Congrats to Mike Davis

For winning the Conference-USA championship last night with a win against East Carolina. It is the school’s first conference championship (that it has not shared) since 1990.

And also congrats to Bob Knight for being Bob Knight.

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  • byrd says:

    way to go Coach Davis. Glad to see you your doing well this year.
    I like Mike.

  • Hoosierdaddy77 says:

    Mike Davis !!! Are you kidding me ? He sucked as a coach here in B town.

  • who? says:

    I do believe that Coach Knight will have an insult to Digger etched upon his tombstone… He loves to ‘dig’ his old buddy.

  • Aruss says:

    UAB has 4 straight 20+ win seasons. How many conference wins have we had the last 3 years? I miss that guy.

  • James says:

    You shouldn’t miss him too much. We have his twin coaching the team now, just a little less talented.

  • LonF says:

    Mike Davis didn’t “suck.” 5 postseasons in 6 years. A championship game. A victory against Gonzaga in the NCAA’s as his going away present, with 3 and 4 star recruits like Rod Wilmont and Earl Calloway leading the way.

    The problem with Mike was that he had the bad fortune of ending up at Indiana, where some fans are such high-and-mighty know-it-alls that they run you out of town at the slightest sign of misfortune or a tough stretch. Did you know that even in a “down year” (15-14), Davis finished with 10 Big 10 wins?

    Who knows? Maybe Crean will be fired, and we will end up with an even lesser coach like Dane Fife or Errick Suhr, just to quench the irrational needs of the all-powerful homer townie fans who claim to be basketball geniuses.

    Then one day, when we are 5-25, we will look back at Crean’s tenure as the “glory days” of 12 win seasons.

  • tim says:

    i miss him too. he was honest and iu did not want him because of racism

  • tim says:

    When we (IU) came in 2nd place under Davis (coaching a team Bob Knight built), the headline in the H-T was “we lost” (or something like that). Now, we are last place Big 10 and I wonder if that was the headline?
    Can somebody who still reads the paper check on that, please? thanks!

  • JZ says:

    While I liked Davis as a coach he did a horrible job with the team off the court. He had no control of his players and they did stuff just as bad as Sampsons players. The character of IU basketball started to slide on his watch. That is fact.

  • Top Ten Tom Crean Excuses says:

    Top Ten Tom Crean Excuses

    10. Part of a grand plan to make Illinois overconfident next season.
    9. Not enough Diet Pepsi.
    8. Too much Orange Krush.
    7. Head: 98% bone.
    6. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, you’re telling me the highest score wins?
    5. Shout out to Steve Greanias, Vice President of Strategy at Norvax. A huge twitter follower.
    4. Uh… global warming.
    3. Reason #3 defies rationalization.
    2. No habla Ingles
    1. Three words: ten year contract.

  • WO One says:

    I love all these “I miss Mike” sentiments.

    Remember the “the greatest shooter of all time” Bracey Wright; the no offense Hoosiers who waited until 5 seconds on the shot clock and then just let Wright chuck up an off balance bomb?
    His hiring was done by an inept administration (remember they tried to have co-coaches?). Davis was not ready to coach on the big stage at IU. It was unfortunate but IU made the right move to move away from him. They just made a worse decision in hiring the moron from OK.
    Coach Davis was a nice man but not a good coach. Are we really going to compare Conference USA to the Big Ten?

  • byrd says:

    Even Coach Davis said in a recent article from the HT that he wasn’t ready for the Big Ten as a head coach. It was basicaly decided from the players that they would leave the team if Davis wasn’t hired as the head coached. Fife was the one player mainly stated that. He was a good recruiter under Coach Knight. He landed Leach, Newton, and Moye wich where some good pieces for our 2002 run into the finals. He almost landed Josh Smith and lets not forget D.J. White which he did land. Davis had a good squad if White would have stayed healthy his sophmore year we could have been a better team instead of losing in tournament early that year.
    Coach Crean is a good coach also. The 2012 class is the main jem and that is what we should be looking to. Yes right now losing and finishing last really stinks! but hey the it can only get better and the sleeping giant in the Big Ten will be awaken once again and thats is the INDIANA HOOSIERS!!!!!!!!

