Crawford will not return

[4:55 UPDATE]

The Crawford family has issued the following statement about Jordan leaving IU:

“We are proud that our son Jordan has been a part of the Indiana University basketball program, one with a long and storied tradition of academic and athletic excellence. In Jordan’s short career, he was able to show his desire to emulate these characteristics. However, due to unforeseen circumstances he has chosen to move in a new direction. He and our entire family wish Indiana University continued success.”

I spoke briefly with Sylvia Crawford, Jordan’s mother. She said it was a difficult decision for her son to make, and one that he has struggled with since the end of the season.

“We just wanted to make sure that, as the information got out about him leaving, the fans knew how much he appreciated their support,” she said.


Here is the only information I have on this story right now. It’s a quote from Indiana coach Tom Crean, given to me by a spokesman for the IU athletic department:

“Jordan Crawford and his family informed us today that he will not return to Indiana University.”

More to come.

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  • george says:

    Great, not only can Tom Creans only recruit kids who can’t average more than 5 points a game, or kids hat are ranked out of the rivals top 100. He can’t even keep the two kids he wanted to return Holman now Crawford. Buckle in for a long time of mediocrity. Bad bad choice for coach.

  • Nate says:

    One more giant step backward. At least beginning now, things can only get better.

    Good God this is going to be a terrible season.

  • Nate says:


    Never mind.

  • George likes cheaters says:

    George is a moron

  • Pam says:

    While I am sad to see Crawford leave, I think that Crean is the right coach for this particular situation. We will be starting with an almost completely clean slate. None of the trouble makers or attitude problems from the Sampson era.

    Crawford, I wish you the best of luck.

  • george says:

    George likes winners!!!!!

  • Mikie says:

    cya! We dont need dumb kids.

  • Brad says:

    well i guess i’ll have to get used to seeing us in the big ten basement for a loooong time… maybe with our football team and how basketball is turning out its time to switch to the MAC or something.

    It seems that IU Athletics has settled for mediocrity…what an embarassment

  • Quagmire says:

    Hey George, who exactly was Crean supposed to recruit. All of the type players you refer to are already committed some where else, and even if they weren’t, they are not going to be in any kind of a hurry to come play at the train wreck Sampson caused in Bloomington. At least give Crean a chance. I for one think he is doing the best he possibly can with what he was left to clean up. I wish him nothing but the best in bringing a speedy recovery to this embarassing situation we all HAVE to endure. It is not going to be fun, but try to be supportive.

  • Steve O says:

    George, you’re an idiot. Almost all of the “rivals top 100” had signed LOI’s before Crean took over.

    Anyways, this SUCKS!! Terrible news!!

  • george says:

    Quagmire- cop out, he had Holman he Had Crawford, Let him take a page out of the school where I got my second degree Michigan their new football coach came in and has a class of all 4 and 5 star players. This is Indiana I would think the name carries a lot more weight than Sampson. Non successful people make excuses successful people deliver!!

  • Coach Crean says:

    George likes wieners!!!

  • Jeff - Bloomington says:

    Just b/c Crawford elected to leave doesn’t mean it was completely his choice. Some people need to wake up and smell the coffee.

  • george says:

    Quagmire get your facts straight before you make an argument, check rivals class of 09, only 4 of top 15 have committed. Shows how stupid you are.

  • fantastic says:

    george, you are a hindrance to us all. IU will recover just fine. When CTC took over there were like 4 players in this years class in the top 100 available. Cut the guy a break. IU will shine with kids we can relate to and can cheer for and support.

  • Mike says:

    I think everyone is selling the Hoosiers short. We have a lot of talent coming in, sure they are very young, but so were the baby Boilers last year, and Coach Crean is a heck of a coach, I have a feeling there will be alot of people having a big plate of crow next year….GO HOOSIERS!!

  • Quagmire says:


    Sorry. I didn’t realize you know EVERYTHING. They should have made you the #@$%ing coach.

  • george says:

    Fantastic, I may be a hinderance but you are an idiot. check rivals class of 09, of the top fifty listed players only yes only 22 have committed if I am correct that leaves 28 players available. Why is IU only getting players ranked out of the top 100

  • TuShay says:

    This is in the best interests of IU. The culture of the basketball program was full of skipping class, dro smoking, and just plain jerks. Dakich knew this and wasn’t please with several members of the team. The only players that were going to class, doing what they were suppose to were White, Gordan, and Tabor. For whatever reason, these guys (including Crawford) don’t get that you need to go to class in college and there are responsibilities when you are a scholarship athlete getting your education paid for. Adios

  • Quagmire says:

    George must be typing up some big response full of lots of statistics. Just watch, it will pop up in a while.

  • Wes says:

    George you are an idiot! When he came almost all of the 2008 rivals had committed!! He got what he could get for next season and he didn’t have much on the current roster to work with. Crean is the right man for the job! The players that needed to go are gone and it will take some time but IU basketball will be back in a few years. Sampson really ruined this program. He recruited players that obviously didn’t care about being a part of the Hoosier program, and they weren’t that quality of students either!

  • george says:

    TuShay how do you possibly know he didn’t go to class or wasn’t doing well. If that were the case why did Coach Creans make a special trip to his home to keep him. Plus if you call all the work these kids put in to make the university millions, I don’t call that getting a free education.

  • george says:

    Wes, true about the class of 08, how do you justify the class of 09.

  • Nate says:


    Never mind. Don’t have time for your bs.

  • Bill says:

    Goerge has the “Purdue mentality” . Ha Ha !!

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