McLeod dismissed

[10:10 UPDATE]

Dustin Dopirak just reached Roshown McLeod, who said he did not want to comment tonight because he is talking with his family. He will be available tomorrow.


When I asked Indiana media relations director J.D. Campbell where Roshown McLeod, an assistant coach for the men’s basketball team, was on Saturday afternoon — since he wasn’t at the game — I was told he was out recruiting.

It was his last day on the road representing the Hoosiers.

Indiana has put out a press release saying McLeod is done. They use some nice language to explain the situation, but it appears as though McLeod was fired.

Indiana University men’s basketball coach Tom Crean informed assistant coach Roshown McLeod on Sunday that his contract would not be renewed for next year and he will no longer be with the team effective immediately.

“There is never a good time for something like this, but it is a decision that had to be made moving forward,” said Crean.

Clearly there is more to this. But we probably won’t be able to get it at 9:45 on a Sunday night. But we’ll try.

McLeod a former NBA player who finished his college career at Duke, was Tom Crean’s final hire two summers ago. He had been working with the Atlanta Celtics AAU program in the Atlanta area and was going to coach high school basketball before being lured away. He’d served as an assistant for only one year, at Fairfield from 2002-2003, after his pro career.

McLeod was brought in because of his ties to the Celtics and in Northern Jersey. He played for legendary high school coach Bob Hurley at St. Anthony, but Indiana had been unable to snag any talent from that area since he joined the staff. It recruited top guard Kyrie Irving, but he ultimately chose Duke.

McLeod was also instrumental in recruiting David Williams, a small forward out of Florida who verbally committed to the Hoosiers last April shortly after receiving a scholarship offer. Pundits were surprised that Indiana had offered Williams, who played with the Atlanta Celtics and was not highly regarded in recruiting circles. Williams did not sign with Indiana in October, and his father told The Herald-Times that he wanted to keep his options open.

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  • Kevin says:

    The timing of this is a bit strange…we still have our Big Ten tourney game. Something is up Dustin? You need to crack the story here.

  • 4guards says:

    This was a good move if he hires the right guy. Lets house crean all the assistants and hire some IU guys. Calbert anybody?

  • Cooper says:

    Not sure one year is a lot of time for a guy to show whether he is or isn’t a great recruiter. Especially, when you are recruiting for a team coming off a season of single digit wins. I’d hope this means Crean already has someone lined up.

  • Brad says:

    As much of a control freak as Crean seems, I’m guessing he has someone in mind.

  • Casey says:

    Those not pleased with the overall recruiting efforts so far should see this as a sign that Crean isn’t either, and is working to change that.

  • Cutter In Chicago says:

    A Calbert Cheaney hire would certainly be a great PR move but can the guy recruit? That’s the key and I have no idea what Calbert’s connections are. I’d love to have him back in the fold but I’d rather have a guy who is going to land talent

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Is this about recruiting talent or the development of big/post players?

    If the chemistry is not good, then make it better.

  • jacqueb says:

    David Wiiliams/McLeod = Darryl Peagram/Jim Thomas

  • coachv says:

    i’m hoping the lack of development of our bigs was part of crean’s decision. i have not seen one single post move executed by an iu player in 2 years. not even a simple power hook, probably the easiest and most effective post move to learn. hell, our players don’t even use shot fakes. i challenge any iu fan to contradict that assesment. look how often our bigs get their shots blocked. if you aren’t as tall and athletic as your opponent, you had better use the shot fake. that includes guards and they never use them either.

    ultimately crean is responsible for this egregious oversight. post moves aren’t hard to teach or learn. hell, i even made my guards learn them. since we haven’t seen a single post move in 2 years, it means crean isn’t teaching them. and how in the hell do you get to be head coach at indiana and not know how to do that?

  • Joby Wright says:

    Maybe it was McLeod that sent Irving to Duke. Maybe he told him he’d be better off there and Crean got word of it and fired him. Strange timing, but obviously we can’t have someone here Crean can’t believe in. If he was doing more harm than good, then he had to go, and I suspect that was the case here.

  • Casey says:


    That’s a pretty ludicrous claim to make based on nothing but unsupported speculation.

