for a slam vs. Illinois
Best team performance – vs. Kentucky w/o Gordon, et. al
Best individual permfornace – DJ’s 20/20(+) game at Michigan, despite ESPN barely mentioning it
Looking forward to – Michigan State
Team that scares me – Minnesota. IU never plays well there and I just don’t know how legitimate they are.
Annoyance – ESPN worshipping the wrong player vs. Michigan
Post-season Prediction – Man, this depends. This team CAN win it all, but I’m not getting that feeling right now. I need to see them agains real quality opposition first. Probably Sweet 16, perhaps Elite 8.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 - 5:01 PM EDT

1. DJ
2. Crawford
3. McGee
4. un-redshirting Mike White
5. don’t know
6. any of EJ’s thunder dunks
7. vs. UK w/o EJ and AB
8. DJs 20-20 vs. Mich.
9. vs MSU @ home
10. Wisky
11. late arriving students
12. Elite 8

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 - 5:05 PM EDT

1. MVP – DJ White: You could argue Gordon, because he makes DJ a better offensive player. But you simply can’t overlook DJ’s dominance on the boards. He is a force in the paint this season. It’s great to see him stick around and improve his future by putting together a great season.

2. Biggest Surprise – Jamarcus Ellis: I expected him to be a good player, but I didn’t anticipate him doing all the little things. He’s the epitome of a “dirty work” player that helps the team win games. He’s a triple double waiting to happen.

3. Biggest Disappointment – The off the court suspensions, both academic and team rules violations. Hopefully those are all in the past because this team seems to be gelling together. The only player that disappointed me was Ratliff not getting done in the classroom earlier this year, but he’s back and I hope he can end his IU career on a high note.

4. Best coaching move by Kelvin Sampson – Un-redshirting Mike White, we need him in the middle.

5. Worst coaching move by Sampson – Redshirting Mike White, we need him in the middle.

6. Best play – Gordon pulling up and drilling from 25 ft against every team we play.

7. Best team performance – at Southern Illinois: first tough road environment. Good win even though SIU has fallen off this year.

8. Best individual performance – DJ’s 20-20+ night against Michigan.

9. Remaining game you’re most looking forward to – at MSU, BTT, NCAA Tourney

10. Team left on the schedule that scares you the most – Wisconsin…great execution, underrated bigs, great coaching.

11. This season’s biggest annoyance (I suggest the Big Ten Network) – Not having a healthy team all year. Now they are all finally playing except Holman but he wouldn’t play a lot anyway. He could use the redshirt. Hopefully Armon can overcome the bone chips in the ankle.

12. Your post-season prediction – Big Ten Tourney Title and Elite 8 run.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 - 5:27 PM EDT

1. MVP: DJ White

2. Biggest Suprise: Jordan Crawford’s play

3. Biggest Disappointment: AJ Ratliff being ineligible

4. Best coaching move by Kelvin Sampson: Not redshirting Mike White.

5. Worst coaching move by Sampson: Making 3 way calls under probation

6. Best play: DJ White stealing from Michigan and finishing with the cram.

7. Best team performance: Winning in Carbondale (even if SIU is struggling this year.)

8. Best individual performance: DJ’s 22 points and 21 board game against Meeeechigan.

9. Remaining game you’re most looking forward to; Playing Michigan State at home with College Gameday on campus.

10. Team left on the schedule that scares you the most: Wisconsin

11. This season’s biggest annoyance (I suggest the Big Ten Network): Big Ten Network for sure.

12. Your post-season prediction: IU to elite 8 at least.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 - 6:13 PM EDT


2. Biggest Suprise Crawford

3. Biggest Disappointment Holman/MgHee
8. Best individual performance
DJ @ Michigan
9. Remaining game you’re most looking forward to
NCAA Championship hopefully, PU @ IU
10. Team left on the schedule that scares you the most UCONN

11. This season’s biggest annoyance (I suggest the Big Ten Network) Turnovers

12. Your post-season prediction Elite 8

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 - 7:29 PM EDT

1. MVP – Ellis, Scottie Pippen of the team.

2. Biggest Suprise – Crawford, scoring ability.

3. Biggest Disappointment – Crawford, very immature. I wish he had more of EJ’s mental makeup.

4. Best coaching move by Kelvin Sampson – Playing Mike White, adds toughness.

5. Worst coaching move by Sampson – Our inability to play zone defense. Looks like swiss cheez.

6. Best play – EJ 27 foot 3 pointer.

7. Best team performance – vs. Longwood.

8. Best individual performance – Jordan vs. Joe

9. Remaining game you’re most looking forward to – @Northwestern.

10. Team left on the schedule that scares you the most – Kansas in the finals.

11. This season’s biggest annoyance (I suggest the Big Ten Network) – BTN IS AWESOME IN HD! Stop being cheap.

12. Your post-season prediction – Anything less than a national championship with EJ and Ebanks is failure. This is BASKETBALL not the mediocrity we settle for in football.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 - 8:50 PM EDT

