IU: Greenspan to step down at end of calendar year

Here’s the just-issued news release from IU:


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Indiana University Director of Athletics Rick Greenspan today announced that he would step down from his position, effective the end of the calendar year.

"This has been a very difficult time and I am aware that I have become the focus of criticism which will continue to distract Indiana University from its core educational mission. Consequently, I believe a new person will be in a stronger position to lead IU Athletics moving forward and it is in IU's best interests for me to stand down. You can rest assured that I will work with great diligence and effort on behalf of our student athletes and coaches over the next six months. They deserve nothing less," said Greenspan. "Without question, I am extremely disappointed in the new charges brought by the NCAA Committee on Infractions against Indiana University that were released today. I disagree with these charges, particularly since the NCAA Enforcement staff did not reach this same conclusion after their original, in-depth investigation. Nevertheless, the new charges must and will be answered," said Greenspan.

Greenspan said that his decision will enable the university to complete a search for his successor and enable a number of matters to be brought closer to completion.

Indiana University President Michael McRobbie in accepting his decision praised Greenspan for his accomplishments as Director of Athletics.

"It is common knowledge that IU athletics had significant financial difficulties before Rick took over," McRobbie commented. "He has focused attention in the department to correcting that situation and today our athletics finances are substantially improved and IU's athletic department is now on stable ground financially.

McRobbie also praised the expansion of athletics facilities currently underway, including enclosure of the north end zone at Memorial Stadium, construction of a basketball development center for use by IU's men's and women's teams, as well as improved training and academic facilities for IU athletes.

"These are important accomplishments that were led by Rick and will benefit IU athletes and fans for years to come," McRobbie said. "I am also grateful for the leadership role Rick played in dealing with the tremendous loss of Terry Hoeppner and the hiring of Coach Bill Lynch. The recruitment of Felisha Legette-Jack and Tom Crean were both handled with great skill and professionalism as well. I am also appreciative that Rick has agreed to continue to guide the athletic department through the end of the year, as there are many key initiatives and projects that will require his strong administrative oversight. Our university owes Rick a great debt of gratitude for his selfless service."

"I am extremely disappointed with this additional allegation by the Committee on Infractions. I believe our compliance program worked, and have remained steadfast since I first learned of this situation in my belief that Rick Greenspan and the compliance staff did their job. We uncovered the violations, perhaps not immediately, but the appropriate behavior was uncovered, reported promptly and investigated thoroughly," remarked McRobbie.

McRobbie said, "Although I respect and accept Rick's decision to step down, this entire matter saddens me deeply. I know that a lot of thought and consideration went into Rick's decision. On behalf of Indiana University I thank him most sincerely for his accomplishments as Director of Athletics at Indiana University.

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  • Mikie says:

    Talk about BS, Greenspan was the fall guy. We all know who hired Sampson and that person still has an IU salary!

    NCAA is BS as well. They have schools that pay athletes, cheat on grades, degrees, etc, and they do nothing. Yet IU gets the book thrown at them. BS.

  • Jareb says:

    Awesome. Best news of the day. Worst AD in IU history and I won’t even debate it. Now we can officially move on.

  • Jon says:

    I would have to say there was certainly a lack of oversite on the part of the athletic department. I’m not surprised by this. However, Greespan did accomplish quite a few things during his time here. Other than the cloud hanging over men’s bb, we are still better off now than before he arrived.

  • Cate says:

    Jon, agreed. I’m not saying he’s perfect, but he’s not the horrible person people are brandishing him as. I certainly appreciate his hiring of Coach Hep and Coach Crean, to name a few accomplishments.

  • Ryan says:


    This is not something I wanted to see. Failure to monitor. How is this going to affect the way the NCAA rules on this case. Anyone?

  • TheDuke says:

    Bad, this means the NCAA is going come down hard. Real real bad.

  • Scott says:

    It is basically going to guarentee we will get more punishment than we already placed on ourselves.

    Hopefully Crean doesn’t have an out clause for this situation because if so, he should definately use it. This just turned into a disaster.

  • Steve O says:

    Looks like the circus that is the NCAA is doing eveything it can to slap IU with some sort of postseason ban or probation. How are these “new alligations”??? The NCAA didn’t have enough evidence to acuse IU of this crap during the hearing? Sampson and company knew what was going on. What a bunch of S***. F-Myles Brand and the NCAA and F-Sampson. They should be punishing the real criminals, like those involved in turning a blind eye to thousands and thousands of dollars in gifts being given to players, a la USC.

