Indiana drops third on young season

DENTON, Texas — Indiana scored three somewhat flukish touchdowns in the fourth quarter to make it interesting, but still lost 24-21 to North Texas in the program’s second game at brand new Apogee Stadium.

The Hoosiers were destroyed on both lines of scrimmage in the first three quarters and were out 226-50 in the game by a Mean Green squad that had given up at least 41 points in three losses in its first three games.

“They worked us pretty good,” Wilson said.

The Hoosiers fall to 1-3, and will fail to win more than one non-conference game for the first time since 2003. Combining this with the Ball State loss, they’ve also lost two games to schools from conferences without an automatic qualifier to the Bowl Championship Series for the first time since 2008.

North Texas senior tailback Lance Dunbar broke out from an early-season slump with 127 yards on 24 carries and 152 yards on seven receptions. That included an 83-yard catch and run for a touchdown.

North Texas quarterback Derek Thompson completed just 10 of 20 passes and threw an interception, but he finished with 201 yards through the air and three touchdowns. The other two went to wide receivers Chris Bynes and Michael Outlaw.

The Hoosiers trailed 24-0 until they rallied in the fourth quarter. Freshman safety/linebacker Mark Murphy caught returned an interception 31 yards for his first career touchdown to put Indiana on the board.

Backup quarterback Dusty Kiel took over for starter Ed Wright-Baker in the fourth quarter after Wright-Baker completed 23 of 40 passes for 209 yards, but threw an interception and was sacked three times. Kiel hit freshman wide receiver Cody Latimer on a 44-yard touchdown pass and hit sophomore Kofi Hughes for a 67-yard score. On both plays, he took advantage of startlingly busted coverages by North Texas, however, and Wilson gave no indication that Kiel’s performance would warrant a reconsideration of the quarterback position.

“Bottom line, they didn’t get lined up,” Wilson said. “They kinda messed up and we got lucky, maybe had the right call on. Our kid saw it and took advantage. Little bit of them helping us as much as anything.”

The Hoosiers shook up the wide receiver corps significantly, starting sophomore Jamonne Chester, senior Dre Muhammad and freshman Jay McCants. Chester led the team with eight receptions for 92 yards.

Senior wide receiver Damarlo Belcher didn’t make the trip, Wilson said, because of a minor injury, the nature of which he did not disclose. Sophomores Duwyce Wilson and Kofi Hughes didn’t start the game also because of minor injuries that limited them in practice, according to Kevin Wilson. Wilson’s was back related and Hughes’s was a wrist injury.

Wilson also said that defensive end Kevin Bush has left the program. He said that Bush, a 26-year-old defensive end who joined the team after a 3 1/2 year stint in the U.S. Army, which included tours in Iraq and North Korea, had simply decided to move on from the program.

“He just kinda thought where he was age wise, he felt he kind of lost his spark about playing,” Wilson said. “ … I encouraged him to try to stay with it and he could go through it as a senior basically if he wanted to, but I think he thought with just where he was. … I want to do what’s best for him, would want to work with him, but want to respect his decision because of his sacrifices he made for the country, one, and for him to be an old guy coming back. That’s an unusual man, so we hold him in high regard.”

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  • Kyle says:

    No excuses. Bottom line is we suck. It is what it is. Maybe one day we will see a winning team but we are far far away from being that.

  • For what it's worth says:

    Willis is appearing in pro wrestling events?

  • BillnVA says:

    Who’s ready for next year????

  • Old Sports Dude says:

    Okay Old Sports Dude was right when he said three weeks ago that we suck. Everyone rained down on me for being tough enough to say it. Tonight we lose to North “freaking” Texas. They were 0-3 before we played them.

    Now let me make this clear I am not saying to fire KW. I a just saying at this time we are as bad as when Lynch was here. We should be 3-1 with this cupcake schedule. Many years Corso went 4-0 with this type of schedule before losing damn near all the Big Ten games.

    Not wanting any apologies out there just next time give a Dude a break when he makes a comment. I never state anything without great thought. I have been around the block a few times and seen this stuff before. The great Swami’s that decided to fire Mallory years ago started all this. We never have been the same since he left. He was a good man and coach.

    Well we can wait for October 15th and BB to start. Dude is out……..

  • iam4iufb says:

    In response to Dude, I 100% agree with your Mallory comment. We wouldn’t be in this mess if he had not been fired. However, I truly believe Coach Wilson is going to clean up this mess. He is a solid football coach. It will be painfull and it will take time but he is capable of getting this thing right. There is an old saying in coaching, “you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t” We have to upgrade our recruiting before things will improve.Simply put we need bigger, faster, stronger players.

  • BleedingRedd says:

    …catching breaks/opportunities is what your offense is designed to do, coach!! Is that correct? Is it an accident in catching those opportunities, or am I missing something? Quick-style offenses are suppose to do that! Dusty saw an opportunity and got the play off! He’s a smart kid! Be a smart coach! Give him a shot! He was a leader with high energy- entering the game in a tough situation and time! What took so long to get him in there?

