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As always, it’s Thursday and that means the 11 a.m. live chat. Check it out for our answers to this week’s questions.

With Dustin in Raleigh last night, IU posted what coach Tom Crean referred to as “a monumental win” over N.C. State. Big-time stuff there. It was definitely a win that brought IU closer to vindicating the last few seasons.

The IU women, on the other hand, prepare to hit the road for their Big Ten/ACC Challenge, as they’ll take on Virginia, Jeremy writes.


Ryan Corazza of Inside the Hall gives his “Minute After” thoughts following IU’s big-time win over N.C. State last night. Also, check out ITH’s videos from last night of Crean, Watford, Hulls, and Zeller.

Don’t lie to me, you were a bit enamored with the Zellers’ half-and-half, Tyler and Cody, t-shirts last night. Sure, you weren’t as crazy about them as ESPN was, but are you surprised? Terry Hutchens of the IndyStar talks to Cody about his parents leaving early in his notebook today.

Zeller is starting The Movement early, according to Connor O’Gara of the IDS.

The News-Observer in Carolina takes a look at the other side of the coin, as the Wolfpack faltered late against Indiana.


As you probably know by now, the Big Ten absolutely dominated the ACC in this year’s edition of the Challenge.

Wisconsin still lost to North Carolina, but that was a bit expected. Minnesota didn’t need Trevor Mbakwe to beat Va. Tech. Michigan State said last night’s victory over Florida State was like “old times”. Even Penn State outlasted Boston College. It was a good day for the Big Ten that’s for sure.


John Brandon of Grantland.com says, well, that this week in college football doesn’t really matter much this year. And in some ways, considering the title game is all but done, I have to agree.


In honor of a big victory for IU basketball last night, I’d say a little bit of U2 is in order, especially considering the lack of nameless streets at the RBC Center last night.

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  • Mike says:

    Great win for the Hoosiers. Proud of how they hung in there, in a hostile environment, and stuck it out. Like a trip down memory lane to the way I remembered our hoosiers.

  • t-bone says:

    Anyone care to offer their updated predictions for the year? I am now thinking 20-11 is realistic.

    Here are the losses I foresee. I still believe we will not win a lot of road contests, because they are always tough regardeless:

    vs. UK
    vs. OSU
    @WISC (because we will never beat UW in either sport in my lifetime)
    vs. IOWA (because there has to be one home letdown this year and they have our number)
    vs. MSU

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