Bill Lynch is out

Bill Lynch will not be retained as the Indiana football coach, a source close to the situation said moments ago.

No decision has been made on the rest of the staff. Athletic director Fred Glass will meet with the media at 5 p.m. today.

The decision comes less than 24 hours after Lynch led Indiana to a win in the Old Oaken Bucket game against Purdue, but at the end of a third-straight season that did not result in a trip to a bowl game.

Lynch was 2-2 against Purdue, but the Hoosiers were 5-7 in 2010 and 18-31 overall in Lynch’s four seasons as head coach.

He was also 6-26 in the Big Ten.

Lynch has one year remaining on his contract. Glass said during last season that he would honor contracts and that they should mean something at Indiana.

But this season had been a disappointment. Indiana scheduled four very winnable nonconference games and did beat Towson, Western Kentucky, Akron and Arkansas State, but were winless in the Big Ten until Saturday.

4:50 P.M. UPDATE

A press release has just been handed out confirming Lynch’s firing.

“Glass noted it was his sincere and oft-stated desire for Coach Lynch to coach the football Hoosiers through the full four years of his contract and beyond. Still, after evaluating the state of the program and his options with Coach Lynch entering the last year of his contract — to either extend Coach Lynch’s contract, have him coach the final year of his contract without committing to an extension (or non-extension), or making a coaching change now — Glass concluded that he needed to make the change.

“‘Bill Lynch is often described as a ‘nice guy’ and he absolutely is, but it is important to recognize he is much more than that,’ Glass observed. ‘People should know that Bill is also smart, talented, passionate, perspective, committed to his players, a great teacher, and a very good football coach. That I have concluded we need a new coach at this point in time does not change any of that. The tremendous job he did in rallying and leading the grief-stricken 2007 Hoosiers to the Insight Bowl will remain an Indiana University football milestone forever. On behalf of myself and all of Hoosier Nation, I thank Bill for his selfless commitment to Indiana University football and in particular to the student-athletes under his care.”

Glass will not have a search committee, instead using his staff and the consulting firm Neinas Sports Services. He will also consult with faculty, current and former football players, the Varsity Club, Bill Polian, Tony Dungy, and members of the national football community, the Big Ten conference, the NCAA, AFCA and Black Coaches and Administrators.

Offensive coordinator Matt Canada said earlier today that the entire staff has been let go, and the press release confirms that. In the interim, a transition team has been formed. Scott Dolson will chair it, along with director of football operations Mark Deal and legendary former player Anthony Thompson, among others.

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  • IU1977 says:

    Once again, we can thank Miles Brand for this hiring. Brand fired Mallory in order to bring IU Football to the “next level” ( Brands words) He did…. to the basement………… thanks Miles, you managed to ruin IU athletics long after you were gone.

  • Wow says:

    wow, Merry Christmas your present is this kick in the teeth. btw great win yesterday!

  • Matt says:

    Much thanks to Coach Lynch and his staff for representing our university well over the last four years. I will always be a Bill Lynch supporter no matter where he lands.

    Now, time to hit a home run and hire the next coach who will take us to the Rose Bowl.

  • Northsider says:

    Not unexpected, but the timing stinks. Still enjoying the post victory gloat. Best of luck Bill Lynch. You are a quality man and I wish nothing but the best for you and Linda and your family.

  • Hoosier97 says:

    Good luck to Bill Lynch wherever he lands. Now the question is who can win at Indiana?

  • John Ebling says:

    Thank-you to Coach Bill Lynch, his staff, and the players, for their great effort and hard work during these past years. We were oh-so-close to 2 or 3 more wins each of the last two years. I hope IU makes a great new hire. Go Hoosiers!

  • Memorial Stadium Observer says:

    Will the post office be able to handle the extra mail load from all the winning head coaches just dying to be IU’s next football coach mailing their resume’s to Fred?

    Even if IU offers stupid money ($1.5M a year) I have my doubts as to them finding anyone who’s truly qualified out there willing to take the job.

  • Translucent Steed says:

    GO get Mike Leach!

  • Coach Tieken says:

    Thanks Coach Lynch…..Congratulations on your Bucket victory….you deserved a better fate. You are number one in the hearts of many Indiana high school coaches….God bless on your future endeavors. Good luck to the university hiring new coach… not forget the importance of the Indiana high school football ties.

