Hulls picks IU

Bloomington South point guard Jordan Hulls has accepted IU’s scholarship offer and will join the class of 2009.

Hulls and his family met with Crean at 5 p.m. today on the court at Assembly Hall. According to Hulls’ father, J.C., Crean was “ecstatic” about the commitment.

Hulls, a 6-footer who emerged this spring as a high major prospect due to his work organizing the attack for the loaded Indiana Elite One 17-under team, had been considering offers from IU and Purdue and was hearing from schools such as Duke and Stanford.

But as he talked to his parents — and as his parents talked to Crean — the family decided that the situation at IU was right for  Hulls.

“The more we talked about it, the more we liked coach Crean’s energy and his vision for the program,” J.C. Hulls said. “He wants to change the culture, and that’s something Jordan wants to be a part of.”

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  • nealE says:

    today is awesome. a 7 footer, hulls, and indy wins the super bowl for 2012. if the pacers win the lotto today will be the best day ever

  • Raj Haj Bimaj says:

    Tommy Crean is on FIRE!!

    A big win especially with Purdue still solid on his list.

  • Steve O says:

    I know MikeP will be pumped. According to him we just got the next Alford.

  • Steve O says:

    j/k MikeP…

    Seriously though, another solid pick-up for Crean. What a whilwind couple of month.

  • Jeff says:

    Congrats Jordan!

  • Tim says:

    Congrats CTC and Hulls. This is the first Bloomington South kid to sign with IU since Chris Lawson, who eventually x-ferred to Vandy. Lawson was a teammate of mine at South, so it’s nice to get another B-South kid playing for the Hoosiers. You gotta love Cream’s commitment to sign local Indiana kids.

  • Galena Scott says:

    What a fantastic day! Hulls and Jobe! Congrats to Jordan and all the Bloomington fans who will get to see a “local.” Jordan astounds me with his “toughness” in AAU ball this summer. He has no fear!

  • Creaning in my Pants says:

    This is a poor deciscion by Crean. Jordan Hulls will end up being half the guard that Eric Suhr was. He is simply not talented enough to play in the Big Ten. It’s great that all of you Kool-Aid drinkers are singing coach Crean’s praises but I really question your ability to evaluate and assess athletic or basketball talent. And Tim, if you played for Holmes I know you have little to no knowledge of the game.

  • Laffy says:

    Sorry, but how many f-ing 3 Star guards do we need? Is he even a Top 150 player?

    Count me as one who is unimpressed with all the 3 Stars or worse we’ve stockpiled.

    First, a 7 foot kid who gets 3 points/rebounds in JUCO and now, ANOTHER guard that we don’t need.


  • Eric says:

    Perhaps Sutton and/or Negedu will look at these signings/commitments as evidence that Crean really does have things moving in the right direction and that if they come to IU, they can play on good teams before they use up their eligibility. Any player wants to play with good talent and on competitive teams. We’ve certainly got several building blocks in place. Maybe that will make them want to be a part of rebuilding IU hoops into what it once was, a consistent contender.

  • Milla Red says:

    OH yes I agree guys what a horrible pick up. We need to stay far away from these kids getting recruited by Duke and Stanford. Thos programs are downright terrible.

    Too many 3-stars? Yes that’s another good one. I mean, Dwayne Wade was a 2-star prospect and he was a big mistake. In fact, Bracey Wright was a 5-star prospect and boy did he take the program to a high level.

    Get your heads out of your holes. You obviously don’t understand what Crean is doing. Visit the blog again in 2009 and you will understand.

  • Laffy says:

    Duke isn’t loaded with 3 Star players so they have to have SOMEBODY ride the bench.

    We already had enough of them.

  • Mike P says:

    I am pumped. Jordan will be a solid player and a team leader all 4 years at IU. He is a lot better of a player than most of you know or that he has got credit for. Just follow what he does in AAU and his senior year at South next year. He will be a solid 4 star recruit before it is said and done.

    That said, I am more pumped for Jordan and that all his hard work and dedication has paid off and is giving him this opportunity in life.

  • Milla Red says:

    Hulls is ranked by as the 13th best PG. #12 happens to be a four-star recruit. If it makes you feel better we’ll give him 3.8 stars.

    It will be fun watching him and Verdell Jones push each other for the next four years.

    By the way, Duke has (2) 3-star recruits coming in next season.

  • Jeff says:

    To “Creaning in my Pants”:

    You honestly think Suhr is a better player than Jordan Hulls? It’s your opinion obviously, but at the same time you could spell the kid’s first name right. It is Errek, not Eric.