Easy there slugger, Ebanks isn’t on the team yet. Post-season prediction basically means “what do you think the team will do in the tournament this year?” EJ and Ebanks will never suit up together.

Also, if you are talking about this year being a failure if we don’t win a title, that is ridiculous. Getting to the Final Four or Elite Eight is great. Obviously a title is the main goal, but if they win a big ten title and have a good tourney it is by no means a failure.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 - 8:54 PM EDT

1. MVP – DJ

2. Biggest Suprise – Jamarcus Ellis, I thought we would get a scorer, but he is a complete player

3. Biggest Disappointment – Lance Stemler, he plays hard but just has not filled any niche/role this year (poor 3pt shooting, anemic rebounding, defensive liability)

4. Best coaching move by Kelvin Sampson – I like the suspensions. Unlike the Mike Davis/Bracey Wright days, it seems there is some discipline in Bloomington again (at least for the players, ahem !!)

5. Worst coaching move by Sampson – not developing Eli Holman more… we will need his size come March

6. Best play – DJ hangs back, steals the outlet pass and jams it home !! Awareness, effort and leadership

7. Best team performance – Kentucky game; playing short-handed and not playing down to the competition

8. Best individual performance – Jordan Crawford (v. KY) controlled the game from the point, scored, rebounded and dished… plus some nie defense

9. Remaining game you’re most looking forward to – Wisconsin

10. Team left on the schedule that scares you the most – Wisconsin

11. This season’s biggest annoyance (I suggest the Big Ten Network) – EJ’s knack for NOT looking to dominate from the tip-off of a game… I would love to put away inferior opponants in the first half instead of the last 10 minutes !

12. Your post-season prediction – Elite 8 (as of now) but Final Four potential waiting to be tapped

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 - 9:25 PM EDT

Keep in mind…Holman had an injury that has kept him from developing. That really isn’t a bad coaching move on Sampson’s part, just poor luck. He may get a medical redshirt which would be good.

What did Bracey do during the Davis era?

IU Jimmy
Tuesday, January 15, 2008 - 10:37 PM EDT

Ummmmmmm…..Eric? Eli is injured and the staff is looking into a medical redshirt.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 - 11:00 PM EDT

Haha – I am aware of the injury… I am referring to the pre-conference games. I would like to have seen him get more quality minutes, even if it meant some growing pains. Of course, with the injury it now seems moot. But I was postulating if he HAD shown more development, maybe they could have pushed the rehab, got him back for the second half of the conference and ready for a deep March run.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 - 11:29 PM EDT

1. DJ White

2. Jordan Crawford

3. Eli Holman

4. Subing DJ White in and out against Kentucky at the end of the first half.

5. Not putting Eric Gordon on Drew Lavender in the Xavier game.

6. DJ White’s dunk over Deshawn Sims in the Michigan game.

7. Indiana’s win over Kentucky at home.

8. DJ White’s 21 point/22 rebound performance against Michigan.

9. At Illinois.

10. At Wisconsin.

11. Injuries and suspensions, and fans that complain about the littlest things.

12. 28-3 with losses coming at Wisconsin and Ohio State.


Hoosier Hound
Tuesday, January 15, 2008 - 11:37 PM EDT

1. MVP: DJ White
2. Surprise: Crawford
3. Disappointment: defense and turnovers
4. Best coaching move: unredshirting Mike White
5. Worst coaching move: redshirting Mike White
6. Best play: DJ steal and dunk @ Michigan
7. Best team performance: Kentucky
8. Best individual performance: DJ @ Michigan
9. Most looking forward to: Purdue and MSU in the Hall
10. Most scared of: MSU, but confident
11. Biggest annoyance: BTN and Billy Packer
12. Post-season: many games

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - 12:06 AM EDT

1. MVP – Eric Gordon…while I realize that DJ White has play unbelievably well, EJ is probably the best player in the country. He gives us a chance to win any game and his consistency game after game is remarkable.

