Thomas downgraded to, ehh, pretty doubtful

Looks like Indiana will be without both of its starting safeties on Saturday when it plays Michigan State.

Hoosiers coach Bill Lynch had hoped that strong safety Austin Thomas would recover from a lower right leg injury in time to play, but said after practice Wednesday that he now thinks that is unlikely.

Free safety Nick Polk will also not play. He has an unspecified left knee injury.

Senior Joe Kleinsmith and Brandon Mosley saw the most reps at safety on Wednesday, with Jerimy Finch also getting extensive work at the position.

Lynch said that staff had discussed moving Mitchell Evans — the wide receiver who began his career as a quarterback before moving to safety and playing there as a freshman and was once again a quarterback this spring and early fall (whew) — to safety again but decided to hold off because, as it appears now, Polk and Thomas should not miss many more games.

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  • Chris #1

    Wednesday, September 24, 2008 - 8:28 PM EDT


    This is a no brainer. If this guy is so talented athletically and was able to START for Florida (although at a different position), why not give him the starting nod? My goodness, this cannot be this difficult.

  • Mark #2

    Thursday, September 25, 2008 - 7:57 AM EDT

    What about understanding our defensive schemes is Finch having trouble figuring out, according to the coaches? You let the DL have a weak rush, the LBs are overworked, and the DBs make tackles 15-20 yards down field. Seems simple enough. IU needs to get as many athetic players on the field as they can. Finch appears to be able to make plays so why not have him on the field.

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