Indiana offers Hammons, in with Echenique

Tom Crean can’t address his team’s lack of size immediately, but he’s making attempts and doing it for the future. is reporting that Crean has offered a scholarship to Carmel sophomore center A.J. Hammons, a 6-foot-11, 250-pounder.

Meanwhile. the Sporting News says that Indiana is an option for Greg Echenique, who was recently granted his release from Rutgers.

Hammons was one of several recruits who attended Saturday’s game against Illinois, including Austin Rivers, Cody Zellar, Yogi Farrell, and Jared Drew.

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  • stevealford says:

    I love the A.J. Hammons offer. He would be a big get. Echenique I am not quite sold on.
    Put Hammons in the midde and Zeller at the 4 and we will no longer be getting beat up underneath.

  • PB says:

    Echenique is intruiging. Is McCleod responsible for this connection? He’s that big body that IU is lacking. How does that work if he applies for a medical redshirt this year? I assume he would have to sit out next year?

  • Brad says:

    stevealford once again proving he has never watched basketball…You would rather have Hammons than Echenique? He only averaged 13 pts, 8 reb, 2 blks before he got hurt. Hammons is a good offer, but is still a project at this point. If we somehow get Echenique we could be in the tourney next year.

  • byrd says:

    Any help and size with the ability of playing basketball will be excellent.

  • stevealford says:

    Hammons has NBA potential with enormous upside. He is also an Indiana kid and will be a 7 footer with some weight to throw around.
    Echenique is an average big man who went to Rutgers.

  • Zach says:

    Both are good…and well better than the bigs we have now. Therefore, I want both. Call me greedy, but we can’t hold out for the #2 players at each position and then get stuck.

  • Moose says:

    Echenique was a Top 50 recruit out of prep school with offers from schools like Duke, Maryland, Memphis, Miami (FL), Notre Dame and Pitt. Check Rivals if you don’t believe me.

    If that’s an average big man, you’ve got really high standards.

  • stevealford says:

    Moose, I don’t really care what he was ranked out of prep school. I have seen him play and he averages 12 points per game for Rutgers of all teams which is well….average. He’s not a horrible prospect, he does block some shots, only gets 7 boards a game. He is not worth a scholarship slot when we have the Zellers and Plumlees out there.

  • Scott says:

    Yeah, those same Zellers and Plumlees that WE ARE NOT GOING TO GET.

    Give me this kid any day!

  • Zach says:

    Guess I gotta change my name, it has been hijacked!

    Didn’t we have this same excitement with that 7 footer from Arizona who was going to come here but went to Kansas? I mean, I would love one of them, especially Hammons, but I am not getting my hopes up with the state of the program.

  • jubilee says:

    Hammons is still 3 years down the road. I believe that you can get either of Zeller, Plummlee, or the Rutgers transfer I think you have to take them.

    Zellers and Plumlees have been known to string their recruitment out, and if you wait you could be stuck. (Plumlee will go to Duke)

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    The time for recruiting is now for the next two years. Getting Echenique would show Coach Crean can get commits from top big men. He will be a compelling force his junior and senior years. Might make dominate big men more interested in their recruitment by IU. There will be room made for any other big men that commit. The scholarships will be worked out.

  • GFDave says:

    I’m in agreement with Clarion, jubilee and the others who see no reason not to go after both.

  • jubilee says:

    I think echenique would be an immediate help. He would help out the guards by providing a legit low post threat, but I believe that watford would benefit most. He would be able to play the small forward or the 3/4 now with echenique and be able to float around the perimeter more.

    When would echenique be eligible and how many years left?

  • Laffy says:

    Are my eyes deceiving me? Someone over 6’2″?


  • PB says:

    Echenique played on the Venezuelan National team with IU fan favorite Greivis Vasquez.

    Interesting article about him and Vasquez from Andy Katz in a 10/9/09 article.

    Here’s an exerpt:

    Echenique (when referring to Venzuelan basketball fans) said there is a following — through the Internet since fans can’t watch games — of him playing basketball in the United States. Vasquez certainly has more opportunity to draw attention to himself by playing for a higher-profile school and one that was in the NCAA tournament, is on national television more often, and could be a team that makes an NCAA run for a round or two again in March.

    Maybe Echenique wants to jump to a school with more of a national presence in the media? When comparing IU to Rutgers, even in our rebuilding process, IU is a step up.

    Not sure what other schools Echenique is considering. Can anyone find that out? Perhaps someone can ask Dustin or Chris at the next H-T chat.


  • PB says:


    Just read the complete article Dustin referenced on Echenique the other day and found out this.
    Depending on where he transfers to, Echenique would likely be eligible to play for his new team after the end of next year’s first semester. I’m assuming this is if the NCAA grants him a medical redshirt. So if he were to transfer to IU that would make him elgible late 2010 early 2011.
    Similar to Armon Bassett’s transfer playability situation at Ohio University.

    He’d then have two years left.


  • jubilee says:


    Internet blocker at work, or I would.

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