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You’ve clamored for it. And I suppose that, as Indiana fans, you’ve become accustomed to new news coming daily — nay, hourly — after the past couple of bizarrely eventful years. So, let me feed your need (here’s looking at you, Boombaby.)

Emmanuel Negedu, he of the soaring dunks and limitless hustle, apparently got into town a little bit late on Tuesday. Though I haven’t reached Negedu or any of his closest confidants, I have spoken to a few people who are aware of how things have progressed. Due to the late start, Negedu extended the visit in his attempt to get to know Tom Crean and the rest of the coaching staff.

The situation at Indiana is markedly different from the ones at Memphis, Tennessee or even Georgia Tech. First off, Negedu knows those coaching staffs and can look at their recent histories for an indication of what types of teams they will have. Also, you can tell a lot about those programs simply by looking at the rosters they’ll have next season; Tennessee and Georgia Tech return the heart of their respective teams while Memphis loses its stars but has new ones lined up in a top recruiting class. At Indiana, of course, the situation is much less stable with just three returning players and a hodge-podge recruiting class that must fit into a system that worked in the Big East but will probably need to be tweaked to fit the personnel available and the grinding Big Ten style.

So the Indiana visit, I’ve been told, is much more of a fact-finding visit for Negedu. You’ve heard kids talk about the “feeling” they get about a school, and that’s what so many of them are hoping to find when they step on campus. So coaches do whatever they can to create the feeling: they show off the banners, they drive through the campus on golf carts, they hang a jersey with the prospect’s number in the middle stall of the locker room.

That approach doesn’t seem to be the one that will win convince this recruit. Negedu has spent plenty of time in Bloomington but has too many questions that need to be answered about the IU program now that it is in the care of Tom Crean before he can allow himself to have the “feeling” that would lead to his commitment.

Negedu has visits planned to the three other schools he is considering and will make a decision sometime after June 12. A 6-7 forward and product of the Bloomington-based Indiana Elite AAU program, he is the best unsigned high school player in the class of 2008. He requested and received his release from Arizona last month because he was upset by the staff changes there and what he perceived to be a lack of honesty by the school.

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  • Dynasty says:

    Come on Negedu, just end your recruiting search here =)

  • Will says:

    I want this guy to come to IU so badly, but i would bet 1000 dollars he goes to memphis.

  • Toast says:

    It is definitely a challenge when you look who we’re up against with this recruit. But Crean has already surprised me with some of the kids he has signed already. This kids got ties to the program and the city. I think Crean has the right attitude to convince these recruits not to be scared to play here. To quote Lloyd Christmas “so you’re telling me theres a chance”.

  • Chet says:

    Ever been to Memphis? It’s a hellhole. I think we have a good chance.

  • Will says:

    Memphis being a “hellhole” is fairly irrelevant as to where this kid is going. The guy that had alot to do with recruiting him to Arizona is now at Memphis and that is relevant. Like i said last night i hope this guy comes to IU, but i just dont think its gonna happen.

  • Downing's 5th says:

    “A 6-7 forward and produce…”. “Produce”? Fresh talent worth shopping for?

    LETTUCE us hope that Crean has grabbed this kid by the COLLARD and BEAN telling him that Indiana is more than just CORN, and uses whatever alluring CARROT he needs to SQUASH out any thought Negedu would give toward attending another school.
    ENDIVE believe he’ll be interested in coming to Indiana, given the CUE, that his CUMBERsome frame, will allow him every chance to get playing time, and improve his ability to go to the basket. He just won’t find a school that can BEET the strength and national visibility offered by Hoosier basketball. Once Negedu campus visit ends, then Crean should not hesitate to put in a few extra phone KALES, because the NCAA will likely ASPARAGUS from any near-future investigations.
    We won’t need to worry about embarrassing LEEKS involving illegal recruiting for a while.
    We need to make sure this kid does not TURNIP with ONION one else except IU.

    (off subject) Eric Gordon going to the Knicks?
    If he can prove he’s not just an unproductive “beefy” guard, one that can really produce, he may have a long playing career in the GARDEN.

  • Caleb says:

    I dont have too great of a feeling about this possibility, but then again, I thought VJ was Minny-bound 100%.

    We will see. If we could land him I think we still win 16-18 games next year.

  • Kev says:

    I think we have too much of an up hill climb. IMHO, I think it is Tennessee.