  • Long Time Fan says:

    To Mr. Glass:

    This decision is yours and yours alone. It does not reflect the opinion of TRUE Indiana Fans who understand the real state of Indiana football.

    With that said, you better pony up some real money and get a coach. If you’re going to continue to pay the lowest wage in the Big 10, you’re going to continue to be in the same position you are in now. Period.

    You are now solely responsible for making this happen. If not, the board of trustees should fire you in the same manner you fired Coach Lynch.

    Good Luck.

  • KevinK says:

    Good luck to you Coach. Thank you.

    Good luck also to you Mr. Glass, this is a huge opportunity fir you.

  • GFDave says:

    Thanks to coach Lynch for being a great ambassador for IU.

  • IndyAndy says:

    How has Bill Lynch been a “great ambassador” to IU when nobody outside the state knows him, and if they do, they know of him as the guy that threw his gum once.

    Further, IU football was used repeatedly this week to counter the OSU president statement that, in deed, Ohio State plays weak teams, too.

  • Brian says:

    The Glass motto….24 sports one team….that was Bill Lynch….the next guy needs to have the same qualities as Bill Lynch or Glass is not living up to his own words…I want to win…but as an alumnus of IU….I want class also…

  • Evelyn Powers says:

    In the past, I have traveled to Columbus, Ohio, and East Lansing, Michigan during football season, proudly wearing my IU hat.

    I will never forget the comments made to me on separate visits to those two cities. In the lobby of a Red Roof Inn in Columbus, a young man saw my hat and said, “IU is an embarrassment to the Big Ten.” My mouthed just dropped open and I was speechless.

    And, on a visit to East Lansing, sitting at a local sportsbar, another young man saw my IU hat
    and said, “At least when Bill Mallory was your Coach, you lost with dignity.” Again, I was floored.

    This I know. It will take another true gentleman and man of honor like Bill Mallory to get us back on track. A man the boys can all respect. A man who doesn’t yell at them thinking, somehow, that will make them play better. A man who will instill in them character, pride, and a champion’s attitude. A man who is more like a father or a good Uncle than a Coach who berates and humiliates them.

    Coach Mallory and his beautiful wife, Ellie, have, I believe, four sons. Let’s get one of them and be done with it!

    Best of luck to you, Coach Lynch, in your future endeavors.

    And, go IU! Next year WILL be better!

  • garvey says:

    With the hire of a new football coach, Fred Glass defines his tenure as athletic director. Forget the hoopla on game days, the new scoreboard, the Indiana Creed — how he chooses to move forward with the IU Football coaching position defines his legacy.

    I fear that without the $3million it takes to get the impact coach, we will do nothing but tread water.

  • 4guards says:

    Well at least now we know not to believe a word that comes out of the man’s mouth.

  • bonenails says:

    Great win yesterday..THANKS coach Lynch…sorry to see you go. Good luck and best wishes on your journey.

  • lynch fan says:

    Good Luck to you and your family. Gave us four good years. I U has fired more good coaches than most schools have the opportunity to hire. You are just one of the latest victims. Now you can get a good job.

  • #9 says:

    To Long Time Fan:

    please enlighten us. what are the opinions of the TRUE fans who actually understand the state of IU football?

    mediocrity? blowout losses? repeated finishes in the bottom of the big10? bowl-less seasons after non-conference schedules full of ‘cupcakes’?

    the persistent, blind loyalty to a man that has no business as coach of a major division one school astonishes me.

    you may be a nice man, mr lynch, but i cannot forget how quickly you flushed all progress of Hoeppner down the toilet. good riddance.

  • BZ says:


    Just a quick note about your short summary above…”The decision comes less than 24 hours after Lynch led Indiana to a win…” You write that Lynch LED Indiana to a win…I’m not sure if you watched the game or not but Ben Chappell LED Indiana to a win..despite Bill Lynch!

  • Pam flowers says:

    Leo Dorocher said,”Nice guys finish last.”. I hope he was wrong and Glass can hire one who can get us into the top of our division after the arrival of Nebraska.

  • Mike P. says:

    Came a day earlier than I thought.

  • Having Fun? says:

    Will there be a live feed for Glass’ press conference?

  • Double Down says:

    4guards…no problem. We don’t believe anything you say anyway.

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