Teague down to five

AKRON, Ohio — Marquis Teague didn’t mind all the drills he went through at the LeBron James Skill Camp.

“You start to realize that those are the things that make your game better,” he said Tuesday. “It’s not just about going out and playing.”

Besides, Teague is one of many seconding the recent chatter that American players aren’t learning the fundamentals.

“Our game is so much about athleticism, and we rely on it too much,” he said. “There has to be more detail work with coaches.”

Feeling comfortable with a coach will be a major factor as Teague, a 6-foot-2 point guard who is one of the top ten players in the class of 2010, tries to decide where to attend college. He said Tuesday that his list is now down to Louisville — long considered a favorite because Rick Pitino coached Teague’s father — Indiana, Ohio State, Purdue and Wake Forest (where his brother Jeff, recently drafted by the Atlanta Hawks, played two seasons.) Other schools, most notably Kentucky and Maryland, have tried to convince Teague to take visits but he said that his goal is to whittle down the current list to find the school he is most comfortable with.

Location matters for Teague. He wants to be near home and said that one advantage Indiana has is that it would keep him in state and allow his parents to watch him play. Indiana coach Tom Crean has tried to sell Teague on playing in front of Indiana fans with other Indiana players.

“He’s staying on all of us, working us hard,” Teague said. “He always talks about keeping the best players in the state, about closing the borders, about representing the state well.”

Teague will, like most players, monitor which coaches watch him this month. In August, his family may make more campus visits.

“My family needs to feel comfortable about the situation,” he said. “My dad hast talked to the coaches a lot but my mom hasn’t had that chance. So we have to do that.”

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  • Zach says:

    Everybody has known that it will come down to either UL, Wake, or IU.

    Crean has his work cut out for him going against those two schools because of the family connections. Even with Purdue and Ohio State in the mix, this will show how Crean can do against what seems like his biggest competitions.

  • Mark says:

    Louisville or Indiana. Even before reading this most thought location would play a role, leaving Wake out.

  • DD says:

    I’d agree with Mark. With Skip Prosser gone, I kinda doubt that Wake will convince him to go East.

    I’d like to think that the Indiana connection will sway him, but Pitino’s a tough guy to beat.

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