  • IU#1 says:

    I was happy to see Mike Davis go, but if I knew Sampson or Crean were the alternatives, I would have gladly kept him.

  • KevinK says:


  • H.B. says:

    I had no issue with Davis, and was never happy with the way he was run out of town. If DJ’s foot hadn’t been broken in ’05-’06, that stretch of February losses wouldn’t have happened and we would’ve rocked it in the tournament. We certainly wouldn’t have had to worry about all those floppy-haired kids at Gonzaga.

  • LonF says:

    Mike Davis won 20 games as he was getting pushed out the door. Doesn’t that look incredibly ridiculous from our current vantage point? Is the “This is Indiana” conviction so powerful that 20 games a year with an occasional dip in wins “isn’t good enough”?

    If looking at the currently flourishing Mike Davis doesn’t provide an opportunity for self-reflection for the Knight-worshipping windbags that still create way too much noise around this program, then nothing will.

  • Hire Frank Martin says:

    i liked Davis also, and Frank Martin would be a good fit at IU i think maybe the next Bob Knight haha

  • IUal88 says:

    LonF, great post. Everyone talks about how Painter and the Butler coach were nurtured through their respective systems. Hoosier Nation, couldn’t wait to rid of Mike Davis. Which is pretty similar to what we’re facing now, oddly enough. “Get rid of the Coach!” Yeah! That’s it.

    I wonder what would have happened if Guy was on the floor? If Creek would have made it back? If Hulls got enough confidence earlier to actually play like a point guard and drive to the basket and take some shots. If Verdell Jones was worth a damn.

    We beat two ranked teams, took Michigan State to overtime at their place, with a pretty rag tag bunch, who most feel are not Big Ten material.

    This will take time.

  • steve d says:

    Davis was a decent coach who was run out of town. i am guess many of the crean apologists were right at the front of the pack running him out of here.

    Seen Crean excuses are given after every loss why did davis not get one when dj went down for the year. That team could of won 25 plus with him. Can you say double stardand. Sad.

  • Chet says:

    The truth is, you could substitute Crean’s name for Davis and the same people calling for Alford now were calling for Alford then. Yet, it is still the case that Alford will never coach here.

  • Seaplacer says:

    Calipari is in his second year at Kentucky and he’s 21-8 coming off a first year record of 35-3. He recruits good players and wins which really pisses Knight off. And before you say cheater, get your facts straight.

  • Chet says:

    The facts are, he’s a cheater. Ask UMass and Memphis.

  • podunker says:

    Davis was a good guy. He just was not ready for a job the size of the IU job, especially under the circumstances he was thrust into when he got it. He learned, he left his mistakes behind him, and now he has improved as a coach. And if he’s really that good a coach, he won’t be at UAB much longer. Time will tell.

  • John Kiester says:

    Podunker: 5 postseasons in 6 years, including a Final Four, is not “unprepared” nor “not ready”. Davis was doing just fine with the Hoosiers. In his worst season, he won 14 games, better than Crean at his best. He had a small dip in the middle of his tenure which he was in the process of correcting when he was forced out. His parting gift was 19 wins and a postseason victory.

    If he was “not ready” for something, it was for the reactionary windbag fanbase led by inspiring figures such as “philboyd”, “4guards” and “get real.” Mad lunatics of a “personal accountability” culture who thunder blame down on individuals without ever considering the circumstances into which people are thrust.

    These people are better suited to be Kansas City Royals baseball fans. Biggest joke in pro sports outside of the Clippers. They have a 25 million dollar payroll yet blame (and fire) the manager every year.

  • AccountantBill says:

    We must hold Accountant Bill. And Crean. Let’s hold Accountant Bill and Tom in the same room called “Ity”. Then we could have have Accountant-Bill-Ity and Tom-ity together.

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