Crean secures visit from Abraham

Moses Abraham is pushing back his college decision so that he can take a visit to Indiana, a source close to the situation said Tuesday.

Abraham, a 6-foot-9 center originally from Nigeria but living in the Washington, D.C. area, met with Hoosiers head coach Tom Crean Tuesday evening on the first day of a week-long period during which coaches can visit recruits. He agreed to visit Bloomington in the coming weeks. He is also considering Georgetown, and has visited Tennessee and Maryland.

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  • jj says:

    Welll let us know when he arrives and we will be there with a welcoming committee

  • gym says:

    Nice work, CTC. And excellent choice, Moses. Hopefully the new practice facility is in shape for a tour.

  • Parakeet Jones says:

    I now for the first time in this saga will allow myself to start to hope.

  • lala says:

    nice work ctc! at least we have a shot

  • The Guda says:

    For some reason this makes me worried. If we couldn’t get a commit out of him now…I think Moses taking the time to visit only gives more schools the opportunity to get in the mix. Think about it…IU got in late and look what happened. What’s to prevent other schools from doing the same? I hope I’m wrong…it’s just a gut feeling I have.

  • lala says:

    too bad he didnt visit the NW game, i believe he would have committed that day. the atmosphere was electric, and the campus was beautiful. if he comes soon, he will have a huge reception by the students

  • Chris says:

    I’m not worried about others getting involved. Moses is ready to commit, he’s already pushed it back a couple times. I have to think this is good for us, because I’m sure he’ll be impressed with Bloomington/IU. I’m just nervous his mind is already mostly made up, and he’s checking out IU just to satisfy Crean and/or anyone else saying he should “at least take a look”. Hopefully he really is considering IU and this will push him over the edge.

  • Al says:

    He’s going to visit Bloomington “in the coming weeks”? How long is this going to drag out?

  • Hammer says:

    You are the man Tom Crean! Even if he doesnt come you are our man to turn this program around! You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GFDave says:

    Excellent. Bloomington should be beautiful in the coming weeks. He’ll love the campus and the facilities and the team.

  • Wish I Was A Hoe-Ya!! says:

    Good work TC. Really TC has done his job. He got in there, got the kid to take a hard listen to what he had to say, delayed his commitment date, and finally has secured a visit from the legend himself. If he decides still not to come to Indiana then its definitely not because Crean didn’t do everything humanly possible to change his mind. Way to dog it coach. Hopefully your persistence pays off, personally I feel really good about this. Let it be, let it be!!!

  • Stlhoos says:

    The kid just wants to know what IU is all about. All the speculation from posters is really getting insane. Just glad Moses is doing due diligence before he makes a life altering decision. In the meantime Crean should be checking into the big who just decommited from NC State and is ranked 45 on ESPN 100.

  • Laffy says:

    Great job, coach!

  • GFDave says:

    Good point StlHoos, Crean still has to keep going. And he will.

  • cln says:

    Bring him out for Little 500.

  • hgdownunder says:

    In all likelihood CTC suggested Moses visit before committing.

  • HiggiStardust says:

    Moses…come to IU and lead the Hoosiers back to the promise land.

  • steve says:

    What worries me is the scholarships available in coming years.
    How can we sign anyone from the loaded 2011 high school class with no scholarships available?
    We need to sign players from with in this great state,like we used to do in the glory days.
    I think CTC is doing a remarkable job in recruiting MA,and I hope that he signs with IU.
    I would hate to lose out on a chance at getting Zeller,Plumlee,or some of the other great players in this class because of no scholarships.

  • Chill says:

    This is off-topic the ongoing Moses discussion, but I just stumbled upon an extremely awesome college basketball information resource…The website is smartly designed with vital stats and other information on all your favorite teams right at your fingertips. I’m sure some of the true hoops junkies will enjoy during March Madness..
    Maybe many of you were already aware of this site..I live a very sheltered life and was not.

    Because I’m in a sharing mood, I give you Basketball State.

  • hoosierfan53 says:

    We should all want what is best for the young man. IU offers a fantastic opportunity for him but who knows where he will end up. Great job TC and staff. Thanks Chris and staff for such wonderful follow up on this story. You guys do a great job. My brother-in-law was in the practice facility yesterday and took some pics for me he said. Can’t wait to see them. Hey STlhoos, who is the kid who de-committed from NCState?

  • Chill says:

    Note: I didn’t realize it was a member/subscriber website($19.95/year)….I was teased and allowed to open the first few pages. Sorry about that.

  • 4guards says:

    Can we hold off on all the praises until he actually closes on the kid? It could end up like the Irving situation. I hope not.
    We don’t need spam around here.

  • STLHoos says:

    The NC State decommit is Luke Cothron. He’s 6-8 210 lbs. Rivals has him ranked 33 overall and 8th best power forward. Looks like Kentucky, UConn, Alabama, Tenn, and Ole Miss have already offered. Probably a long shot for Crean to get in on a player this highly ranked this late but it’s worth a shot. At this point I think Crean realizes he can’t be too worried about the scholorship numbers. He should be smart enough to know that it’s higher priority to fill out a roster that will never make IU nation sit through another 20 loss season. If that means kids get pushed out of scholarships so be it.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Actually it is most commendable Coach Crean has been able to reinstate the visit which was not taken a couple of weeks ago. What a tenacious spirit it takes for a recruiter to continually create opportunities to win over someone he prizes. His activity this week has been high class, high caliber while in high gear.

  • Sam says:

    My biggest concern is always the “advisors”. Not the mom and dad. It’s the friend of a friend or that uncle that has some connections. I think the hangers on have way too much influence. I’d like the player and his parents to feel good about their decision based on what they personally see and hear and not what someone else is telling them. I’m glad Moses Abraham is coming to IU to see what it offers.

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