  • Chet says:

    You guys have been around for the last couple years, right? You know, those years where we got worse every single week. When we went to play a really bad Virginia team and got hammered. When we stumbled into a bowl game during our slide into oblivion and got destroyed. Last year this would have ended 41-7.
    Put down the hand wringing towels. They didn’t let him bring the team from Oklahoma with him. It will be fine. It just won’t be fine right now.

  • Juan Blanco says:

    @ iam4iufb. You say it takes time. I must disagree there. It may take time to build a winning big 10 team, but we should have beaten all 4 of these non-con teams. I don’t care what anyone says, there is no way BSU and N. Texas are more talented than IU’s recruits.
    Steve Spurrier went 7-5 in his first year at South Carolina. Skip Holtz beat Clemson in a bowl game his first year at South Florida. So all this “it takes time to build a program” is BS. We should have beaten all 4 of these teams on coaching alone… Not on talent.

  • wes says:

    you are comparing IU football to S. Carolina and Clemson? what an idiot.

  • Chet says:

    South Carolina was loaded with quality SEC players when Spurrier took over. We are…not. BTW, LOU Holtz got run out of South Carolina. South Florida? You may not be aware of this but there are a lot of good football players in South Florida. Tommy Bowden got run out of Clemson.
    Ever hear of Frank Beamer? His first two years at Virginia Tech he went 2-9 and 3-8 and that was before VT started playing good teams. Shoot, his SIXTH year they only won 2 games. You wouldn’t want him either.
    How about Bear Bryant? His first year at Texas A&M they went 1-9. LOSER!
    More old school? How about Ara Parseghian? He managed to win 4 games his first year at Northwestern. The next year he went winless. 0-9!
    You can go on like this for days.
    Some guys can win fast but only then if they are given the reins to a team with talent. Sure, you can do it in the SEC or in Florida. They pave the streets with Division 1 talent in those places. In Indiana, if you’re expecting a quick turn around you’re a fool.

  • t says:

    Chet…I agree…by the way some talk about Mallory…he did have success for awhile….but toward the end (last couple years) he was losing too. It was like he improved the program…it reached its peak and stayed there for a few seasons and then sharply fell off to crash and burn state. I liked Mallory. He is a good man.

  • davis says:

    I agree with Old Dude and some others that we do, in fact, stink. That’s why I pulled the stats on our kicking game when Tsao wrote that it was one of IU’s best assets- not that Tsao was wrong, but that if a mediocre kicking game is an asset, then we are in deep doo-doo.

    When Chou En Lai was asked about the historical significance of the French Revolution, he is supposed to have replied “It is too soon to tell.” Same goes for Wilson. I sure hope there is a method to this madness, however.

    KW is starting a bunch of freshman. From this the rational bystander (if any you us have inside info, please share, but I sure don’t) can deduce that either A) Lynch’s last recruiting class was a lot better than his previous classes, or B) KW is cherry picking the best (as determined by raw talent/compatibility-with-the- system/coachability or some combination thereof) of the frosh for playing time so that they can be of maximum utility when KW recruits start to come in.

    Given that “A” seems highly unlikely, I opt for “B.” Why spend time teaching a system to crummy seniors who will be gone at the end of the year? But maybe the idea is that even if crummy frosh are learing it, they might get better as they learn the system and also help teach it to the new recruits.

    Must respectfully dissent from Old Sports Dude and iam4iufb about the termination of Mallory being the root of all evil. Mallory was fired twenty years ago. Even had Mallory been kept on and gotten back on track, would he still be coaching? If he had sustained what he did in the late ‘eighties, sure (he’s seventy-five years old now). But that is ONE HUGE “IF.” The problem was not firing Mallory, but the decisions afterward. Sam Wyche, anyone?

    P.S. If anyone needs a BM fix, check out “Bill Mallory Michigan State Lockerroom 1987” on You Tube.

  • dwayne says:

    Do you understand he is trying to use his system (which he used at Oklahoma) with Bill Lynch recruits. Oh and by the way, his recruits choose IU over Ball State and other teams of that caliber. Let KW get his recruits for his system.

  • Juan Blanco says:

    Wes, I’m far from an idiot. I’m just saying a first year coach can win. And that BSU, UVA, and UNT aren’t that much more talented than IU. There is no excuse for being 1-3 right now. Other than being out-coached.
    You are a typical Hoosier fan that says we can’t be compared to an SEC school. Why not? Are we not a member of the Big-10?

  • Bebob says:

    New coach, new system, weak talent; it will take time. Give him some room here. Mallory had our program at a respectable level and we haven’t been close since. Lynch may very well have won this and the BSU game, but we would have finished 4-8 at best this season and the next 10 years with him at the helm. I’ll stick with Wilson for now as I believe we may suck this season, suck a little less next season, then take off from there with winning records. Keep Lynch and we would win 40 games in a 10 year span. With Wilson we win 55-60 including the one or two we win this season. This is a major rebuilding effort. Wilson not only has to change the football culture at IU, he’s got to get the talent level up. Both will be more than a 1 season fix and both are achievable under Wilson. Much like we had to have patience with Crean to take a few years to fix his program, Wilson will need a few years. Yes I realize it isn’t exactly the same situation, but think about it, our football program has been down for decades, not a couple years. By year 3 of Wilson, if we lose to teams like this, I’ll be a little concerned, but not this season. And since we have sucked for so long, waiting a couple years shouldn’t be that difficult.

