Bassett and Ellis: “Status unchanged”

Armon Bassett and Jamarcus Ellis are still on Indiana’s basketball team, but have had discussions recently about leaving IU.

Following a report Sunday night that Bassett and Ellis may transfer from Indiana, basketball spokesman J.D. Campbell indicated Monday morning that any conversations with the players about their future at IU are still ongoing.

“I don’t think they have finished end of season meetings yet so status unchanged,” Campbell said in a text message.

Henry Wofford of WTHR Channel 13 news reported Sunday night that Bassett and Ellis, according to sources, would be leaving IU’s program, but former IU basketball player A.J. Ratliff on the same broadcast disagreed with that report saying the two players have been thinking about transferring, but they still want to stay at Indiana.

“They are to meet with the coaches and staff because they were talking about transferring,” said Ratliff, who left IU’s team in mid-season for undisclosed personal problems and is now working as a basketball analyst for WTHR.

“They told me they were kind of skeptical about the coaching change and thinking about leaving,” Ratliff said. “But going to meet with the coaching staff (today) and get everything situated. But they do want to stay at Indiana.”

We will keep you updated with any further news about this situation.

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  • BacktoBasics says:

    Chris & Doug are doing a great job of following the developments at IU! Keep up the good work. Question? What are your e-mail addresses? Got a tip for you.

  • Steve O says:

    are we gonna have enough players to fill a roster if ellis, bassett, crawford, etc take off? if so, we are in alot more trouble than i thought in the upcoming years.

  • Travis says:

    Whatever, let them leave. If they don’t want to play for IU, then we don’t need them. Bring in kids who want to play. Ellis is nothing but a lazy streetballer.

  • bhss73 says:

    Whatever, let them leave. If they don’t want to play for IU, then we don’t need them. Bring in kids who want to play. Ellis is nothing but a lazy streetballer.

    Exactly.. leave Ellis, your a stench on the program.

  • Jared says:

    Travis and bhss73, you’re both idiots…congrats. Ellis was very good all the way up until the Sampson debacle. He stuffed the stat sheet and didn’t do anything that would make me want to call him a streetballer, and definitely not lazy. If we get a new coach that can sell him and Bassett on staying then they will both be good players next year. Just because he slacked off when Dakich took over doesn’t mean he is a stench on the program.

  • Steve O says:

    Thank you Jared… How can you say Ellis was the “stench of the program”????? I’d say Sampson holds that title first of all.

    Ellis is a great all around player. He was 2nd on the team in rebounds, and tops in assists i believe. And when he had to score, at times during the season, it seemed he did so at will. He just wasn’t asked to do it alot because DJ and EJ carried most of the scoring load. Sometimes his attitude was off, but when you have a coach who doesnt discipline the players, thats what happens.

  • Heinz says:

    I think this blog reports more facts than the IDS basketblog! THANKS GUYS!

  • Juan Blanco says:

    Let them leave? I’m sick of all these idiots thinking IU is up on some pedistal when it comes to the rest of the nation. We are truely in a struggle right now. We have no stability anywhere in the major programs. We can’t afford a top tier coach, and the younger coaches are scared sh!tless of all you your “high and mighty IU” attitudes. All of you better be thankful if we even make the tourney next year. Let them leave… You should be kissing their a$$es so they will stay in this mess of a program that Rick Greenspan has created….

  • ww says:

    Me thinks you are tired of it all Juan. Wonder how many more are also? It does seem to be a downer right now. This new coach stuff keeps it interesting tho. I realize there is a strange protocol to contact coaches, especially since the Dance music is still playing, but I sense more damage from a refusal right out of the gate.

    Ellis was an effective first year player. Also understand why some are upset with his end of year behavior. Forgiveness is divine. Hope they both stay.

    Agree with claps to HT staff!

