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A pretty thorough look at 10 things that have made a difference for Indiana to defy everyone’s expectations in 2011-12, Dustin wrote.

Felisha Legette-Jack is still IU’s coach as AD Fred Glass is evaluating her and the program right now, Jeremy wrote.


I joined Hoosier Sports Nite again this week to talk about IU’s postseason, Tom Crean’s snub for Coach of the Year, and where this Big Ten Tournament should take us. Check it out.

The Hoosiers won’t be changing their gameplan for March, as Crean says they’ll be playing like it’s February, Pete DiPrimio of the News-Sentinel writes.

Cody Zeller has been absolutely everything IU wanted and more in his first season in Bloomington, Andy Proffet of the TribStar writes.

Avi Zaleon of the IDS breaks down Indiana’s top five wins this season. Hint: Kentucky is No. 1.

Indiana, with its basketball pedigree, could be the heart of the Big Ten Tournament this season, Herb Gould of the Chicago Sun-Times writes.

The balance of teams in the Big Ten Tournament could make it a wild postseason, Jim Polzin of the Wisconsin State Journal writes.


Today, the face of Indianapolis Colts football will cease to be a Colt. It’s a tough decision for Jim Irsay, albeit the right one. But it better work out, Ashley Fox of ESPN.com writes.

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  • BeatPurdue says:

    How can you write about basketball without mentioning that Harvard could not make the NCAA Dance for the first time since 1946 WITHOUT Princeton carrying them over the “hump” by beating U-Penn 62-52?

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    A pretty thorough look at 10 things that have made a difference for Indiana to defy everyone’s expectations in 2011-12, Dustin wrote.

    C’Mon Man! Where’s the asterisk after that sentence? Where’s the love? I said 22 wins, victory over UK, 10-0 or 9-1 going into conference play, home win against OSU, NCAA berth, and even hit the 3 BIG road wins on the money!

    You gonna not lay the asterisk down for fallin’ just 2 games shy?

    Who else was even near 22 wins and hit all those other categories so precisely on November 14th? Let’s get it on! Stop beatin’ around the bush! Let the Harvard love come out! C’Mon, C’Mon, C’Mon MAN!

    Guest appearance on ScoopTalk? Need my agent’s cell number?

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Today, the face of Indianapolis Colts football will cease to be a Colt. It’s a tough decision for Jim Irsay, albeit the right one

    Not trying to be the contrarian, but I’m not sure why you needed to editorialize your comment on this without further elaboration. Couldn’t you just as well have left it as “it was a tough decision for Jim Irsay?”

    Personally, I don’t think it was the right decision. For exchange that #1 pick, it seems like the Colts could have grabbed a much better backup QB behind Manning, found a quality RB/WR, and other important pieces while still keeping Manning.

    There is no Lucas Oil without Manning. There’s no hosting of the Super Bowl without Manning. Two more years in a Colts uniform to keep the guy that revitalized the entire sports scene in Indy? Maybe it was best…Heck, I don’t know. Just seems this was a case of money and Irsay covering his financial butt.

    Tough watching a grown man cry no matter how many dollars he’s worth. Peyton clearly wanted to remain a Colt. Be like sending away Walter “Sweetness” Payton from the Chicago Bears. There are just men so identifiable with the success/restoration of a franchise and a city it almost seems sacrilegious to cut them. No amount of Luck replaces what Number 18 brought to Indy.

    Not trying to stir trouble..Just my opinion.

  • D.J. White says:

    The link for the Chicago Sun-Times article links to the IDS best wins article

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    And can Andrew Luck do this?

  • HT says:

    Inevitable as it may have been I was also saddened by the Manning release. What a good guy, and what a traumatic end.

    The hardest part about it is the fact that there was no slow decline, no gradual decrease in skill, no scandal or anything else that would make the separation easier or seem more justified. He literally went from peak form to Injured Reserve then Out the Door in the space of a year; for that reason, the situation really isn’t comparable to Joe Montana’s or Brett Favre’s or Jerry Rice’s.

    I hope Peyton is treated like Bruce Springsteen in Jersey every time he sets foot in the city until he dies, and that there is a statue of him downtown in the near future.

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