Some scrimmage observations

Sorry about the lateness here, as I held the blog on this until after writing stories for the paper.

A couple of things first, because I know I’ll be asked. The increased access we’ve had so far this spring from the still new regime has come with certain conditions. They’ve asked that we not keep stats for the scrimmages before the spring game, provide full lineups from those scrimmages or detail formations or play designs. Obviously, you’ll see plenty of all of that in the spring game and we’ll certainly detail more of that at that point.

But beyond that, some observations.

— Both quarterbacks have had their moments. I’ve seen a lot more zip on sophomore Tre Roberson’s passes this year and he had one particularly impressive rollout pass to rising junior Kofi Hughes that said the offense up for a touchdown run by tailback Stephen Houston early in the scrimmage. He also made an exceptionally well -placed throw to Ted Bolser on a deep slant in the back of the end zone, hitting the 6-6 tight end where only he could catch the pass. The Hoosiers are expecting to pass more, and Roberson seems mostly up to the challenge especially on intermediate routes. He’s much more precise with 10-15 yard outs and other crossing patterns now and the general arm strength is better. His deep ball is still a little bit shaky, though he did take advantage of a fallen-down Lawrence Barnett in pre-scrimmage drills to hit Cody Latimer with a deep bomb. Strangely, Roberson sometimes struggles with short passes and sometimes finds himself having his passes knocked down by oncoming rushers, but there’s evident progress in his overall passing game.

Cameron Coffman has been solid. He doesn’t throw the best deep ball either, but he too was taking advantage of open sideline throws and hit Jamonne Chester on a particularly well thrown fade route for a touchdown. Chester also made a great play on the ball, hauling it in with his left hand only.

— Stephen Houston is running with a lot of speed and toughness. Kevin Wilson never seems to want to give him too much credit, simply because there were too many occasions last year when he was concerned that the running backs in particular were letting success go to their heads, but as much as anyone this squad has had in recent years, Houston continues to run like a thoroughbred tailback.

— Kevin Wilson said last week that he was impressed with Isaiah Roundtree, a Morehead State transfer who redshirted last season, in the fall but has seen some inconsistency in the spring. See where he’s coming from there, but Roundtree has shown some exceptional speed, and even made an impressive block in blitz pickup on Saturday.

— Don’t expect him to find himself in the rotation, but just to give the hometown kid some press, South graduate David Blackwell had a 33-yard touchdown run in the scrimmage. Doesn’t have quite the speed or athleticism to beat out the likes of Houston, D’Angelo Roberts, Roundtree, Matt Perez when he returns from a back injury or Tevin Coleman when he joins the squad, but he’s still a tough kid.

— On defense, Larry Black Jr. and Adam Replogle both look impressive. Black was actually used as a defensive end one play and came off the edge to record a sack. (Which means he tagged the quarterback. No tackling of the guys wearing blue jerseys, especially because there’s only two of them). Replogle mauled a blocker to get to D’Angelo Roberts for a safety at one point as well.

— Several junior college defenders showed signs of talent. Middle linebacker David Cooper, reportedly the most talented of all of them, tweaked a hamstring earlier this week and was held out, but outside linebacker Jaccari Alexander showed a lot of athleticism, and defensive backs Tregg Waters and Ryan Thompson showed some speed in the secondary. Thompson laid a pretty significant hit at one point to breakup a pass to Shane Wynn.

— Mitch Ewald was booming 45-yard field goals but also missed three extra points. Which was somewhat bizarre.



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  • Landon Turner Overdrive says:

    Troubling to hear of Ewald’s struggles with the PATs — obviously the loss of wunderkind holder Teddy Schell has taken its toll.

  • Waitingforwins says:

    Dustin, thanks for the scrimmage synopsis. It’s difficult to know just how much we improved on either side of the ball since we’re scrimmaging against ourselves. A 1-11 team doesn’t ooze with a great deal high level performance from either unit.

    Still a long way to go before we can entertain thoughts of being competitive week in and week out. If Wilson can get us to four wins this year that would be a crowning achievement.

  • Jimmy says:

    Thanks for the update.

  • Andy Graham says:

    Just for the record on Ewald, he has never missed a PAT in college competition. He’s 63 of 63 since he began booting for IU. And he’s 29 of 35 on field goals (.829) You may be onto something regarding the one and only Teddy Schell, though.

  • Andy Graham says:

    And just for the record on David Blackwell, he never had a lost yard from scrimmage in all his carries at Bloomington High School South.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Impressive point about Blackwell’s HS career. Even if he falls short in the talent to the other RB’s the fact he never lost yds. shows he possesses the determination a coach like Wilson would covet. We can only hope all the JUCOs have that same mentality. Damn I like Spring practice.

  • t.burns says:

    i am excited about iu football. i like your thoughts waitingforwins. four wins would be good. remember fellow iu fans, this will take time. patience has to be expressed. recruiting is the key and i am a fan of coach wilson. go hoosiers!

  • BeatPurdue says:

    Andy, is there any chance that Blackwell could play a blocking fullback position, I forget his size?

  • t says:

    All told….translation….another dismal unsuccessful season….however success will come!

  • Hoosier Mom says:

    I know next to ( really ) nothing about college football but have become an online expert on the BBall team. It’s my daughter’s first year at IU and I can’t help noticing hat Tom Crean was “iffy” until he wasn’t! Now ESPN is predicting that IU is the #1 prospect to be national champions in 2013! I like Kevin Wilson. Let’s take a deep breath and give him a good fair chance!

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Coaching has an interesting interview with Coach Wilson after yesterdays practice.

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