Moving right along . . . . to Sean Miller

Boy, I hope the committee is as quick as we are on this stuff.

(Just kidding, Rick.)

So…you remember the whole bit about the third-party contact method? The usage of intermediaries to get messages from school to perspective coach?

Well, Xavier’s Sean Miller has been informed, according to a source, through the back channels that Indiana will find a way to pay the $2 million buyout in his contract if he’s interested in becoming Kelvin Sampson’s replacement.

But, as of this afternoon, Miller had not officialy been approached by anyone from IU.

Which makes sense, since Tony Bennett apparently only just recently gave the answer the committee didn’t want to hear.

Publicly, Miller has already stated that he wants to stay at Xavier, where’s he’s been the coach since Thad Matta left for Ohio State.

““I will be at Xavier,” Miller said after his team lost to UCLA Saturday. “I’m looking forward to coaching at Xavier and continuing on with what we’ve done for years behind me and what we’ve done this year.”

More on this story as we get it.

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  • DD says:

    If Miller declines as well and Indiana goes to its third choice, is there any doubt that the status of Indiana as a premier job in the college basketball pantheon has been severely damaged?

  • IUALUM says:

    Miller has told the XU AD he will be staying put. Brad Brownell is going to be the next IU coach.

  • bshep says:

    If Miller doesn’t take the job….we are in trouble unless we go after a Barnes or Pitrino…..Brownell is equal to Dakich!! Why are we accepting mediocrity? As well as Montegomery…he is way too old and hasn’t proven anything!!

  • Phil says:

    Hell, I don’t doubt it now DD.

  • bshep says:

    Sorry, I meant Pitino, although the football team is going to need some help too…

  • Hoosier says:

    From Doug’s post earlier this afternoon:

    “My thought is that one of the biggest problems the IU athletic department faces is a lack of stability. Within the past decade, IU has had four athletic directors (and now Greenspan’s in hot water with many fans), four head football coaches and soon will have its fourth head basketball coach. I can’t think of any other major college athletic program with that much turnover in its most important positions.”

    THAT explains why some top-tier coaches may be afraid of coming to IU. Really can’t blame them either. Rick G. may soon be gone as well. Plus, who knows what the NCAA sanctions will be?

  • PK says:

    bshep: Right Montgomery didn’t prove anything in taking Stanford to the final four and dominating the Pac 10. Nothing at all. What a ridiculous comment.

  • bshep says:

    Mike Davis took us to the final game…… we need Davis back!! PK, that was a ridiculous comment, now, think about the future not what a 61 year old did 10 years ago……

  • Hoosier says:

    It just ain’t an old man’s game anymore (if it ever was). We need youth, energy and a long-term future — stability — just what Bobby K gave us so many years ago when he was a young, relatively unknown up-and-comer.

  • bam says:

    Why is no one talking about Jamie Dixon or Tom Crean? Miller would be a great hire but he seems pretty adamant about staying at Xavier, as ludicrous as that may seem. Forget Kruger and Montgomery go for Dixon or Crean. If they can compete in the Beast (Big East), the Big Ten should be a cake walk.

  • SB says:

    I like how bshep thinks we just go get Barnes or Pitino if Miller turns us down. Maybe after a few more rejections he’ll realize we can’t just pick whoever we want to coach.

  • Pearl says:

    ill pitch in 50 bucks for coach k’s buyout

  • Pearl says:

    also has anyone informed bruce pearl how delicious the stromboli is at Nick’s?

  • Jon says:

    This is Sampson fallout. Why else would Bennett pass up on this offer? I hope there is some way we can get Miller, regardless of cost.

  • rick greenspan sucks says:

    Any chance the Hoosiers could get Thad Matta? Football is king in Columbus and Matta’s basketball program will always be a distant second. Could we get him?

  • rags says:

    he has a bad taste in his mouth for the way IU treated his sister.

