Doss, Muhammad, Davis-Walker biggest injury concerns in game week

There’s a chance Indiana could go into its season opener without its preseason All-Big Ten wide receiver.

Tandon Doss pulled a stomach muscle in practice last week and has sat out of most of practice ever since. Bill Lynch said Sunday that he is concerned that Doss could be out for Thursday’s 7:30 p.m. game against Towson.

Safety Chris Adkins is obviously out with his ankle injury, and Lynch said there are also concerns that junior wide receiver Dre Muhammad (ankle) and running back Zach Davis-Walker (groin) could miss the game.

There are several other players who were held out of practice Sunday, though Lynch said most of those were for precautionary reasons. They include left tackle Andrew McDonald (knee), defensive end Fred Jones, wide receiver Logan Young, tight end Leneil Himes and wide receiver Tim O’Conner. Tight end Paul Phillips, who recently returned to the team after his father’s funeral, appeared to have injured his shoulder during practice Sunday. His status is unknown.

Sunday’s practice was the first game week practice open to the media, and was the first time the team broke up into the scout team and the first and second team. Lynch has stressed that there will be a rotation at several positions, but based on who practiced where on Sunday the depth chart should look like this.


LT – Andrew McDonald

Josh Hager

Justin Pagan

LG — Aaron Price

Justin Pagan

C — Will Matte

Jordan Marquette

RG– Marc Damisch

Cody Faulkner

RT — James Brewer

Colin Rodkey

QB — Ben Chappell

Dusty Kiel

Ed Wright-Baker

RB — Darius Willis

Nick Turner

Trea Burgess

Antonio Banks

WR — Tandon Doss, Terrance Turner, Damarlo Belcher

Duwyce Wilson, Jamonne Chester, Kofi Hughes

TE — Max Dedmond

Ted Bolser

Brad Martin

Charles Love III


DE — Darius Johnson

Kevin Bush

DT — Mick Mentzer

Larry Black, Jr.

DT — Adam Replogle

Nick Sliger

DE — Fred Jones

Deonte Mack

Terrance Thomas

SLB — Tyler Replogle

Brandon McGhee

MLB — Leon Beckum

Jeff Thomas

WLB — Chad Sherer

Damon Sims

CB — Richard Council

Andre Kates

CB — Matt Ernest

Adrian Burks

SS — Mitchell Evans

Lenyatta Kiles

FS — Donnell Jones

Lawrence Barnett

Running back Antonio Banks and wide receiver Kofi Hughes were the only two true freshmen who “practiced up” on Sunday. Hughes is still playing in a hand cast for his injured thumb. He expects to have that off in four weeks.

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  • Mike P. says:

    Price at LG to start the season? That is great for the home town boy! If he stays healthy, he could be a 4 year starter.

  • Hey Mike P. He’s been practicing with the first team all fall. I did expect him to be eventually moved back in favor of Pagan, but it hasn’t happened yet. The depth chart should come out tomorrow, which will give us a better idea, but he has played well and he will definitely get some playing time on Thursday.

  • Jimmy says:

    Let Doss rest. Belcher, Wilson, Turner, etc can handle things going into a bye week.

  • Mike P. says:

    Thanks for the info Dustin. I haven’t had a chance to stop and talk to Aaron’s dad, so I am a little behind on how he was doing. This is a kid I’ve known for a long time.

    I expected him to RS and become a full time starter by his RS sophomore season. This is based off watching his high school career and knowing his work ethic and desire to succeed.

    Looks like he could end up slightly ahead of that.

  • Craig Patrick says:

    Thanks Dustin. I believe Dusty Kiel is the man for #2… he is big, agile, has a rocket arm with tremendous accuracy, and is a north-south runner.. he is a big boy and student of the game…
    His high school stats alone should be a no brainer for the coaches. He has more experience!

  • Flow says:

    Dustin, your the greatest beat writer in college sports, keep up the work!

  • Thanks Flow. How’d your fantasy draft go?

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