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Transfer running back Isaiah Roundtree enjoyed a breakout performance in Indiana’s spring football game Saturday, Dustin wrote.

Not even the inclement weather could put a damper on what has been a positive spring for IU football, Andy wrote.

The relationship between players and fans is a special benefit for Indiana basketball, I wrote.

It’s back to the drawing board for the Indiana baseball team after Michigan State dominated Sunday’s doubleheader, Dustin wrote.

2013 IU commit Luke Fischer talked about winning a state title, his role on his high school team and the Hoosiers’ turnaround season with Justin Albers at Inside the Hall.

Hoosier cornerback Lawrence Barnett knows he and his teammates have to keep getting better, the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel’s Pete DiPrimio writes.

The IU coaching staff is showing interest in 2013 JUCO big man Jameel McKay, Jeff Rabjohns of peegs.com writes (subscription req’d).

Some Peter Jurkin highlights from the Jordan Brand Classic Regional game Saturday in Charlotte. The IU signee had 9 points and 5 rebounds.

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  • Aruss says:

    Jurkin reminds me of Dieng of Louisville.

  • Boomer says:

    Jurkin is just starting to grow into himself. He’ll be a contributer next season for sure and by his sophomore year he’ll be a force to reckon with. And he loves defense! Looking forward to watching him in the candy stripes.

  • Geoff says:

    Good news is he actually looks like a basketball player. He has good feet, agility, and timing. Also seems to have a little bit of attitude, which is crucial for rim defenders.

    I think he will be good, but I’m hoping he is a career back-up to Zeller and BeeJay Anya and/or Cliff Alexander…

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    There was nothing in the video that Bawa or Tijan couldn’t do. …Very, very, very raw. I really don’t understand the wasted scholarship when there is merely size with little basketball skill. He’ll get completely destroyed at the speed of the college game and will never have any type of impact. Even rebounding and shot-blocking have more to do with positioning and instincts than size.

    We need more shooters than toe-dribbling trees.

  • Geoff says:

    I know you like being a contrarion Harvard… it never looked to me like Tijan or Bawa could run and chew gum at the same time. They were big and athletic looking, but not super-coordinated. This guy seems to have some natural agility and timing. I’m pretty sure this guy has had more exposure to high level talent than either of the guys you mentioned did. I also believe he has improved gradually and had a very good year this year.

    Here are the number of toe-dribbling-trees we have committed in our next 3 classes: Perea, Jurkin, Fischer

    Here are the shooters/scorers: Hollowell, Davis, Hartman, Blackmon, and the numbers indicate that Yogi can shoot it a little bit too. My guess is that Patterson can put it in the bucket by the time he’s a soph.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    I like the skills of Jameel McKay(mentioned above in Jeremy’s Hoosier Morning).

    Frank Williams(featured working out with McKay) also looked like a baller.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Nothing to do with being the contrarion. I just don’t see the skills. Hope I’m wrong. We’re in a bit different phase in rebuilding than when we offered Tijan and Bawa.

    Though “Peter Jurkin forever” may actually end up more popular with Geoff’s biggest blogging fans than “Tijan forever.”

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Harvard, your comment made me curious and I watched the video. Jurkin could be a very, very good player…I was surprised by his size, strength and coordination. And agree with Geoff that he has an attitude about him.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Tijan also had attitude.

  • Chet says:

    Wasted scholarship? Like Vic and Will? At what point are you willing to give CTC credit for talent evaluation?

  • Just is... says:

    H f Hillbillies… I’ve bookmarked this page. So that I can provide a link back for you. You are wrong on Jurkin. He will never be Anthony Davis, but he will be a solid contributor. YOUR analysis is we need more shooters ?? This team was Top 10 in the country in offense… returns all 5 starters… adds more firepower in the recruiting class… and YOUR analysis is – we need more shooters ??? Defense is what this team lacked in order to be considered elite. Zeller could not be to aggressive defensively, in order to avoid foul calls. Now with HP and PJ providing additional help in the paint… I think we’ll see another leap forward in team development. Jurkin will be a positive contributor next year. Even if he only averages 2 pts, 2 rebs, 3+ fouls… this is an improvement because his athleticism is something we did not have when Zeller was not in. Jurkin and Perea will alter shots and gsme plans. When Zeller was out teams would drive to the hole without trepidation. Next year I would be shocked if that strategy was relentlessly employed throughout a game. There will be a lot more “pull up” jumpers because of the new additions on defense.

    The offense will be fine. The defense will be the difference between doing what we have done or going where we WANT to go !

