It’s official: Indiana dismisses Bassett and Ellis

Indiana athletics media relations director J.D. Campbell confirmed this morning that IU has dismissed Armon Bassett and Jamarcus Ellis from its basketball team.

Campbell gave no explanation about the reasons for or timing of the dismissals.

We will keep you updated with any developments in this story.  

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  • Kenny_G says:

    Doug – when does Greenspan’s contract expire? For those of us who want him fired, it would seem unrealistic to hire a new coach then immediately turn around and fire the AD.

  • #2fan says:

    Just wonder when it will all end. Maybe these guys are bad kids…who knows. All I know is that we lose two of our better basketball players (Bassett is better than Gordon) for undisclosed reasons? The guy that dismissed them won’t even be the head coach in a few days…or weeks. I am still a die-hard fan but I hate to say that IU basketball is the biggest joke in the country right now!

  • Jon says:

    I hope that someone has atleast tried to discuss this with them and not just try and rule with the iron fist of a certain former coach.

  • T. Wyzard says:

    This is getting ridiculous. The biggest problem with the program is about half of the fan base. Stop living in the past!! Bobby is not going to walk thru that door, and who would want him to. Can anyone name a former IU player that can make a difference in Bloomington? NONE!!! As far as Basset and Ellis, these are kids. Look what OUR university put them thru this season. Fire a bad hire, replace him with someone who wasn’t on the bench at the beginning of the season, for whom the players didn’t want, and then throw them under the bus days before the NCAAs, by announcing their BLUE RIBBON panel of non-experts to find the new coach. Give’me a break.

  • Disappointed Fan says:

    What is going on! Can’t this wait until some decisions have been made with a new coach? It’s like Greenspan wants I.U. to go down the tubes. One bad decision after another. I am sure that this will help entice a good coach to come into a program with no players.

  • Pat says:

    You can’t tolerate insubordination no matter who is in charge. But I have to agree with T.Wyzard, these are just kids that make mistakes. IU needs to clean house starting with Greenspan and the coaching staff. Unfortunately IU is a joke of a program right now… this is a sad day!

  • Disappointed Fan says:

    How about Mike Woodson!! I think that we need someone who loves and really understands I.U. basketball (like DD but with some enthusiasm to lead and inspire his players)I think that he would be a great recruiter with all of his NBA years behind him & he’s and “Indiana Boy” Might be worth checking to see if he is happy coaching in Atlanta. (Never hurts to ask) If not him someone who would be willing to work hard to bring back this program to the greatness we all want and desire. Let’s face it we are in for a long hard struggle if we don’t find the right someone who wants I.U. back on top we may never get it back. God knows we suffer enough with football, please lets not have to suffer to long with basketball. What would you think of DD as the next AD? God knows he loves I.U. You are right this is a sad day!!

  • Jon says:

    TW and DF I couldn’t agree more. These are young men who need support right now. This is probably their best opportunity to receive a college education. I made alot of mistakes when I was their age. No one ever took away something this important from me. Someone may be a little power drunk. Let’s take away that power before he holds up in Assembly Hall with a list of demands.

  • J-Mo in the ATL says:

    Completely agree with T Wyzard. As for Mike Woodson … I live here in Atlanta, and I’m not sure he’s the greatest coach in the world. Not sure if he’ll be willing to leave before the end of the season (with the Hawks about to make the playoffs for the first time in forever). I will say that just a few weeks ago the GM, Billy Knight (an idiot), tried to fire Mike Woodson, but got vetoed by the ownership.

    I want Pitino or Calipari (I know people THINK he is shady, but remind what he’s been in trouble for?). But now with DD (again, another idiot) trying to sabatoge the team, maybe we just ought to go with a Kruger or Montgomery to right the ship, rather than starting with an unproven, young coach. I think Kruger is a great college coach and his teams have played well everywhere he’s been (except for the Atlanta Hawks).

  • Doug says:

    Greenspan’s contract runs through June 30, 2013. It was scheduled to end Sept. 14, 2009, but former IU president Adam Herbert on March 12, 2007 – just three months before Herbert left the presidency – signed an extension that gave Greenspan an additional three years and one month, as well as a raise from $275,000 to $300,000 a year, in addition to $60,000 per year in deferred compensation.

    If IU would fire Greenspan without showing cause – i.e. that he violated the terms of his contract – IU would have to have to give him a buyout of two years salary, $600,000, according to the contract.