2. Biggest Suprise – DJ White…who really thought he would have a double double in 10 out of the last 11 games…especially after struggling at the beginning of the season.

3. Biggest Disappointment – Jordan Crawford…JC is a great player, but his decision making, specifically shot selection, leaves a lot to be desired.

4. Best coaching move by Kelvin Sampson – Zone defense in games against GT and SIU.

5. Worst coaching move by Sampson – Breaking the rules again.

6. Best play – DJ White’s And 1 against Michigan.

7. Best team performance – Michigan…made me want to book an early April flight to San Antonio.

8. Best individual performance – 21 and 22 for DJ against Michigan.

9. Remaining game you’re most looking forward to – home against MSU

10. Team left on the schedule that scares you the most – at MSU…but at The Barn and in Madison are really scary too.

11. This season’s biggest annoyance (I suggest the Big Ten Network) – Fans constant criticism of our team despite our 14-1 record and complete domination of the majority of our opponents.

12. Your post-season prediction – Loss in the Elite 8, but I feel we are still good enough to win it all if we be more consistent and play 40 minutes.

#17 Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - 12:12 AM EDT

1. MVP: ERIC GORDON…I know everybody’s trying to avoid the bandwagon and laud DJ for his best year so far, but let’s face it. The Hoosiers would NOT be 14-1 without this kid. They’ve had DJ before and not started this well, soft schedule or not. Just remember early losses last year to Butler and two years ago to Indiana State.

3. DISAPPOINTMENT: The loss…IU fans demand perfection, and I don’t know about the rest of you, but I toast every year when the last remaining team loses it’s first game. 1976, the last team to run the table and BETTER BE the next.


10. SCARY OPPONENT: At Illinois. Rough year for the Illini but that’s one game they’ll be darn sure throwing out all the stops to win. Heck, the Hoosiers only beat them by four at home…in a down year.

11. ANNOYANCE: BTN…You hit this one on the nail Zak. I’ve missed more games this season than in the last 15 seasons combined due to the simple fact that I can no longer just set the DVR/VCR when I’m not gonna be home for the game. It’s disenchanting.

12. POSTSEASON: I’ll take the safe bet-Hoosiers get in.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - 1:44 AM EDT

1. MVP – Eric Gordon. The amount that this kid gets to the line will tip most games towards our favor. His unlimited range spreads the floor out for all of our players, not just DJ.

2. Biggest Suprise – AJ not getting good enough grades in the classes he was taking.

3. Biggest Disappointment – AJ not getting good enough grades in the classes he was taking.

4. Best coaching move by Kelvin Sampson – Simplifying the offense to suit the team’s strengths.

5. Worst coaching move by Sampson – Cell phones being used at all.

6. Best play – I remember seeing a pick and roll with Ellis and Deandre early in the year, I believe against Kentucky. Deandre looked great getting to the basket.

7. Best team performance – Gritty win vs. Illinois.

8. Best individual performance – DJ vs. Michigan, no contest.

9. Remaining game you’re most looking forward to – A. At Illinois of course. B. Purdue at home, natrually.

10. Team left on the schedule that scares you the most – At Wisconsin

11. This season’s biggest annoyance – Cell phones being used at all.

12. Your post-season prediction – Big Ten and NCAA Championship…come on now

#19 Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - 7:42 AM EDT

1. MVP-Co MVP’s, Gordon, White

2. Biggest Suprise-Mike White

3. Biggest Disappointment-Ratliff

4. Best coaching move by Kelvin Sampson-Mike White playing

5. Worst coaching move by Sampson-not explaining the suspensions

6. Best play-Ratliff’s block vs. Illannoy

7. Best team performance-Michigan game

8. Best individual performance-DJ, Michigan

9. Remaining game you’re most looking forward to-Michagan State, at MSU

10. Team left on the schedule that scares you the most-UCONN

11. This season’s biggest annoyance (I suggest the Big Ten Network)-BTN, but that is given…Stemler

12. Your post-season prediction-elite eight

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - 9:54 AM EDT

7. AT SO. ILL.
11. BTN!!!!!!!!!!
12. WIN B10(11) REG SEASON,WIN B10(11)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - 10:44 AM EDT