  • Chet says:

    Got to agree. He appears very aggressive for a big man. Needs to learn not to follow through on those blocks but a 7’6″ wingspan.!!?? Holy Bobby Wilkerson!

    I think CTC has done it again.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Bobby Wilkerson? Come on, Chet. You can’t begin to mention Bobby Wilkerson’s name with Peter Jurkin. And I suppose Remy is the next Quinn Buckner?

    Just is-
    Nothing wrong with a good pull-up jumper..I hope some of our guys coming in can hit one. Other than Watford and Jones, we really didn’t have anyone that could hit the stop-on-the-dime jumper in transition. It’s a great weapon against bigs that park deep into the paint.

    When I said “shooters,” I was referring to the trees on our roster. Cody rarely even took his game outside of 8ft. from the basket. It’s a great asset to have big men that can have skills beyond the alleyoop ball and garbage put-backs.

    Anyway, it’s just an opinion on Jurkin. Doesn’t mean I’m right. The guys we’re bringing in from A-Hope just all look like very extended projects to me.

    Alan Henderson, Ray Tolbert, Landon Turner,..Ewe Blab…Jeffrey Newton…DeAndre Thomas. Hell, even a kid like Ben Allen..Whatever happened to getting bigs that could hit a jump shot, a turnaround, a hook, maybe play the baseline, and do more than throw down a wide-open dunk?

    All we ever see is dunk highlights..We never even had footage of Guy-Marc Michel. If these very undeveloped prospects could do more than dunk wouldn’t we see some evidence? I don’t consider having a nasty look on your face while blocking a couple weak layup attempts as evidence anything refuting a considerable lacking in b-ball skills.

  • Chet says:

    I’ve seen video of PJ hitting 12 foot jumpers.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    I don’t know HfH…Just Is and Chet raise good points. I am glad we are bringing in a player who seems to be made for defense and rebounding (though I do expect him to develop offensive some skills). Earlier, I had worried that so much of our discussions seem to gravitate around the offensive side of the ball. Take another look at our last NCAA tournament (yes-against The Stable) and think of what could have been had we had PJs around. They killed us driving to the basket. Even their guards made their game our of getting around ours without fear of dominant defensive cover.

    The more I see our development the more comfortable I feel about TCs obvious eye for talent and a strategy based on blending a team on player’s individual attributes into talents that weave a team concept.

    Thinking even deeper into PJ’s video, he’s also a lot faster and quicker than I would have expected. I do know that kids from Africa have a history of playing soccer on very uneven, rocky fields which translates into much better small muscle development of their feet and good, more natural footwork.

  • Chet says:

    DeAndre Thomas?

    Gonna go there?

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    By the way HofH, I remember interviews with Syracuse coach, John Boeheim who had lost his great center Fab Melo due to some eligibility administrative/academic issue immediately prior to the NCAA tournament.

    Boeheim was not too concerned with losing Melo’s offensive abilities and stated he thought the back up center could provide both. But Boeheim stated the loss of a defensive center like Melo was critical since Melo played a role similar to a ‘goal keeper’ around the basket and that, Boeheim acknowledged was forcing him to restructure his entire defensive scheme,the basis of Syracuse’s dominance.

    I expect Jurkin will have a similar role. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him and Zeller at the same time, allowing; not just relieving Z, but giving Z the freedom to be more aggressive defensively.

    (Next time I should argue why PJ will be a great 3-point shooter and ball handler).

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    From that short clip above even to the untrained eye of a kite flyer it is obvious PJ already has surpassed Pritchard in athleticism, agility, quickness, verticality, O and D ATTITUDE and in his Frosh year will be a bigger contributor by a wide margin.

  • Chet says:

    I took a few minutes to find recent videos of PJ and I just don’t see what’s not to like.

  • Guest says:

    One of the qualities possessed by PJ that is critical but seemingly unappreciated is his balance. He has, and always has had, very good balance. I don’t think there’s a quality more important for a big man at his age. It’s why I’ve always been high on him, even when he was too raw to play at a high level of competition.

    His second best quality is his hands. Ranked on a scale of 1-10, his hands don’t score as well as would his balance, but he’s good for his age. With work in a college strength and conditioning program, this will end up an important asset for PJ.

    Finally, he is very clearly beginning to grow into his body. As he does so, in combination with his balance, he is becoming more purposeful, fluid, and agile in his movement. Thankfully, as he has gained weight and muscle mass after his recovery, it has also become clear that his body will be able to carry considerable mass. That was an open question in my mind when IU first took his verbal.

