Calipari explains his scheduling strategy

Kentucky coach John Calipari posted on his blog explaining his scheduling philosophy, which obviously puts in perspective the reason the Indiana-Kentucky series ended.

Have at it.

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  • Old Sports Dude says:

    What a bunch of horse manure! Did you know when he was at Memphis he wanted to play Gonzaga at neutral sites also. He said they would play at FedEX arena in Memphis for their neutral site. Thing is not only is it in Memphis but….it is where they played all their games as they did not have on campus arena.

    The guy is a snake! The comments on that link form the UK people make me sick. One called him a genius. ? He is a slime ball coach and I cannot wait till you go on probation.

  • Hammer says:

    Sounds to me like a WHA, WHA — I wouldn’t schedule them again if they are that worried about losing players and not possibly being prepared to play strong teams due to kids leaving? If everyone took that attitude there wouldn’t be any schedules! LOL

  • who? says:

    What arrogance! I think Glass and Crean showed him he does not call the shots for IU. I hope everyone on his nonconference schedule refuses to play his games. Figurative and literal. UK is not the only team that matters and the world does not revolve around Coach Cal and the Wildcats.

  • Laffy says:


    “I’m not scared. No, really, I’m not. If I repeat it 20 times, hopefully you’ll believe me.”

    “Don’t listen to other fans/people. Be a good sheep and just parrot whatever I spoon-feed you. None of you are smart enough to think for yourselves.”

  • TuShay says:

    Calipari is a putz, plain and simple. Snake oil salesman.

  • pUKe is the worst! says:

    Calapari is a stupid slime machine who puts a pound of grease in his hair everyday.

  • Hoocares says:

    He’s just plain CHICKEN! He’s scared that Indiana will go into Rupp and ruin their home winning streak. He’s not worried about his players. He’s worried about his bonuses if he loses.

  • arrbee says:

    UK doesn’t want to play ON CAMPUS because, UK has a home winning streak that would end next year if IU played at Rupp (if the current schedule were to remain in tact). IU was right, of course, to either say “on campus, or no series”. UK made the decision, not us!

  • Sam says:

    Non-traditional = cowardice. This will blow up in their face. Write it down.

  • Sam says:

    Patches O’Calapari: “If you’re going to become true wildcats, then you’ve got to learn the five d’s of wildcat basketball: dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge!

  • real iu fan says:

    Not one word about the student – athlete, just the athlete. Only at UK would the administration allow it and fans support it.

  • KevinK says:

    Yep. Non-traditional program. We are all rooting and running college basketball teams.

    uk? Not so much. Good riddance. Hope the rest (ie UNC, etc) see this slimy bunch and their sleazy motives and refuse to play along too.

    BIG Blue???? More like big joke. Good riddance.

  • RHF says:

    So whack………………………..

  • spwleo says:

    what a tool, he basically is taking away any chance of his teams “losing” at home or on the road. He wants’ to “shelter” his teams. He complains about having to deal with things no other teams deal with…He CREATED that whole mess…let’s just see if this banner stays up..the other two he “won” came down…what a joke for college up and play some real teams at home and on the road..the NCAA basketball program does not revolve around you or Kentucky

  • Docdave says:

    That was pretty laughable. The best part was definitely the comments afterwards. I really liked the “turn the football stadium into a dome” comment. This guy and these people think they are the only team to win a national championship ever. I really could care less about the University of Kentucky. Now, I really won’t care about them.

  • pUKe is the worst! says:

    To be a Kentucky fan you have to know 3 words. One-and-done. What if Nerlens Noel broke his leg? They would be an even bigger JOKE! There’s 1 word to describe Kentucky JOKE!

  • JohnFromBeyond says:

    “If we see an opportunity to generate more revenue for our program, we have to take it into consideration”. That’s pretty much the only truthful part. They have to come up with funding for their semi pro team. Er, I mean college team.

    So he thinks playing in football stadiums is necessary to prepare for the NCAA tournament?!? I’ve never heard a team complain about losing in the tournament because they just didn’t have enough football stadium experience.

    And these blind pUKe fans think that it’s great because he gets the wins. Well people, winning isn’t everything. I’d rather go to more home games on campus and maintain all that tradition rather than convert the college bball experience into a semi pro traveling team.

  • southport65 says:

    Bob Knight was right this guy has no business coaching NCAA teams. He is a cheater and only tells half truths to make himself look good at any cost. He is a coaching cancer that needs to leave or get kicked out of college basketball! The sooner the better!

  • BobIU81 says:

    How long can you continue to be a “non-traditional program” before the NCAA Graduation Rate becomes a problem. Does anyone know the ansewer to that question?

  • Mike B says:

    A sound business decision. But it has no heart and rings hollow.

  • Aruss says:

    I’m dumber for having read that. Non-traditional, player first programs…yikes. UK fans watching Cal’s teams must feel like a guy who visits a prostitute, she’ll get the job done but you both feel empty afterward.

    I’d be fine if we never played them again.

  • pUKe is the worst! says:

    The NCAA needs to make rules that penalize a team for having so many one and dones. These guys are STUDENT athletes. pUKe is not even a legit university because none of their basketball players graduate!

  • Scholar not says:

    So how do the non-traditional schools handle the graduation rate imposed by the NCAA? Isnt there a scholarship reduction based on student athletes ( Im using that term loosely here ) not finishing their academic commitment?

  • theo says:

    Where did we win for the run in 2002? Rupp was away from home we beat Duke in kentucky. I just think it is wrong to have lost one of the major games in NCAA history they have been playing since 1969 that is a long time. But i guess money hungry college wants to take it off site. So i guess we have to meet them in Atlanta?

  • kenny saddler says:

    chicken in kentucky,and i don,t mean col. sanders fried either. chicken , coward what a scum bag. kentucky with your one and done,s you were not going to beat indiana over the years to come any way.

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