    I’m sure glad Tom Crean is our coach and not you…

  • tyler says:

    Speaking of ratings, remember these 4, 4-star recruits?
    AJ Ratliff, Eli Holman, Joey Shaw, Ben Allen

  • Caleb says:

    Milla Red – You are telling me you are banking on this kid becoming Dwayne Wade? Or are you banking on more 2-star prospects than 5-star prospects turning out to be great players? You know that is garbage and so does everyone else. No one recruited D Wade because he wasnt going to be academically eligible. Crean took a chance on him early in his Marquette career and after D Wade sat out a year it paid off for him. That is a super-isolated case. To the point you would only be able to find maybe 5 more in CBB history. How many guys do you think I can find in the past 5 years that were 5-star prospects who panned out to be great. Shoot I can name five just from IU. JJ, J-Smoove, Bracey, DJ, EJ.

    Anyway, the Hulls pickup is unimpressive at best. I was worried this was going to happen. Too many kids that are undeserving sucking up scholys that could be better used to establish an actual frontline. We might as well forget that notion: a frontline. Its Mike Davis v2.0. I hope it works this time. We better make every shot we put up next year because WE AINT GETTING A DAMN REBOUND TO SAVE OUR LIVES.

    Buh bye Watford. Buh bye Van Treese. Buh bye Negedu.

    Thats it folks, no scholys left. BS

  • Laffy says:

    Milla– Sounds like Scout gives out 4 stars like candy. Hulls didn’t even make Rivals Top 150 (which includes 3 stars).

    And I agree with Caleb when he says it’s foolish to think all these kids will blossom into 5 stars just because Wade did.

    He’s also right in that we’ll never see any rebounds……..

  • Chris says:

    1. Jordan Hulls recruitment has ZERO to do with rebounds in ’08-’09.

    2. Kansas had exactly 5 guys 6’7″ or taller… ya gotta have guards and wings brother.

    3. Doesn’t spell any doom and gloom for Negedu or Watford or SVT. Perhaps none of the 3 pick IU anyway. We’ll soon find out.

    4. I can’t imagine Hulls not being better than Suhr. He’s small, but at 6′ that’s night and day difference in size compared to Suhr at 5’7″.
    He’s an assist machine, plays very quick, but controlled and can shoot the 3. IU needs a PG like Hulls.

    5. Joby was under IU’s interest before Sutton made his visit. If you read the other article you’ll see CTC saw the ability in him to play the way he wants bigs to play in his offense while bringing big time defense. No reason we can’t also get Negedu and/or Sutton. Ever hear of redshirt?…in ’09.

    6. By the way… I think Negedu would be the best player INCLUDING Crawford. He’s a beast… incredibly athletic and active.

  • 04grad says:

    Stars don’t matter much. According to Scout, Mike White and DeAndre Thomas were both 1 Star guys and they both played solid minutes at times for us last year. Wilmont and Calloway were 3 Star guys and along with DJ, they were part of the backbone of the team in 06-07. Jordan Crawford should be our leading scorer next year and he was a 3 Star player. IU has had TEN 4 Star recruits since 2002 and 7 have either transferred, been thrown off the team, or quit the team after contributing varying amounts to the team (Ewing Jr, Ratliff, Hardy, Vaden, Bassett, Ellis and Holman). The others were Marshall Strickland who was solid when he didn’t have to play PG, Brandon McGee who is unproven and Lance Stemler who was above average or putrid depending on the day. Aside from the 5 Star guys, we basically got the same contribution from the other levels of recruits, and even a 5 Star guy like Bracey’s contribution is debatable.

  • Chris says:’s top 150 included 3 stars also, but 4 stars only allow for the top 12 PG’s and Hulls is 13. It allows for the top 35 PF’s to be 4 star. Where for example… Elston is #33 4-star and Capo is #39 3-star.

    Basically… on both… players 26-100 are 4 star players.

    Is Hulls a top 100 player? NO. But he is rated the 13 best choice at PG.

  • Caleb says:

    Thats just freaking great. We blew a chance at getting SVT or Watford for this kid? We said no, #49 & #51 ranked players nationally(51 being SVT THE HIGHEST RANKED IN STATE RECRUIT IN 09) no no no, we are going to grab this PG who had a good AAU Spring. Seriously? Yep, seriously. I just scratch my head. I dont really understand what anyone is thinking here. There is NO rational reasoning you can give to make this a good pickup because even if you think he would run the offense great and play great defense there are about 25 other PGs that can do it better according to the people who feed their family on the information. A JUCO project and an unranked unproven PG steal scholys today. I was hoping Sutton and Negedu and I got JUCO and Hulls. Hey at least we get to be the first team (Colts) ever to host and play in the home Super Bowl in 4 years. That will be cool.

  • Jeff says:

    Caleb, sorry you wont be able to enjoy Jordy at IU. I know I will.

    Just wondering if you’ve ever seen the kid play?????

  • ZachRoyse says:

    I saw Jordan Hulls play a few times with Indiana Elite and he is your typical Indiana point guard, or at least what you want them to be. Great leader, can shoot the three and has good d and passing skills. Who cares what the ratings are?

  • JL says:

    Maybe IU should have hired Caleb as the coach he seems to know how many stars each recruit has. Maybe he should work for scout and rank players then he could play with stars all day and feel more important than he is.

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