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Jeff wants to know about DeAndre Thomas’ maturation.

“I think his maturation has a lot to do with him managing his weight,” Sampson said.

It’s a self-esteem thing for Dre, Sampson says. When he does extra work, he feels better about himself and that translates to the court.

Ed in Martinsville is wondering what the top two or three opponent arenas are.

Sampson says he scored nine points once in college, and that was his favorite arena to play in. Says it was a place called Campbell College.

“There’s nowhere better than Assembly Hall,” he says, getting serious.

A final comment: About Purdue he says, “Well, they’re good.”


More questions:

Where does the IU-Purdue rivalry stack up?

Sampson thinks that when Knight and Keady were here, the legendary coaches made it something special. And those teams were good, too.

Which is why Tuesday will be big.

“This rivalry is going to reignite because both teams are going to be good down the road,” Sampson says.

Someone from the crowd wants to know how he makes the non-Indiana kids understand the meaning of the Purdue game.

The players take care of that he said.

Someone asked “If D.J. will be unable to play . . .” and Sampson said, “D.J. will play.”

Now Sampson is comparing Taber to a catcher who catches a no-hitter.

“You always notice the pitcher,” he says. “You don’t notice the catcher.”

A fan wants to know about the zone Indiana has been playing.

Sampson thinks his team defends shooters well out of the zone. But it won’t be easy to do against Purdue because they have four guys who can make the 3.

Indiana played a “man and a half zone” against Neitzel the other night. There were two guys looking his way.

Sampson says he throws the zone out there and waits to see how the other team attacks it.


To questions from the audience of about 45 people.

What is the biggest thing you are stressing to the team about the Purdue game?

Entry passes. Purdue takes them away. That’s the book on the Boilermakers….aggressive on defense.

So, Sampson says, the Hoosiers will have to be good driving the ball.

Sampson thinks Robbie Hummel could play all five positions.

“I think it’s going to be an intense, intense basketball game,” Sampson says. “As it should be.”

Now to questions from the phone. Tom from Evansville wants to know how the Big Ten schedule expanding to 18 games has impacted the team.

Sampson says that the problem with the 18-game schedule is that there wasn’t a provision made to ensure that rivalries continue to take place. Purdue and Indiana play just once this year.

But Sampson doesn’t want to see the schedule go to a full round-robin 20 game schedule because of the inflexibility it would cause in the rest of the schedule.


Fisch wants to discuss Indiana’s turnover numbers. They’re low.

This low: 22 in the last three games. For an average of about 7.

“You know, if you average 10 or 11, you’re doing pretty good,” Sampson said.

And preventing turnovers, he says, is the most important thing the Hoosiers can do tomorrow against Purdue.

Don Fischer wants to know about the crowd on Saturday.

“If (ESPN) College GameDay shows up, they’re honoring your school,” Sampson says. “They’re honoring the tradition of your school.”

“I can’t imagine a better university to have College GameDay at than Indiana University,” he says.


And we’re back.

Time to recap the Michigan State game.

“How we played in that game is actually how we’ve been practicing.”

It was just a matter of the practice team catching up the in-game team.

Sampson’s praising Kyle Taber for his instincts, but saying he has an “Evansville vertical.”

“What that means is he can’t jump over the Evansville phone book.”

Taber has actually been instructed to take any rebound he gets outside the paint and dribble it right to Eric Gordon. Which he did against the Spartans.

“This team has been pretty good against adversity,” Sampson says. True.

“That’s what being a team is all about: stepping up when one of the guys is out.”

Sampson know says that he expects White to play tomorrow night. White practiced a bit today on his sprained knee.

As for DeAndre Thomas, Sampson says that DeAndre Thomas’ weight did creep back up but now is back in control a bit. That’s why he had more pop Saturday.

Sampson says that Eric Gordon was the best player in the nation on Saturday.

“I don’t think anyone could have played any better,” he said.


Don Fischer is now on the air. Here comes Kelvin Sampson, to a standing ovation from the fans.

Kelvin is saying that it must have been a good game against Michigan State for him to get a standing ovation.

As for the Wisconsin game, two things concerned him: how they defended the perimeter and losing Bohannon off screens.

“You take away his six 3s at key times, and you realize how close we were,” he says.

Bo Ryan’s team don’t “pass the airport test” according to Sampson. They just aren’t going to look good..

Speaking about the end of the game, he reiterates his feeling that a travel could have been called at the end on Trevon Hughes.


We’re here, and there’s 30 seconds until the show starts broadcasting. Kelvin Sampson isn’t here yet.


For his regular (last?) radio show with Don Fischer. It’s on 105.1 FM on Bloomington. Or, go to the Hoosier Den in the Foster Quad to watch it live.

I’ll be there, and I’ll provide updates here.

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Monday, February 18, 2008 - 7:58 PM EDT

Chris, do they screen the callers? They were decidedly much nicer than I thought they would be.

Monday, February 18, 2008 - 8:00 PM EDT

they DEFINITELY screen the calls.

#3 Monday, February 18, 2008 - 8:44 PM EDT


They do screen calls. But in the past, there’ve been a few to get through with real questions. I was, quite frankly, surprised that it didn’t happen tonight.


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