Report: Doug Mallory, Mike Ekeler to be named IU defensive coordinators’s Tom Dienhart is reporting that New Mexico defensive coordinator Doug Mallory and Nebraska linebackers coach Mike Ekeler will be named Indiana’s new co-defensive coordinators. Mallory is, of course, the son of former Indiana coach Bill Mallory.

Before his time at New Mexico, the younger Mallory also coached the secondary at LSU, Oklahoma State, Maryland and Indiana under his father. He was also the defensive coordinator at Western Kentucky.

Ekeler also coached at LSU and was a graduate assistant at Oklahoma early in new IU coach Kevin Wilson’s career there.

UPDATE, 5:49 p.m.: Both Mallory and Ekeler have refused to comment on their potential hires, though neither flatly denied the reports.

“I don’t think anything’s been released,” Mallory said. “Nothing’s been finalized yet, so I can’t comment on anything. I have not been hired and I’m still employed at the University of New Mexico.”

Ekeler did not immediately return a voicemail from the Herald-Times, but he issued a similar statement to the Nebraska media.

“I can’t comment until it all becomes official at Indiana,” Ekeler told the Lincoln Journal-Star.

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  • Mike P. says:

    I really like the hires, don’t like the prefix “Co-“.

  • Mass.Hoosier says:

    Good to hear you say that Mike P.
    After some thought, I can see the many reasons that these coaches would be hired.

  • Fla Hoosier says:

    That “Co” Defensive Coordinator thing has not worked out very often in the NCAA. There usually needs to be a “boss” on offense or defense to work effectively. A body with 2 heads is a monster and not normal.

    How does a “Co-Head Coach” work out? It doesn’t and that is why there is 1 head coach or boss. Neither does co-defensive coordinators. Guess we will see next year!

  • IU06' says:

    This is good. Mallory is a solid defensive coach, and Ekeler is one of the top up and coming assistant coaches. Bo Pelini is not liking this.

  • Jimmy says:

    Plenty of successful programs use co-coordinators. Just because it didn’t work with the last staff doesn’t mean it should never be used.

  • Lifeinthered says:

    Ekeler is a darn good coach and a great recruiter, you’re gonna love him,

  • iam4iufb says:

    Co Coordinator designation is not significant. Both are good young coaches and recruiters. Good solid hires by Coach Wilson.

  • BeatPurdue says:

    Co-Defensive coordinators has worked just fine for OH St! It is ALL ABOUT the Head Coach! If any assistant coach does not perform at a high level, he must be fired and replaced quickly. Bill Lynch NEVER fired an assistant coach!

  • Spe says:

    I can’t lie, I go to school in the Mountain West. New Mexico is horrible. I mean horrible. Am I missing something here? Hopefully he knows what he’s doing. I have faith in Coach Wilson.

  • Jimmy says:

    New Mexico’s previous staff left them in horrible shape.

  • HiggiStardust says:

    Hmmm…perhaps Max Pirman will de-commit to Nebraska and re-commit at IU. Ekeler looks like a young John Gruden type, so this could be an awesome hire. New Mexico has been horrible the last few years, so not sure what to make of the Doug Mallory hire. In any case, I think the IU programs is making big strides in heading in the right direction. Ramon Taylor please take notice, you can become the next Tracey Porter at IU and start as a freshman, or you can ride the pine at Iowa with all the upper-classmen ahead of you on the depth chart.

  • Long Time Fan says:

    Let’s remember this is the same Doug Mallory who coached and won a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP at LSU. He got thrown under the bus by Les Miles. The New Mexico situation is not reflective, at all, of his stature as one of the most respected defensive coaches in all of college football. This is a GREAT hire by Coach Wilson.

  • Mike P. says:

    Mallory was only in New Mexico for 2 seasons, his work as the secondary coach from 2005-2007 that got him moved to Co-Defensive coordinator in 2008 for Les Miles at LSU is what lends merit to this hire, that and he is a Mallory.

  • doug says:

    Also just do not know about the CO… part of it, but to get these two talented coaches is huge. I am amazed we would have a chance of taking this guy away from Nebraska.

  • BeatPurdue says:

    Coach Crean was right when he said “It’s Indiana”! But long before that statement, Coach Bo Schemblecher was asked about his linebackers one year, and he described the great talents of two linebackers and when he got to the third, he just said, “And he’s a Mallory”. That seemed to cover it!

  • Donnie2112 says:

    I hate to rain on the parade for Hoosiers fan, but some of the private “booster” message boards around Nebraska were saying that Ekeler was going to be fired this season and was told to seek other employment. It’s rumored that the brothers Pelini were not satisfied with his performance as LB coach. Funny dude though, and he’s been a quality recruiter.

  • Mike P. says:


    Typical postings when these things happen. When the rumors hit that IU was hiring Wilson, the Oklahoma boards lit up with how glad they were to get rid of him, etc.

    Nebraska’s leading tackler, #4 Lavonte David had 145 tackles on the season, that is 52 more than the next leading tackler. David lined up as the Will LB for Nebraska. He had 16 TFL, 6 sacks, those were both 2nd to Jared Crick, a Junior DT that was named the best player in college football prior to the start of this season by The Sporting News.

    Sounds like sour Husker Fans to me.

  • Mike P. says:

    Correction: David has 14 TFL, Crick had 16 TFL.

  • Cln says:

    If you want a flashback to the Mallory era, search YouTube for Bill Mallory Michigan State and watch the speech he gave to the Spartans after they beat IU for the Big Ten title. Damn classy move.

  • The Truth says:

    I hope Wilson hires all new coaches, every coach under Lynch was not a winner. Most of the players that were drafted to the NFL under their coaching were cut. James Hardy said that they did not know how to coach up solid talent.

    I hope people are not rehired because of some type of loyalty to friendship.

  • Cln says:

    I didn’t connect the dots above, but it looks like these guys were both at LSU at the same time.

  • Mike P. says:


    Thanks for that, love Mallory’s passion and fire. Something I feel was missing since IU fired him, except for the short time we had Hep.

  • Mike P. says:

    James Hardy is the last player I would ever listen to about coaching.

  • Tsao Tsu Gonzalez says:

    Donnie 2112…your ‘private’ blogs don’t mention that Ekeler has been around Pelini in some capacity for six years. Yes, he and Mallory were together under Les Miles…so, obviously they know each other and have a pedigree. Please, let’s not make things up. You don’t like it…you don’t like it, but don’t start rumors based on unseen comments.

    Think this through. Coach Wilson knows Ekeler’s work…he had to play against it in his role as Offensive Coordinator at Oklahoma. And the internet gives you the capability of mining for data.

    Old rule…If your mom tells you she loves you, check it out.

    to mention that

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