Abraham is sleeping on it

Moses Abraham’s recruitment will continue at least until Tuesday. A source close to the situation confirmed that the 6-foot-9 forward will sleep on his choice between Georgetown and Indiana. This does allow for a change in dynamic, as Tuesday begins a contact period which would allow for Indiana’s coaching staff to meet with Abraham in person. Whether that is actually planned, however, is unknown.

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  • TheHoosierDude says:

    Things just got interesting?

  • GFDave says:

    Desperate for good news the Hoosier Nation slept fitfully through the night, not knowing what the next day would bring. Their hopes pinned to a man whose existence on this earth they had only recently become aware. A voice unheard. A smile unknown. A game ill-defined. Moses Abraham, what say ye’? Hoosiers and Hoyas await.

  • Galena Scott says:

    Is somebody mis-guiding Abraham? If he is serious about IU as sources indicate, then he can’t make a wise decision until he visits Bloomington and takes observations and interviews. I feel sorry for this kid because it is obvious what the next step should be if the sources are correct about his preliminary interest in IU.

  • Casey says:

    If Crean really wants this kid, you have to think he’ll have someone out there waiting to talk to Abraham when he wakes up — if not Crean himself.

    If they don’t try to see him in person in some way/get him to campus, that would indicate to me that he’s one of several options we plan on pursuing.

  • theodore says:

    Well what ever the answer maybe this kid has endured and all the fans of both schools are waiting patiently and wondering what may come next. I feel for him and we all need to take a breath and exhale and what comes comes. He needs to process what is in from of him. I proud to be a hoosier fan. Moses with all the tradition and having Mo Creek, VO coming to B-Town and having Bawa there would be fun to play together. See what happens. You would look good in Candy Strips…Go Hoosiers………

  • Hammer says:

    This would be a giant step for Moses. To help put together a great tradition of Indiana Basketball and be apart to put a 6th banner would be special. Plus helping Coach Crean turn this program around. Georgetown cant offer those things and it doesnt have the history! We would love to have you plus what theodore said above is correct. Come see us and you will join us!

  • phillip says:

    i heard CTC was sleeping in a tent outside of Abraham’s home waiting for him to awaken….

  • Jubilee says:

    How quickly people forget that Mo Creek committed without seeing IU’s campus.

  • 4guards says:

    Is he awake yet?

  • Joe says:

    4 guards is very interested in this guy. When I heard he was going to announce last night at 7 I didn’t think that was good for IU but now it is game on MA. Preach it CTC.

  • PARPP says:

    He just had his Captain Crunch meal at 9:12, so stay tuned people. Crean should be meeting with him soon, with a pending IU announcement at noon.

  • Aruss says:


  • AJ says:

    Nice picture of Alford preparing for tournament.

  • Hammer says:

    Dustin,Hugh&Chris– You guys do an excellent job in letting us know whats going on. Thanks much

  • Sam says:

    Mr. Sandman, bring IU a PF.

  • HoosierSmitty says:

    Hoosier Nation has been clamoring for a highly touted big man all season. If Crean delivers on Moses then it’s a huge step.

    This is a strange situation…but you have to wonder how often something like this used to happen, but we just never knew about it. In this day and age, word travels so much more quickly. I am sure the kids and their advisors feel pressure to make decisions and have some sort of news out there.

  • Jubilee says:

    I believe this situation is going to have huge ramifications all through the IU program.

    If he commits, someone is going to have to go. If he doesn’t commit, I wonder if you’ll see guys stick around for the playing time.

    Also, it just adds to the scholarship crunch that is happening, and IU needs to somehow get about 6 scholarships available for the 2011 & 2012 classes.

    Should be an interesting off-season this year.

  • PARPP says:

    I think Crean has already hinted that people will have to go if they cant compete. We aren’t a charity, and I hate to see a good kid go, but we are in the business of rebuilding and winning. If you aren’t good enough to contribute to a winning team, there simply isn’t enough space anymore.

  • People are comparing this guy’s defense to Ewing, but why have I not heard Dikembe’s name come up? Talkling about this guy as the next Mutombo is a lot more accurate on many levels.

  • GFDave says:

    Terry Hutchens is reporting on his blog that Crean and some portion of the rest of the staff visited DC last weekend and that it may be that one staff member stayed behind to be available to speak with MoAb in person.

    He is also reporting that MoAb’s parents and an advisor have flown in from Nigeria to help him out. Obviously this is not a slam dunk decision for the kid.

    I agree with PARPP. Crean has indicated some players aren’t tough enough. Also, we need to get some balance in the classes. The 7 in the current freshman class (including Roth because of redshirt) is too many. Its impacting our ability to recruit for the stocked 2011 and 2012 classes and also leaves a huge vacuum in 2013.

  • JB says:

    Jubilee makes a great point. Mo Creek committed without visiting the campus. These guys aren’t committing because the campus is soo pretty, they are committing to the Basketball program. C’mon over Moses!

  • I am really hoping Pritchard transfers. I hate to say this because I am sure he’s a good kid. But he fell off of the map this year and really lost the mental edge needed to become a better player. THe fact that the entire team said that he was consistently “All Big 10” in practice tells us that something about the game-time atmosphere was getting into his head. This is the type of mental block that Ben Allen developed, and it took going to a smaller school with less pressure for him to finally shake the jitters.

    Pritch really looked like Kyle Taber out there this year, except for a few random break-outs. I have no idea how a guy can become so tentative.

  • sickinbed says:

    Off from work with the flu….could really use something to perk me up. Moses choosing IU would be just the pill.

  • amosandandy says:

    you know it is tough to hear people talk about who stays and who should go…every one of these guys came to help out….or do you think they were all told “we want you to come play for Indiana until we can get some better players”… now if they told everyone that then all is well…but if it isn’t…then let there be loyalty…that is how we got here guys…there was no loyalty from Miles Brand on up and out to disarm that bitter situation….and then with the number of former bb grads giving imput to an even worse situation the no loyalty crudes hire Sampson

  • JB says:

    I agree you need loyalty but you also need production. Being an all star in practice doesn’t get you to the tourney. I remember Davis using that same excuse. I don’t want to see Pritch leave either but transfers are just a part of the process.

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