  • Kenny_G says:

    Bassett & Ellis off the team is a non issue. They’ll be back when a new coach is in place. In my view, all of this nonsense is white noise until Coach Grant takes over and stabilizes the program.

  • Charlie Daniels says:

    IU cannot continue to allow players to skip out on team activities and go unpunished. Ellis just has a bad attitude. Yes, the players have been through a lot, but Dakich is still the coach, and the players still have to follow the rules. These players think they can walk over whomever is in charge. Ellis and Basset have already been suspended once. How many chances are they supposed to get? I like what Dakich is doing. Instill some accountability back into our program. This is just the beginning of the rebuilding period. Next, fire Greenspan and the other clowns in the front office and begin to recruit role players who will be able to build team chemistry.

  • cln says:

    Just heard that Dakich has condemed Assembly Hall due to structural faults. Will knock it down this weekend and we will play in the HPER next year.

  • Linda says:

    Why does everyone assume there will be a new coach? No one of the “up and coming” variety will want to come to a school facing sanctions. We may have Dakich because he’s the only one who wants the job.

  • IUHOOPS says:

    Who cares anymore?

  • Laffy says:

    I never knew IU had so many idiots for fans.

    These guys blew off their SECOND meeting after being told they’d get booted if they did.

    They are the ones who are “power drunk.”


  • Mark says:


    Without providing any details, can you at least confirm that there is more going on here than missing some meetings? I believe that Dan spoke with the AD office before making this move and I am wondering if past problems, suspensions, or other issues were factored in. I can’t imagine that IU wants to be out talking with potential hires while it is going through all of this public turmoil unless the problem is bigger than what is being reported.

  • Kenny_G says:

    Mark – from the IDS

    I don’t know why we’d officially remove them and just not let this season end already. And people keep bringing up Ellis’ previous suspension like he’s been a problem all year but don’t mention it happened after dakich took over.

  • matt says:

    You fans who are mad at Dackich, dont seem to understand the real world. You have 2 kids, who missed a team meeting, then skipped the punishment, what’s he supposed to do? Say oh its ok, little trooper, you’ve been thru alot, the rules dont apply to you, just come when you want. Its amazing that so many people are against Dan on this. We are in this mess, cause there has been 0 accountability with our last 2 coaches. You cant let the inmates run the asylum

  • Jon says:

    This just in from a pretty reliable source, the meetings missed were actually bible studies. Way to weed out the heathen Dan.

  • Jon says:

    These are not inmates Matt. Lets not treat them as such.

  • Doug says:


    I’ve heard that Dakich has been concerned about the behavior of Bassett, Ellis and a couple of other players for a long time.

    The IDS and Fox Sports have both reported, using unidentified sources, that failed drug tests have been a problem on IU’s team. We have not reported that – and I cannot confirm those reports – because we will not use unidentified sources to allege that criminal behavior has occurred. We know that players – including Bassett and Ellis – have been suspended, but we don’t know for certain why they were suspended.

    We know that Dakich has said the culture of IU basketball needs to be restored and this action appears to be part of his effort to restore it. But the obvious question, as many have pointed out, is why not wait until a coach is named to make such a decision? I don’t know if events this week forced this action somehow, but if not, I can’t understand the athletic department allowing Dakich to take such an action when IU is trying to hire a coach and expects to name one within days. I’m not saying it’s the wrong action necessarily. Discipline needs to be restored on the team – although in this case it leaves IU with a woeful team for next season – but I’m questioning who should have authority and accountability for such a decision at this point.

    We have heard from a couple of people close to the basketball program who wonder if Dakich is trying to make the job so unattractive to others that he’ll eventually get it, but that is just speculaton on their part. It could well be that this needed to happen now, but if so, Dakich or Greenspan need to step up and explain to the public what’s going on. IU constantly feeds the turmoil by trying to hide and keep everything a secret.

    We’ll be working to get some more answers for you as the day progresses.

  • JShaw says:

    Sorry but if my boss is fired and they appoint someone as interim and he schedules meetings which i refuse to attend…guess what? HE CAN STILL FIRE ME…Stop using this whining argument “these are just kids”..gimme a break…If they are unable to tell right from wrong after being suspended multiple times during the season, then they do not deserve to play at IU…or maybe some of you forgot that we already look foolish because of Sampson? I dont want to be known as the Big ten school with all the (racist code word here)…If you want to win at all costs, go support an SEC team…

  • Jon says:

    Welcome to the year 2008 JShaw. You must have fallen asleep back in 1950 you racist idiot.

  • vzw says:

    does dismissed from team = dismissal from university?

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