1. Love DJ, but he’s benefiting from every team focusing on EJ. Gotta go with EJ – he scores his points, defends well, and other guys get shots they wouldn’t without him on the floor.
2. Jamarcus. Even at the beginning of the season, with him on the floor, his contributions kinda sneak up on you. I love his attitude – but he needs to channel his temper toward good, not evil.
3 AJ – another slow start and spotty play. Crawford – started out like a veteran, now looks like a freshman. Eli Holman – he’s gotta get some experience before next year, it’s scary to think that he and DeAndre are the ‘returning veterans’ next season.
4. Recognizing Ellis’ value and the need to have him on the floor.
5. Love Lance and Mike’s hearts and smarts, but we need to get DeAndre on the floor and get him experience before tournament time. Limit his minutes and play Lance and Mike, we lose 3 or 4 games and come up short in the final 16, maybe 8. Get him minutes, let him learn on the fly, we lose 4 or 5 and compete in the final four.
6. DJ’s steal and slam vs. Michigan. You could just see them deflate and surrender like so many Michigan teams before them.
7. Hopefully yet to come. Probably Ky, although they’re awful. Maybe Iowa, they’re better than advertised. Maybe Illinois, we played poorly, took their best shot and still won.
8. DJ vs. Michigan. A hard-working man vs. disinterested boys.
9. At Northwestern, only because my daughter and I will be there. Hopefully the extra tickets I bought will pay for our hotel room.
10. The usual suspects – Michigan State, Wisconsin, Ohio State, at Minnesota.
11. No brainer – the BTN and their lackeys, our belvoved AD’s and University Presidents. Somebody (see previous sentence) got sold a ‘pie in the sky,’ spent the money before they realized that they’d been taken, and now are backed into a corner.
12. With DeAndre worked into the starting line-up; Final Four, probably a loss to Kansas or NC. With Mike/Lance starting and getting most of the minutes; it stops at either the final 16 or 8.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - 11:08 AM EDT

MVP: Eric Gordon – diverts the other team’s entire defense.

Biggest Surprise: Close game vs. Illinois and Iowa. Big 10 might be soft in 2008, but there’s still no freebies, apparently.

Biggest Disappointment: AJ Ratliff’s grades.

Best Moves by Kel: Keeping Mike White and the Fat Man in constant rotation. Keeps DJ fresher for rebounds.

Worst Coaching Move by Kel: Gives Lance Stemler too many minutes. It’s true you need a seasoned defensive player, but other teams are hip to the fact that his scoring percentage isn’t all that high.

Best Play: Defenses keep their eye on Gordon, then Bassett ruins them with a long jumper.

Best Team Performance: vs. Kensucky. We just dismantled their offense.

Best Individual Performance: Any DJ double-double.

Game to Look Forward To: Wisconsin … Michigan State will be a war of attrition, but Bo has a way of wearing IU down with defense. Curious to see if we can be mature enough to counter them.

Team That Scares Me Most: Our first round draw in the NCAA Tournament. Will we be seasoned enough to handle an underrated 14 seed in a pressure situation?

Biggest Annoyance: The Big Ten Network goes beyond annoyance and into anger. Still not available in my hometown. The Commissioner better not come to Conseco for the Big Ten Tournament, or he’ll be booed soundly…

Post-season: Final Four loss to UCLA. EG goes pro, gets picked by some gulag club, maybe Oklahoma City/New Orleans.

Mike P - Chicago
Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - 11:58 AM EDT

mvp – ellis…can never have too many secondary guys who do it all and not worry about the ppg average

surprise – how weak the teams on the schedule have become

disappointment – there has been no development of a complimentary big man to dj

best move by KS – anytime he’s got bassett, gordon, ellis, dj, and aj on the floor at the same time – only happened once to my knowledge

worst move by KS – developmental time for the young’uns against the cream puffs

best play – had to be the EJ dunk vs. Illinois St….i’m still waiting for some backdoor alley-oops

team performance – SIU

individual performance – DJ vs. UM

game ahead – at MSU

scary team – wisconsin

annoyance – morons on blogs who think they know more than the coach

post-season – i’m on the line between elite 8 and sweet 16

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - 1:07 PM EDT

1. MVP: Eric Gordon. He frees up so much of our offense with his outstanding ability to shoot anywhere on the court.

2. Biggest Surprise: DeAndre. He may only play limited minutes, but he’s key to our depth, and his soft touch and ability to finish is great.

3. Biggest Disappointment: Holman. I was hoping he would be a monster.

4. Best coaching move by Kelvin Sampson: He seems to fire up our team at halftime and make adjustments to win close games we would have lost last year.

