ScoopTalk: IU goes down swinging

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  • west coast hoosier says:

    Great season by you guys too. You also rose to the occasion!

    Thanks for great reporting.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Our two best defenders(Zeller and Oladipo) getting two fouls a piece before 10 minutes elapsed into the contest changed the entire complexion of the game. Cody is obviously our best line of defense in the paint and Victor is our defense against penetration(to go along with his ability to do the same on offense).

    Kentucky has athletes top-to-bottom and having one of their thoroughbreds in foul trouble did not have the same effect the many minutes the Hoosiers had to go without two very important components a line of defense against the drives to the basket.

    The huge free throw discrepancy was due to the ease Kentucky was getting to the basket. In addition to Cody and Victor having valuable minutes on the floor taken away to protect against 3rd fouls, their total effectiveness when on the court was still hampered while forced to play more conservatively in their offensive and defensive approaches to game. Cody and Victor combined for 47 minutes playing time(Cody-27, Victor-20). Kentucky was able to capitalize with the superior athletes during many those absences our best size and athleticism. Limiting the effectiveness of two players that have been key for the Hoosiers strong surge the latter part of the season put us behind the eight ball. And let’s not forget our best perimeter shooter and floor general, Jordy Hulls, had two fouls in the first five minutes of the game.

    Watford’s tremendous performance kept us close, but the uneasiness never left my gut that it not was going to be enough to get us over the hump. Hindsight always the best sight, but I wish Crean would have pulled Oladipo immediately from the floor after his third foul..In a matter of a few ticks off the clock he gets a cheap fourth one out of sheer frustration and as they say….”that was that.”

    Hell of a job keeping it close tonight. A great group of young men that proved so many doubters wrong this year. Very proud of the Hoosiers. We couldn’t have had a season more rewarding and entertaining. I’m just sad it had to end.

    Big thanks to Dustin, Ryan, and Zach Osterman for all their dedication and fairness in covering the Hoosiers.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    One last thing..Watford not NBA material? MY PATHETIC ASS!! An entire NBA team from Lexington couldn’t stop him.

  • Boomer says:

    I’m going to miss this team.

    27-9. Sweet Sixteen. Exciting basketball. Pride. Good students. Fine young men. Couldn’t ask for more.

    Thanks, Dustin and Ryan for your excellent coverage.

  • indianavelt says:

    The Hoosier basketball team is a class act as well as a great team. Congratulations to these men who played their hearts out and showed the nation that our program and our coaches are the greatest. Job well done. Looking forward to next season and the guys winning it all. Go Hoosiers!

  • HT says:

    Love the tone in the forum this morning. I think everyone really connected with this bunch. These are the teams you never forget. Something truly special.

    For what it’s worth I think the turning point in the game last night was Pritchard’s missed dunk. Would have given us a 6 point lead and some crazy momentum. Instead, it turned into a quick layup and momentum back to UK.

  • Hoosiser Bob says:

    You guys have gotten better over season!! Thanks so much for your videos and insight.

  • briansloanthemadscreener says:

    HT you mean the missed dunk and the foul that was’t called? Have to agree. It slipped away after that.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    These young ballers are to be admired. I think it was Elston in his 1st year saying that his class wanted to get IU back to prominence. They have succeeded in spades. But if I am going to tip my hat it has to be to Coach Crean for organizing a top staff, tireless, successful recruiting and outstanding teaching and coaching. NO regrets, NONE. COY!!

  • Larry says:

    Harvard had a good point about Pritchard’s missed dunk, I had forgotten about it. That was a changing point but mine was the moment Zeller got his 2nd foul within :15. IU is far more damaged with Zeller on the bench than KY was without Davis. I was only able to listen to Don & from what I could tell on radio Zeller was eating Davis up in those 1st few minutes & the minutes in the 2nd half.

    This team was not freaked by the mythical powers of KY whatsoever!!!!

    Fill that weak spot when Cody’s on the bench or even sharing some time together by the recruits coming in, this team is Final Four material next year!!!

  • Ben says:

    What a season. I’ll always remember this team. HOOSIER Basketball IS BACK!

  • Podunker says:

    Agree with HT and thought the exact same thing last night when it happened. I love and admire Pritchard for his dedication, his work ethic, his perseverance, his unselfishness and his incredible heart.

    Watching him miss that dunk was painful and I think it kind of took the wind out of IU’s sails for a while. But Pritchard will go on to be a successful man and IU basketball will go with more talented athletes. But the Hoosier Nation should never forget the contribution that Pritchard and his classmates made to IU basketball, or the way they represented IU. Everyone in the Hoosier Nation should hold Pritchard and his classmates in the highest regard and remember their contributions for helping IU BB climb back to the top of college basketball.

  • Rich Beckman says:

    Aside from winning the game, if there is one thing I would rather have differently it would be Pritchard making that dunk. He deserves that memory for all the work he has put in for IU.

    They may have lost the game, but I bet they made some recruiting a whole lot easier.

    This was a truly great team that I am sure we will all remember. IU basketball is out of the wilderness. The future is bright.

    Thanks to Dustin and Ryan and anyone else with a hand in this web site. It certainly has enhanced my IU basketball experience.