  • RSP says:

    Comment that Mallory firing was unjustified is just wrong. The 1996 season, Mallorys last year, was particularly putrid uninspired time in IU football. Offense was run right, run left, run center, punt. Attendance was way down. Fans went to the games with bags over their head and fire Mallory signs. Firing in context was no brainer.

  • Chet says:

    You guys do know that the UVA team that crushed us last year was a much, much worse team than the one we went toe to toe with this year, don’t you?

  • west coast hoosier says:

    Read between the lines. Something is seriously wromg.

    Belcher is mysteriously injured. Wilson too, etc.

    Gray quits the team. A guy who has been incredibly motivated suddenly isn’t?

    Personnel shuffling in and out.

    No energy. No effort.

    Something isn’t right. Not saying who is at fault – wouldn’t surprise me if Wilson needs to bring in his own recruits for maximum benefit, but one would think he would be able to motivate Lynch’s recruits too.

    Whatever it is, facts are staring at us. This was an effort loss, not a lack of skill.

  • Hoosierwynn says:

    Hey look at the bright side….we beat South Carolina State, who just beat Delaware State 69-0 yesterday ! See how I have justified being an IU football fan since our “glory” days of going toe to toe with #7 Tennessee in the 1988 Peach Bowl? I flew all the way to Indy from Arizona for the Ball State game….boy have things changed in SO many ways….But I just keep hoping and wishing….what else can a Hoosier football fan for over 30 years do ?

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    I’m disappointed, no doubt but I understand the renewal undertaken of IU football needs to be a complete restructure, from the quality of the players who wear the uniform, to the expectations and environment created by the coaches to the culture of the fans. I completely agree with Chet’s point; even the expectation that embarrassing moments like this would no longer happen and the Hoosiers would win based on the names in the parking spaces is evidence of the fact that as a “football nation” we are a pretty unsophisticated, ignorant bunch.

    The best we can do is watch, let the professionals do their work, support the process of change and continue to have pride in what we hope will- some day- be Hoosier football.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Davis,…we may very well be in deep doo-doo. For this season (though I choose to continue to have hopes for improving standards of performance).

    I do think that the kicking game is an important phase (about 20% of total). Not sure how I phrased it, but I was pretty pleased with the field goal kicking aspects of our “kicking game”, (still am, Ewald is a solid, consistent point/fg kicker); pretty ok with his kick offs. But I believe I did made some comments regarding one reason Ewald may have been losing a bit of distance.

    Even yesterday, Ewald did a very good job of ‘dragging’ the ball (I believe he was the player who recovered it) and of two good ‘chip shots’ that gave us a reasonable shot at recovering (one we could have). I am not sure whether the rest of the players know what to expect from the ball’s behavior. He obviously does and it may be a good idea for him to explain each of these ‘techniques’ and for the kickoff team to spend a bit of practice seeing them.

    Simply put, I did not know how to feel about our punting nor all of the other faces of “special team” play. I hope I did not give any other impression.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Gents, To correct a bit of trivia, the calamity at Va. was in “09” not last year.

    TTG is correct the onside kick being a success was a good showing for ST’s no matter who recovered the ball for IU as all 11 are responsible to achieve that result. Hagen is ST’s coordinator as he was for PUke. Their loss our gain. W or L Coach Wilson is visibly showing he will not tolerate any lack of effort(even if caused by injury) from anyone. So far the underclassmen are learning that fact faster than the vets. Good sign for the future. March on.

  • davis says:

    Tsao- thanks for the clarification. I agree that kicking is a huge part of the game and that Ewald has pretty good range for field goals. I confess that I didn’t see the onside kicks ’cause I couldn’t stand to watch anymore by the time it was 24-0 (and had more fun throwing the ball around in front of the house w/my little boy). My assessment of the kicking game as “mediocre” is based on the overall special teams, not just Ewald’s performance. That is, not just when we kickoff/punt, but also how the other team’s kicks are handled by IU. And we are losing the field position battle. Anyhow, we’re beating this subject to death; I think we each understand where the other is coming from (hate to end a sentence with a preposition but I have to relax some time).

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    You are soooo right. Enjoy your boy…they grow up way too quickly.


    When we started Future Managers we had this vision of adding ‘real’ value to people development throughout Southern Africa.

    For us this has always been a core value. In fact, if you look very closely, you will find embedded in our company logo the words “siyafunda siyakhula” – meaning “we are learning, we are growing”.
    It’s no good going to school, college, university or to a training course just to gain knowledge if that knowledge doesn’t help us grow or develop as a person. So many times we’ve asked ourselves the question; “are we really making the contribution to people development that we promised”?

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