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  • Jimmy says:

    Random question….do you know how many student season tickets we sold for football this year?

  • FIREmarshalBILL says:

    Two part question Mr Korman can you ask Lynch when he plans to give up the head coaching duties and if he can read the sign that was posted at the stadium. I’m deeply troubled he could not read the sign those brave IU fans put up.
    p.s if u ask him this you will be my favorite reporter of all time!

  • john old alum says:

    I continue to wonder year after year why IU does not have a top-ten women’s basketball program. Or another way – no one seems to care. Here it is Thursday on prime recruiting week and nothing is out about women’s recruits (except if you go to the Purdue website/blog to read about IU).

    When IU men’s is currently restarting to rebuild what a great but probably lost opportunity to recognize the synergy of cooperation between the two teams.

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