5. Worst coaching move by Sampson: Not benching Crawford when he needs to be benched.

6. Best play: DJ’s steal and jam against michigan.

8. Best individual performance: Crawford’s game vs. Kentucky. DJ’s game at Michigan.

9. Remaining game you’re most looking forward to: Wisconsin

10. Team left on the schedule that scares you the most: Wisconsin/UConn

11. This season’s biggest annoyance (I suggest the Big Ten Network): the Injuries, suspensions, and recruiting violations.

12. Your post-season prediction: Final four dependent on who we play (I doubt we could beat Kansas or Memphis). And if we’re against UNC or UCLA in the final four, I think we can advance to the title game.

#25 Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - 1:23 PM EDT

Mike P Chicago,

Ellis for MVP? He’s a great player, but you’ve got to be kidding. On a team with two legitimate Big Ten and perhaps national Player of the Year candidates, you’re bypassing them both?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - 3:39 PM EDT

MVP: DJ. Eric is going to give you good every game. We need DJ involved to be great. He has stepped up.
Big Surprise: Effectiveness of Mike White. Keep it up dude
Disappointment: Lapses in defense
Best coach move: Adjusting defense and offense during game
Worst coach move: Not adjusting def and offense
Best play: Has to be DJ steal and basket
Best team perf: Kentucky and/or Iowa
Best ind. perf: DJ at Michigan
Remaining game: All of them will be tough
Team that scares: Tomorrow night at Gopher land
Biggest annoyance: BTN and inconsistent referees
Prediction: Obvious they can do well in Big Ten conf and then in the Big Dance. Can win both, but defense needs to improve. There are lots of good teams out there and any team on any given day can win. Consistent defense is the KEY to this team. Offense takes care of itself. Good defense makes a good offense. Would you like any more locker room quotes? Haha

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - 3:53 PM EDT

Drew Arnold…….there is no Both Purdue games, unless we meet them in the BT tourney.

Mike P - Chicago
Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - 3:59 PM EDT

it’s hard to argue against gordon or white, but ellis is by far the most valuable member to this team’s ability to play together and is the ultimate glue-guy. i know he won’t be a common guy named as an ‘mvp’, but without him where would we be?

i see it this way…
without gordon, this team is probably 12-3 or 13-2. (evidenced by the teams’ performance vs. kentucky)
without dj, this team is 11-4 or 12-3.
without the all-around play of ellis, we may have lost games in addition to the xavier game vs. (ellis’ pts/rebs/ast numbers in parenthesis) GT (15/7/2), SIU (10/11/3), Kentucky (12/5/5), Iowa (15/7/7)

who else on the team can do all of the following things: score if needed, rebound, pass, defend bigger and smaller players. the answer is ellis.

(plus – i wanted to be unique, not go with the rest of the crowd…i’m a leader ;)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - 4:09 PM EDT

Lead on Chicago Mike. That is unique. Your numbers dont lie. MVP is a meaningless acronym in a team game. I can see assigning it game to game, but we need all 10-11 players to win.

I would rather the Hoosiers be MVT at the end of it all. See above comments about defense. I liked the guy who said we look like a sive at times when playing the zone. The kids need to buy into the defensive effort, or we are just another team that can get hot and win the big one. (or go cold and lose). Dont want to be all negative. I see flashes of defensive prowess.

#30 Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - 5:09 PM EDT

1. MVP
DJ White: IU Basketball is at its best going to him early.

2. Biggest Surprise
How much talent Crawford has. It’s not developed, but this kid -if he gets a little discipline is his game- could go to the NBA in a year or two.

3. Biggest Disappointment
The defense. I thought it’d be better.

4. Best coaching move by Kelvin Sampson
Bringing Mike White back from a possible redshirt season. We need him now.

5. Worst coaching move by Sampson
The phone calls? Don’t put your job in jeopardy when you’re on probation.

6. Best play
AJ Ratliff’s block to preserve IU’s lead vs. Illinois in closing seconds.

7. Best team performance
IU pulling together without the starting backcourt to beat Kentucky by 19.

8. Best individual performance
DJ’s 21 pt.-22 reb. game at Michigan.

9. Remaining game you’re most looking forward to
IU at Wisconsin: No pressure/expectation for an IU win, but it’d really look good if they pulled it off.

10. Team left on the schedule that scares you the most
Connecticut. They roared back on a very good Georgetown’s home floor and only lost on a Roy Hibbert 3. Dangerous.

11. This season’s biggest annoyance (I suggest the Big Ten Network)

The BTN, indeed, sucketh.

12. Your post-season prediction

Final Four: Kansas, Tennessee, UCLA, and Indiana! It’s as far as we get, but I’ll enjoy the ride.


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