  • Matt says:

    rags, that is not true. Here is the quote from her when she resigned:

    “This is a decision of mine. I made this decision and it wasn’t anything else but that. I want to make sure people know that for me, Rick Greenspan taking this job was a godsend. My relationship with him was great and he supported me a great deal. I think he is going to do great things here. The short amount of time here with him has been wonderful.”

  • bam says:

    Apparently the reports of Bennett being reluctant because of the pressure at IU and being in a fishbowl were true. Probably a good thing then. We absolutely have to have someone who is made of steel when pitted against the criticisms and analysis that come with being the most scrutinized employee in Indiana. Not many can or are willing to face that type of challenge. Kind of makes you realize that RMK created and probably only one that can handle the expectations. Not that I think we should bow down and ask him back or anything.

  • voiceofreason says:

    News flash guys…IU is NOT an elite job anymore. Your last championship was 21 YEARS ago. Get over yourselves…Barnes? Pitino? LMAO.

  • Doug says:

    RGS, the prospects of landing a Thad Matta look extremely unlikely after a 38-year-old at Washington State with two years head coaching experience says he’s not interested. Bennett is a hot young coach (that is not a comment on his appearance), but he’s no Thad Matta – and Washington State is no Ohio State – on the coaching hierarchy.

  • SisterChick says:

    You know, I keep hearing that Calipari wants to come here, but Greenspan won’t even talk with him. If both parts of that statement are true, what’s up with that??

  • bshep says:

    Calipari would be like hiring Sampson again….that is my opinion…..

  • Pete says:

    Why not just cut out the middle man and hire Worldwide Wes?

  • Doug says:

    Assuming IU wants to hire a coach with a squeaky clean reputation after Sampson, Calipari is not that coach.

    Also, I’ve heard that the asking price for a coach on the level of a Pitino or a Calipari to come to Bloomington could be as high as $4 million annually, which I believe might be close to double what IU is willing and able to pay.

    Here’s some info from on Pitino’s current contract, which runs through 2013: The deal will pay him $2.25 million per season, and will pay him $2.5 million a year if he stays until the end of the contract. The contract also gave him a loyalty bonus of $1.75 million last July. He’ll receive loyalty bonuses of $3.6 million in 2010 and 2013 if he remains with Louisville.

  • Kevin says:

    Again I say, Coach Mike Montgomery is the obvious best choice here. Over 540 wins, 70% winning percentage at a high academic school (Stanford), sterling reputation as having high moral standards and academic integrity, won numerous Pac 10 titles, several 30 win seasons, former National Coach of the Year, NBA experience, fun and pleasing style of play, highly regarded among USA basketball…lots of positives here you guys.

    I don’t consider his age an issue. If John McCain can possibly be president at age 72, then Mike Montgomery can be IU coach at age 60. We will need a talented, experienced, well regarded coach, and Montgomery is the guy. He is so highly thought of, it is somewhat likely that the NCAA infractions committee may indeed look at his hiring as proof IU is serious about cleaning up its program.

    Ex IU hero Keith Smart would likely come along as an assistant and potential “heir apparent” as well, although that isn’t guaranteed.

    Lets also not underestimate the money problem here. Not being under contract to anyone, Montgomery would require no buyout, saving IU potentially millions of dollars.

    Montgomery’s style of play and easy going personality would play well with most IU fans, and his ability to recruit to that style would be enhanced by his NBA “street cred.” He would be able to recruit the western US (where he is well known) and by his sterling credentials would get instant credibility from the entire state.

    I believed then (and wrote the committee then) that he should have been the hire last time. It’s time to hire the single best coach available, and that is Coach Montgomery.

    He wins, wins with class, dignity, style, and he wins the right way. No one gives Montgomery enough credit for winning as much as he did at Stanford, which is an extremely difficult place to coach and win at. It is equivalant to Northwestern in the Big 10, and Coach Montgomery was winning Pac 10 titles and going to the Final Four once. Just imagine what he could do at a basketball mecca like IU!

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