Katz: Tom Crean is Indiana’s next coach

According to an Andy Katz report on ESPN News just a few minutes ago, Indiana’s next coach will be Tom Crean.

Crean was previously the head man at Marquette and led the Golden Eagles to seven postseason appearances, including the 2003 Final Four.

According to the report, Indiana is waiting an agreement from Crean before the deal can be finalized.

Here’s a link to the article.

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  • Jason says:

    awesome hire. clean house and lets move on! this guy can recruit, is clean, has the persona we need in IN. welcome to IU CREAN/M!!!

  • TruHoosier says:


  • Laffy says:

    Peegs was having a meltdown for hours with the news it was a DONE DEAL with Kruger.

  • Dynasty says:

    Tom Crean’s straight.. I could deal with him 🙂

  • Joel says:

    haha you dumb. Crean is a terrible tournament coach you fool. Besides 2003, which had little to do with Crean’s coaching, look at his tournament record you dumbass.

  • adam says:

    good job by greenspan, when will all the people who wanted him fired demand he get an extension

  • Bill says:

    Most over rated and over paid coach in the USA.
    Why leave the Big East for the Little 10, I mean, 11?

  • Dynasty says:

    Lets get some names going.. Possibly Creanites?? Crean is Clean? Crean n Crimson (From:TruHoosier)? Crean Bean? Crean Cheese? .. IDK!!! WOo im excited if this happens

  • BA says:

    LMAO, I think it’s about as good a fit as we’re gonna get at this point. If you want a laugh look at his Wikipedia page. Someone obviously isn’t happy with him leaving for IU.

  • WhatAJoke says:

    This is the best IU was going to do. It’s not a great hire, but people will act like it is. I tried to tell all of my IU friends that there was a snowball’s chance in hell of IU getting Pitino, Calipari, Donovan, etc. Just no chance at all.

    Crean has had a very average career at Marquette. Nothing great, not terrible. One Final Four run which was entirely on the shoulders of a gem who fell into his lap because nobody else wanted him (d-wade) … and an injury to UK’s Keith Bogans for that game helped a little bit.

    Very boring hire. But IU is not exactly a top tier job RIGHT NOW …

  • Steve says:

    Hope Crean enjoys being at the bottom of the Big Ten for a year or so.

  • IUHOOPS says:

    Creanie Babies

  • Dylan says:

    Good hire for the hoosiers. For the situation I think Greenspan picked the right guy.

    But what happens to Jamarcus Ellis and Armont Basset? Are they still off the team?

  • Tom says:

    Best hire in over 35 years for IU since the hiring of Bob Knight.

  • nellie says:

    Not a bad hire under the conditions which may prevail when he gets here. Now, send the guy who hired the last coach, packing.

  • Tom says:

    I agree. Out with Greenspan!

  • Tom says:

    It would be best for Coach Crean to bring in his whole new staff. Out with the (I would say with the old, however it is not old)in with the new as in the Crean era. Clean house!

    Finally, this could be a good deal for Indiana High School basketball recruits and IU.

  • Betty says:

    Tom Crean needs to stay at Marquette!!!!!!PLEASE MR. CREAN!!!!!!

  • bam says:

    All the haters need to get a life and go back to their own pathetic message boards wherever they may be.
    How can you argue with Crean’s coaching ability when he has made a private basically basketball only school from Milwaukee a consistent winner in the toughest conference in basketball against schools that have much more money and a much easier time recruiting top talent. The guy is a relentless recruiter who is fully aware of the talent pool in Indiana, knows how to work with high school coaches, and also knows how to get the most out of the talent he gets. Were any of his current Marquette players in the top 50 out of high school with the exception of Dominic James? His teams are tough and compete, something that was lacking this year especially at IU. Imagine what he can do with higher caliber talent and the resources IU has.
    I applaud the Committee and even Greenspan for completely surprising us once again with someone hardly anyone was even mentioning. Too bad we didn’t call Coach Crean two years ago, maybe we WOULD be in the final 4 instead of dreaming about what could have been.

  • Jon says:

    right on bam. this guy makes the most out of what he has.

  • corey says:

    Good post bam. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I think Crean is a great choice.

  • J.D. says:

    Ask yourself this; Is Crean going to beat Purdue and Painter?

    How about Izzo and the Spartans?

    Or the guy in Wisconsin?

    Or the guy at Ohio State?

    Or the new guy at Michigan?

    Is he better than Lickliter at Iowa?

    Can he beat the Illini?

    Hope the committee is happy with making sure IU is in the bottom of the conference every year with this hire.

  • bill says:

    Hiring a fool on april fools day is the IU way.

  • IUWeb says:

    You can get the “Crean & Crimson” t-shirt the Coach was holding up at the press conference at IUGear.com.

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