  • Cate says:

    Wrote this under another post, but is there going to be a live feed of the conference available?

  • Greg says:

    Everyone needs to remember, this is failure to monitor and not Lack of Institutional Control. I just don’t understand how they added this now, but could not come to the same conclusion before. Either they bought Sampson’s excuses or they uncovered some new stuff.

  • Katy says:

    Brand will stop at nothing in his vindictiveness towards IU.

  • Northsider says:

    If they have evidence of a coverup as has been suggested, why isn’t Greenspan gone immediately?

  • Jon says:

    Does anyone know what type of punishment this latest accusation carries?

    I would have to agree with other posts that USC has got to be punished in some way for that pay and play athetic department they have.

  • Marley says:

    I wonder how much $$ IU will be paying
    Greenspan to go away? How many more golden parachutes do they have stored in the bowels of the Athletic Dept.?

  • Caleb says:

    This crap makes me so sick. Greenspan is being forced out because of these new allegations and the freaking President of the U thinks its necessary to kiss his ass as well? That is weak McRobbie.

    The NCAA is straight BS. ALl this is going to do is make other programs feel its not worth it to self-report any violations if they are still going to hammer that U. The NCAA doesnt have an investigative staff, so they will never even be able to find out what happened.

    You watch, this is precedent for many Universities to stop being honest to the NCAA. Whats the benefit? There is none.

    Nice job NC2A. If we got this for phone calls then USC better get the death sentence for failing to monitor Bush and Mayo or there is going to be some serious legal hell to pay.

  • Steve O says:

    Yea, USC should just see if their athletic teams can get special permission from Myles Brand to join the NFL and NBA. I mean their players probably make as much as guys from those leagues…

    And how come the NCAA doesn’t seem too concerned about lack of institutional control in USC’s case? I know I keep harping on that, but Jesus! Players were PAID TO PLAY!!!!! And the university just swept it under the rug. And now these “new” alligations for IU. Myles must love all of this. I mean doesn’t he have bigger fish to fry?!!?!?

  • Scott says:


    The NCAA adds “Failure to Monitor” and “Lack of Institutional Control” ALL THE TIME after the hearings for a school.

    This is not new. Stop looking through the cream and crimson glasses like most of you have done from Day 1 of this mess.

  • Mikie says:

    Anyone know why Brand is still honored at IU functions and has his silly painting hanging in the Union?

  • Steve O says:

    And I’m sure the NCAA probably makes up it’s own rules as far as penalties, but I saw that SE Missouri was hit with lack of inst. control and failure to monitor and placed on 2 years probation and had 44 victories wiped from it’s record!!

  • Telemarketing says:

    Another salary to pay and another phone call from IU asking for more money…

  • ww says:

    Too busy to read all comments now, but I will later.

    Here is what I have been told. Source to remain confidential.

    RG asked a certain compliance person to overlook what they found. Compliance complied, however, all conversations were documented and it later surfaced. Recall the most recent movement in the compliance office? Well…now it comes out and McRobbie called for RG to go. So, me thinks RG is not as innocent or scapegoatish as some say. Sure, JB with compliance did wrong, but she was told to do wrong. That is how my horse’s mouth described it. Again, do not shoot the messenger. Just what I heard thru the gripevine.

  • Megan M. says:

    Cate- Don’t know if HT will have a feed, but theindychannel.com will have one.

  • Fire Crean TODAY!! says:

    HEY! Dont everyone thank me at once!!(WTF) Greenspan gone!! Now Crean !! THe petition must be working!! 1432 sigs so far!! Greenspan wilted under my pressure Crean is next

    Your Truly
    The ONLY true Indiana fan

  • ww says:

    The mud gets murkier. What a mess of Big Ten proportions. One more slimey rock turned over. When will it end? And why this Crean bashing? This is just a young coach willing to come into a bad situation…….that BTW…just got worse.

  • Fire Crean TODAY!! says:

    Where is the love for the Indiana fans?? All this hate cant be “true” Hoosiers… Sad. Crean has to go, you whine now but you know at the end of this season(if I Fail) you’ll be right beside me going ” Crean has to go, duh, I mean like he has to go” You sissies know I AM RIGHT

    Indianas super fan

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