  • AWinAZ says:

    Thanks guys for the coverage and the forum for sharing our passion. It was an interesting year, watching a these fine young men grow together and become a team. Up until the Iowa game these guys often reverted to selfish basketball, especially when they got leads. But that game was a clear turning point. Watford really stepped it up & I give him the utmost credit for fueling this fine run at that point. He stopped being inconsistent, rebounded the ball and let things come to him to score. Too bad Jones went down, but it led to more exploitation of Olidipo’s speed and athleticism. I give Coach credit for that move. And we got to see more Remy Abell, a kid many of us saw all year long as being a needed player with minutes. He got those and played admirably even last night against college basketball’s best. Hulls continued to step up and hit big, big shots. And Cody was the anchor that made all other things work, because he has to be accounted for.

    Coach Crean & the staff, including Cheaney, should be proud of what they accomplished with this group. They made them a real team, and a team that just took off post-midway in the Big 10 season. They just got better which was great to see for a change. In fact it hadn’t been seen since 2002 to be exact. And it was missing in Knight’s final 5 years too. THAT was the joy in this team & the staff brought it out of them.

    I’m proud as I’ve ever been to be an IU fan. Even in AZ, people are commenting about how IU is better and feared now again & I’ve had numerous friends from around the country telling me that college Bball is a better place with IU in it.

    Let’s all be as great as fans as these guys are a program and not resort to the BS that comes from the other low-class, cheating programs around this sport. And let’s party like rock stars when we get this W back when UK forfeits it in a few years.

  • IUSue 84 says:

    I echo all the comments on the great coverage. My brother (a non grad but huge IU fan) love this site and your hard work is much appreciated.

    As for this team — they have nothing to be ashamed of — what a season is right. They are rejuvenated the Hoosier nation — they were exciting and dynamic to watch. What heart, dedication and talent. Next year will be even better.

    As for KY – so they beat us — they cannot erase December’s win. And they will all RUN to NBA — no loyalty to school, fans or program. We don’t want that — so good luck to them — hope Baylor takes it to them. As for Calipari — he’s a cheater. Even us Bulls fans are disgusted by D. Rose cheating — my issue is how does he get away with it (UMASS and Memphis) and continue to coach in NCAA. The rules need to coach directed as well as program.

    But back to our team — so proud of them and us as a school. We’ve got the right guy and a great group returning and “the movement” coming in next year. I smell banners a plenty in our future!

  • who? says:

    Great season and valiant effort last night. The Hoosiers are back and Coach Crean deserves a lot of credit for that. Big shout out to our seniors, thanks to our returners and welcome to the kids coming in. I’m wearing shades as I write this!!

    Thanks to you guys at the Scoop too. Your efforts are appreciated.

  • B-town 88 says:

    Some comments after re-watching first half, and watching some plays slow motion.
    Davis’s second foul was minimal compared to his “no-foul” a couple minutes before which could have had him on the bench with 2 fouls at the 17 min mark. Cody’s 2 first half fouls, which occured very quickly after Davis went to the bench, were pitiful Nothings but obvious “make-ups”. The trouble with the foul inequity started during the first 2 minutes. UK, especially Kidd-Girlcrist, went through screens with elbows/forearms first with more force than a Kentucky football player. He pushed Cody back 2 feet with one, but no call. When Victoror and Will protected themselves on a couple of screens, they were called for illegal screens.
    Pritchard’s missed dunk sure looked like a foul, with obvious body contact. Then at the other end, Roth gets pushed to the floor and Pritchard gets called for a foul that could easily have been a charge. A big Momentum swing.
    Cream and staff need to be commended for a great game strategy. We corralled most of the future NBA players with Kentucky uniforms, but the “surprise” opponents, and how UK capitalized, were just too much!
    Loved this team! Great season and look forward to many great years to come. Very proud of our Hoosiers, players and coaches.

  • coachv says:

    big ups to coach crean and his “mighty men”! thanks for a great season.

    thanks to dustin and ryan, too.

  • Davis25 says:

    Whats the deal with the guy in the back at the 4:15ish mark? Did you guys forget to feed him? lol

  • iuhoosier1992 says:

    I have a question. With the success that this team had this year, does anyone think that an assistant coach or two will be looked at for a head coaching job next year? I guess the bright side of one leaving would be that Calbert could officially be listed as an assistant coach and really get into the development of this team. Also, I think Watford will test the NBA waters. I can see him throw his name out there, but not hire an agent. If his name comes up as a lottery pick, he has to go. That is guaranteed money and you have to take it when you get that chance. However, I don’t think he will be listed as a potential lottery pick. There is some pretty good talent coming out this year just in the senior class that would drop him to late first early second. At that point, he needs to come back, elevate his game even more with help from Calbert, and move into the lottery that way.

  • Laffy says:

    I thought anywhere in the first round was guaranteed money, not just a lottery pick.

    I could see him testing the waters.

    If he comes back, I’m putting $100 down on us winning it all.

  • Geoff says:


    He is currently projected to not be drafted at all. And all of the services and lists I have looking at have been updated this month, if not this week…


    Are you guys on crazy pills or do only pay attn to IU basketball, maybe a little bit of the college landscape, and then pretend that pro ball doesnt exist?

    He is rated about the 15th best SF prospect and about the 25-30th best prospect in the jr class. Maybe the meth fumes from the KY fans trolling here have affected your brains.


  • Geoff says:

    Laffy you are correct. Anywhere in the first round is guaranteed money.

    The rules are much stricter now on testing the draft waters, so we’ll know pretty quickly what he plans on doing.

  • Larry says:

    I don’t believe Watford will test the waters. Considering what these guys have went thru & the last cog in this wheel put in place for next year to win it all, they have made a commitment to each other to stick it out!

  • Laffy says:

    In the past, didn’t they have like 3 months or so to “test the waters” and now it’s something like 3 weeks?

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