Evans practices at wide receiver

Mitchell Evans played at his third position, wide receiver, in Indiana’s practice Monday morning.

Having previously played safety and quarterback, it appears that Evans is now at wide receiver in hopes that he’ll give the Hoosiers another physically strong, athletic player at that position, in the mold of Andrew Means.

Evans played receiver with the No. 2 offense Monday and was one of the standouts of the practice, making several catches in 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 play.

Another position move had junior Fabiene Boone switching from defensive end to tight end.

Missing practice: Bruce Hampton (hamstring), Collin Taylor (head), Isaac Price (knee), Jarrell Drane (knee), Kyle Kozak (hip), Brad Martin (head), Matt Kurz (knee),  Aaron Burks.

Redshirt freshman offensive lineman Dan Rutigliano has quit the team. He was replaced on the roster by Brandon McGhee.

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  • TennHoosier says:

    Is Collin Taylor going to see the field at all this season? He look solid in the Spring.

  • Jimmy says:

    Interesting. Thanks for the update.

  • HiggiStardust says:

    Dan Rutigliano quit the team before the first game of the season? What a loser! Dano…don’t let the door hit you in the behind on your way out!!

  • Mike P says:


    What is the story with Dan Rutigliano? Could he just not hack it, or were there other reasons? I can think of another big time recruit from the 90’s who left for personal family reasons.

  • Bob LaBla says:

    I just farted.

    It smells terrible.

  • Brad says:

    Replaced by Brandon McGhee? I thought he transferred to another school? And isn’t he a little thin to be playing the O-Line at 6-8 220?

    (I know the spelling is different, I just couldn’t resist)

  • TuShay says:

    They have been talking of Mitchell Evans in the slot for a while and they finally pulled the trigger…Billy Lynch won out! He will stay there regardless if Finch becomes eligible. But, Thigpen will primarily be used as a back with Willis and/or Payton. Dedmond has been lining up in the I as a full back and in the shotgun. The staff is growing impatient with James Brewer…this project probably won’t pan out.

  • AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhYeahhhhhhhhhhhBROOOOOOOOOOTHER says:



    ah yeah

  • ... says:

    WhatEver Little V – Need to get a life and stay out of jail…this was 2008 new year my man.

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