  • coachv says:

    “new news”?!? sheesh, chris

  • Andrewp says:

    Guys I am hearing it is Tennessee. Don’t be surprised if he commits while he is in Knoxville. They already have another top 5 class

  • Boombaby says:

    Thank you Cris. With all the rain its nice he knows the campus, and is spending more time with TC. He also has a lot of friends here , that could be a plus, we’ll see. Thanks again

  • Eric says:

    I’ll gladly be part of a delegation of IU fans who personally grovel and beg this kid to come to IU, if it’s determined that that would help.

    I think it’s fairly apparent that Memphis is at the top of his list, if he got out of his commit to Arizona due to staff changes, and the assistant who recruited him there is now at Memphis. But as Caleb said, you never know.

  • Steve O says:

    call me pesimistic, but no way he comes to IU…

  • Fire Crean NOW!! says:

    Crean is going to wreck our program.. Do you think a petition to fire him will help? WE need to rid ourselves of this loser now!!.

    Negedu does to Memphis or Tenn(probably Tenn! We should have went after Pearl..No excuses, we didnt and now we pay, and all the “WHINING” about his grad rate is bullshi*. Its time WE took back OUR program from all these sissy coaches(TOM CREAN) isnt he gay?

  • Mike Davis says:

    I love to have him, but he isn’t bigger than IU.

  • Mike Davis says:

    I would love to have him at Indiana University, but he isn’t bigger than Indiana University.

  • Andrewp says:

    I love the ignorance on this comment list. Negedu is only considering Memphis because of the one staff member that switched from Arizona. UT recruited Negedu hard before his original decision and was one of the final 3. They then had a great season last year, ranked number 1 for a time. The vibe of what he tells Tennessee coaches/reporters is completely different than the two other schools (Georgia Tech is not a real player). He is taking all visits only due to his American guardians asking him too. He will commit while in Knoxville.

  • Eric says:

    The post by ‘Fire Crean Now’ may be the stupidest post I’ve ever read on any message board at any time. Beyond that I won’t justify it with a response.

    Andrewp, I live in Tennessee and none of my co-workers, who are UT alums and pretty big donors, have ever heard of Negedu and don’t know anything about his recruiting. I haven’t seen anything about him in the paper, though admittedly, I don’t live in Knoxville. But UT is like IU, all the state papers cover its teams in depth. So while you may have some inside scoop on this, and he may well commit to UT, I don’t believe I should be called ignorant. All I have is circumstances to judge by, and the circumstances seem to point to him going to Memphis. As IU fans, we’ve certainly seen this year the power of loyalty to a coach, even an assistant, and that’s Memphis’ card to play in this situation. That’s how I determined that it seems most likely that he’ll go to Memphis.

  • tberry says:

    He will go to Tennessee!!!

    They have decent facilities and will give him the chance to play on An NCAA championship Team.

    Memphis might give him the Championship but the School is a pit.

    IU could give him a great atmosphere but that is not what he has said he wants

  • HiggiStardust says:

    Give me a break…he is NOT going to commit to UT during his trip to Knoxville. Negedu will make his 4 visits and announce sometime after June 12th. Does IU have a shot? Yes, Negedu knows that by coming to IU he will not only play in an offense that will allow him to showcase his skills, but he will be able to play right away for a team that might not suck as bad as originally anticipated due to the weakness of the Big Ten conference. It will come down to IU and Memphis…stay tuned!

  • Andrewp says:

    HiggiStardust, I am going to ignore that. You will feel dumb when he commits. The last two big recruits to visit UT, Scotty Hopson and Bobby Maze, have committed on the spot.


    I understand what you are saying. All of the information is on the Volquest (Rivals) website. Newspapers cannot report on anything recruiting wise until it is official. In other words, they cannot report on rumor. But donor wise, they should know his name. He is the only player Pearl is recruiting hard right now besides Leslie Mcdonald.

  • UT alum/memphis native says:

    You people who think memphis is a “pit” and Knoxville is paradise have never been to knoxville or Memphis. Memphis is much nicer than Knoxville with a nice downtown and the Tigers play in an NBA arena. Knoxville is a factory town bunghole, and I went to school there so I would know.

  • lordstrum says:

    I went to school in Knoxville as well and you are crazy!

    UT and Indiana will both give him the chance to play immediately. UT is the only one that guarantees he will have a chance to play for a championship in the next two years (besides Memphis) and that there will be no sanctions. Not to mention the better style of play and the better coach.

  • So in other words, Chris… He ain’t coming here!

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