Bloomington South grad Price’s career ended by back problem

Aaron Price’s football career is apparently over.

The Indiana sophomore offensive lineman and Bloomington South grad has a degenerative condition in his back, IU coach Kevin Wilson said, and will seek to be classified as a medical non-counter. Price will continue to receive his scholarship at Indiana, but will no longer participate in football and will not count against Indiana’s limit of 85 scholarships.

“He’s got some degeneration medically in the back where it just couldn’t hold up,” Wilson said. “It was a concern through winter, but he did a great job in the winter. He actually came out in the first week in spring, but it started going south on him. Just long-term health, it’s not in his best interest… He was doing well, but he does have a major issue with a major part of his body. He tried. Local kid. No issues from us. It just health-wise couldn’t hold up. It’s unfortunate for him.”

Price started the first 10 games of last season at left guard and played in all 12 games. The 6-foot-4, 288-pounder was an All-State pick at South.

In other notes from Tuesday’s availability session, Wilson said the spring game will not have split up rosters, but will first team offense against first team defense and second team offense and second team defense. For purposes of scoring, the first team offense and second-team defense will essentially be a team as will first team defense and second team offense. Players will switch from team to team, however.

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  • Call Me Ishmael #1

    Tuesday, April 12, 2011 - 10:09 PM EST

    Guess we get to see a preliminary 2 deep if its ones and twos.

  • Mike P. #2

    Wednesday, April 13, 2011 - 9:29 AM EST

    This sucks for both Aaron and IU. Aaron is a quality person, and I know he will move forward from this and make a great life for himself. He has great parents who have instilled a great work ethic and sense of responsiility into him. IU is losing out on a kid who could have been one of the best offensive lineman to ever have worn an IU uniform. Glad to see them continue to support him and doing the right thing for his long term health and not the teams short term success.

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