    I liked the idea of signing PJ from the get-go: a big man with shot-blocking lane-controlling potential who could be developed for serious on-court time in his junior year.

    Then, I liked it a lot once Sheehey and Oladipo effectively pronounced the verdict on Crean’s ability to evaluate talent.

    Then, I began to be giddy once it became clear this year that Tom Crean’s program was improving players at a high rate and significantly developing their strength and conditioning.

    Now, I’m pleased as punch happily intoxicated on punch.. PJ has improved significantly since his recovery and his physical qualities promise even more strength, speed, and agility than they did pre-injury. He could very well provide meaningful back-up minutes as IU makes a title run THIS COMING year, WAY ahead of the schedule I had in mind. The long-term promise with him now is what he might bring on the offensive end, which is just delicious gravy. I like the form on his little jumper…the hands for post-feeds…the balance as a base to build post-moves…he could be a signature player as an upperclassman.

    Ultimately, that is what bringing in PJ is about, now: PJ and Perea in the longer-term…two good kids who are going to be absolute terrors to opposing teams when their later years come around. We just get the luxury now of a player that has a set of assets that just might come in handy on a title run, which demands being able to matchup in a variety of situations and ways.

    Even so, leaving aside the fact that both players are about the long- rather than near-term, the idea that PJ is in any way, shape, or form analogous to Tijan or Minuru in ability is ludicrous. He’s far more physically gifted than either and is already far more skilled. When they were alone on the court practicing with a manager, neither were capable of doing any but a small fraction of the things PJ is doing in the latest videos. In a game against actual living beings, regardless of competition level? I suspect both were far more likely to fall down than to complete the actual play.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Yes, Clarion..And your “kite flyer” eye was so, so correct about Watford. We all used it to guide our ship of opinions as he clearly became the player you always had the vision to recognize. Funny how you became so shortsighted and bummed-out on his skills but yet you are Benjamin Franklin discovering the properties of electricity unleashed as you look at a one minute clip of Peter “Pan” Jurkin flying in the heavens your vainglorious Hoosier heart.

    Guest- That was a beautiful post. It was definitely a “Movement” worth admiring. For a moment there I thought you were describing yourself standing butt-naked in front of a mirror…You used more butter on Peter Jurkin than Paula Deen slathers on her morning muffins. Suddenly every act of gluttony a beer-drinkers gut and all wrinkles married to bulges freely popping and plopping about without the camouflage strategically worn clothing are glamorous assets the “good hands” it took to shove down six-packs and Kentucky Fried Chicken biscuits. I like it…I like it. You buttered him up real good.

    PJ? That’s not a proper nickname. It sounds like a pajama party for b-ball pansies or a sandwich for lightweights consisting of spongy fauxbread and peanut spread squashed together with artificially colored sugary jam better known as jelly. Do not call Peter Jurkin by such a wimpy name. That wasn’t “PJ” you were watching throw down a couple garbage dunks..He is soon to be a master surgeon as he cuts through the fat of a defense with more precision than the hose your liposuction doctor….

    PJ my ass! Do a 360 spin and give a look at the better side your beauty. Do a complete ant thorough evaluation. Find some more home movies like Chet of one bucket made beyond the reach of a stretched-out arm. That was the Baryshnikov of the Sudan …That was Dr. J(a.k.a Dr. Jurkinov) meets MJ in his Space Jam flannels…More balance than Pistol Peter and more hoops potential than all the bullsh*t gravy it takes to fill a Clarion cutter.

    We went to the Sweet 16, guys. That doesn’t necessarily mean every raw recruit from Africa that Tom Crean wishes to force-feed Christianity with a side of hoops is a plateful of Shabazz Muhammad at the Last Supper.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    oops..Do a complete and thorough evaluation.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    The context of your posts like #21 are silly, boring and I waste no time on them. Posts like #13 are opinionated, reasonable and good for discussion, consider which carries the most weight.

  • Cloudy With Sunbreaks says:

    ^Nothing like Clarion to deflate your baloon, eh?

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Yes, very true.

    And a pie formed in simple plate, made by the masterful hand a naturally skilled cook, may taste far better than one claiming unique splendor by mere fact baked in gimmicky facade, a plug-in skillet cast of iron, for all the kudos its weight.

    There is more to making a good basketball player than a YouTube dunk and the weighty words a mighty blogger..More to making a delightful pie than the apparatus housing a crust to fill with a can of cherries.

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