    Let’s remember that regardless of the reason, a nice guy just lost his job tonight. Don’t insult him by speculating about his character or sense of loyalty.

    If something comes out down the road that implicates him in some way, then have at it. But for once, let’s all hold off on dissecting this until we have some actual facts to analyze.

  • lala says:

    joby, you couldnt have made up a more insane accusation. you just beat 4tards for the board reject post of the day.

  • Weary says:

    This does not pass the sniff test. As “ludicrous” as Joby’s accusation is… his angle hold’s more water than player development reasonings. Certainly the timing is most suspicious. Some sort of impropriety has to be speculated. And it maybe months before the REAL reason is divulged/discovered. Hopefully the next hire will produce more than role players.

  • Haris Mujezenovic says:

    I’m an IU guy; can I have the job?

  • Dave says:

    Agree. Not saying this is it, but something has to be up. Hope it’s not that phone calls thing again, or too much practice time.

  • GFDave says:

    Let’s hope that its just about big man development and recruiting success. His resume isn’t the deepest.

    Maybe we are getting another coach who is bringing a player with him. Happens all the time.

    Maybe one of our targets didn’t take to him.


  • Chris says:


    I thought you were playing in Tukey?

    Calbert would be a great move. It would be great to have him back.

  • callaspadeaspade says:

    No quit because he wouldn’t sell his sole to the devil, and mistreat players for no reason!! Good Job.. Creans ship will soon sink, and the rest of the devils better jump ship……Buckley first.

  • IUMIKE1 says:


    Are you Joby Wright and 4guards/braincells triplets that not only look alike but act and think alike or are you all the same person using different names. Hard to believe there could be two other people as negative and uninformed as 4cells.

  • Chill says:

    “….our players don’t even use shot fakes.”


    Very insightful post…Nothing of rumor..Nothing accusatory…Nothing of negativity..Why does it not surprise me that your comments were quickly overlooked? Probably the most perceptive comments I’ve read in the last three months regarding shot creation and being schooled in developing individual facets of a game that can ultimately help the team succeed. The shot fake(even a little head fake with a duck under move) is such an underutilized creative element in the full package of needed skills in a players repertoire. Basketball is a team game, but one-on-one techniques and creative moves to gain advantage and open shots is becoming a lost art. It’s not always about motion offense, inside-outside game, screening, pick and rolls, and back doors. Sometimes you’re going to find the ball in your hands when it’s not the most opportune moment. Such an added plus to have kids that have versatile games and a full array offensive moves/weapons that can constantly force defenders to guess and be kept on heels.

    “Chet the Jet” head fake of all time.

  • Bobbie Sue says:

    Let me be the first to nominate Dave Bliss as a candidate to replace Ro. I mean, he’s a Knight disciple with D1 experience…so why not? 🙂

  • Ramjet says:

    How about Dakich bringing home? He defintely has the pulse of the in state talent and knows all about the tradition of Indiana basketball.

  • MarkMe says:

    coachv and chill are right on target. I have been saying for two seasons now that Pritchard especially,and our other bigs, generally, need to develop post moves…. get film on Hakeem Olajuwon or Kevin McHale for the best low post moves. I even suggested a classic hook shot for our guys ala Benson or Kirk Haston. It would create some movement for spacing and allow our slow big guys to get off a shot. Also, I wish we’d see more shot fakes, ball fakes, head fakes, any kind of fake!

  • Jubilee says:

    Com’on everyone. We need to hire an Indiana guy. Indiana kids are the only reason we won on Saturday. I heard there is a great guy in the southern Indiana foothills who knows basketball really well. We could also hire that guy on the outskirts of indy who comments really well on the scoop, but really, we need to hire a guy who will only recruit indiana players.

    (sorry, I just got possessed by 4guard)

  • Julius Peppers says:

    Jubilee- I agree completely. I, too, have been possessed by 4tards, and I want only Indiana people working this position from now on.
    My top choices for the position are:

    1) Axl Rose

    2) Janet Jackson

    3) Greg Kinnear (I think his role in Ghostly Matters with Ricky Gervais would really help reel in the hometown kids)

    If none of these people are available, then we should track down Marco Killingsworth.

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