  • Michael Noveck says:

    Anyone who thinks Ellis is lazy or a streetballer, explain to me what’s “lazy” or “streetball” about being the #4 rebounder in the conference, especially when your own teammate is #1? Only Illinois and Michigan State (and IU w/DJ) had better rebounders than Ellis in the conference this year. And oh yeah, Jamarcus is listed as 6’5″. Pruitt and Zuton? 6’10”. Get off it, seriously. You sound either racist or completely devoid of basketball knowledge. Take your pick.

  • ww says:

    maybe he is bit upset at Jamar’s behavior towards DD, near the end of the season. The typical viewer from the sidelines does not know the entire story, but you sure don’t see that stuff in the Sweet 16.

    I agree tho, lazy and streetball are misnomers.

  • Zak says:

    To me, Ratliff’s comments come off as really contradictory.

    At one point, he is saying that Ellis and Armon are talking about transferring. Then there’s the report from WTHR that says they are transferring. Then later in the article that “they do want to stay at Indiana.”

    This comes to a huge surprise to me because it was Jamarcus Ellis who, after the season ended so abruptly, said he was excited to find out who the new coach is and ready to go to work. So, then a week or so later there’s reports that he’s transferring before Indiana has their next head man?

  • ww says:

    Zak, we are now watching the inaugural season of What do you Believe? It comes on after .. As The World Turns.

    Any latest words from DD? Is he still in contact with the kids? Maybe advising them in the interim? or is he the lame duck coach? I wonder if Bassett and Ellis simply wanted to express that like everyone else … they would like to keep their options open ended.

  • Zak says:


    Sounds about right.

    Apparently, Dakich is going about his business until someone else informs him otherwise. I’ve read that he’s still coming to Assembly Hall everyday.

    Looks like we’ll have a whirlwind of a few days.

  • Juan Blanco says:

    WW, I think I need to just get a life. One shouldn’t lose sleep over this silliness…

  • Juan Blanco says:

    On a different note, is there any word on how full pads practice went for the football team?

  • ww says:

    how about………James Hardy came back for another year. Kellen Lewis ran the first team and they won a mini scrimmage 88-0.

    What do you Believe? or early April Fools. Sorry, I could not resist.

    Juan, do not lose sleep. Like Zak says … It is a whirlwind. Sit back and wait for the silly whirlwind to end.

  • bhss73 says:

    You sound either racist or completely devoid of basketball knowledge. Take your pick.

    How in the world does the race card get thrown in? The guy get suspended, plays at the end of the season when the biggest tournament in the nation is on, and basically mails it in because his cheating coach got fired? They play for the name on the front, not the name on the back. If he doesnt understand that concept, then perhaps there is a school that wouldnt mind his lack of effort when the mood suits him.

  • Juan Blanco says:

    Well, thats a lot better than I expected! I will sleep like a baby tonight..

  • Juan Blanco says:

    80% of Hoosier nation packed it in… You can’t just single out 19 year old kids and tell them to get out of town. Especially kids with that much talent. Just like a broken home with unstable parents my friend. Indiana University is the problem right now. Not our players…

  • Juan Blanco says:

    Oh, and the name on the front of the jersey is the one surrounded in controversy right now… The kids have nothing to do with it.

  • Pearl says:

    well said juan

  • Steve O says:

    Anyone see the article on insidethehall about Anthony Grant? Sounds like a great candidate.

    It seems like some people are saying we need a guy who can recruit and is proven and has won tourney games, etc… And at the time, the same people are saying we need someone young and fresh… Well sorry to break the news, but there arent many good young coaches who have proven they can recruit and win tourney games.

    Anthony Grant and Sean Miller come to mind though… I would say Bennett, but we already know the deal with him, and he hasn’t really proven the recruiting part yet.

  • Pearl says:

    i know ive been on my bruce p. soapbox for weeks. but i read a post on rivals that said pearl quoted iu as his dream job on dan patrick show this morning. cant confirm it but there is a lead to trace if anyone can find it im interested

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