Indiana, Kentucky will not play this season

Indiana has just put out a release saying that it will not continue its series with Kentucky this season. The release follows. More to come.

Indiana University Vice President and Director of Athletics Fred Glass has announced that Indiana University will not sign a new contract to play the University of Kentucky in men’s basketball next season in light of their insistence that the matchup be moved to off-campus sites.

“While we understand that such neutral site games could be quite lucrative, we think the series should be continued as it is, home and home,” said Glass.  “Playing on campus enables our students to attend these marquee games which we believe is a great component of the overall college experience.  Playing in the historic venues that are Assembly Hall and Rupp Arena is also a tremendous experience for our student-athletes.”

The latest two-game, home and home contract between the schools expired following the Wildcats visit in December to Bloomington. Subsequently, Kentucky has conditioned the continuation of the series on moving the games to Louisville and/or Indianapolis.

“In the final analysis, we want our student-athletes, our overall student body and our season ticket holders to enjoy this series at Assembly Hall,” said Glass.  “We would be open to reviving the series in the future on a home and home basis.”

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  • DD says:

    Well, at least we went out on a high note, yeah?

  • Laffy says:

    Hillbillies = cowards

  • Aruss says:


  • UK 2012 Nat' Champs says:

    High note? You guys lost by 12 in the elite eight, hahaha! C-A-T-S, Cats-Cats-Cats! If your fans weren’t such douchebags, maybe a home and home contract would work. Who am I kidding, I’d take Kansas, UNC and Louisville over over Indiana any day. Indiana’s flame has fizzled out. Learn how to handle your alcohol first.

  • IU06' says:

    “High note? You guys lost by 12 in the elite eight, hahaha! C-A-T-S, Cats-Cats-Cats! If your fans weren’t such douchebags, maybe a home and home contract would work. Who am I kidding, I’d take Kansas, UNC and Louisville over over Indiana any day. Indiana’s flame has fizzled out. Learn how to handle your alcohol first.”

    Learn how to handle your inbred problem….

  • Chet says:

    I’m glad Fred Glass took the high road and didn’t sell out. All Kaintuck ever does is sell out. I’m not surprised. Good riddance. No matter how much they whine the fact is the series ended with us on top.

    Kaintuck is a bait and tackle shop. They should schedule Bass Pro.

  • Dennis1IU says:

    uk 2012, you can take UNC, Kansas etc. Cals going for his 3rd vacated final four, as he skips to the NBA for SSSS.

  • UK 2012 Nat' Champs says:

    Hahaha, put the 101 comebacks book down! Inbred problem…pathedic! You guys are so used to losing that your self esteem won’t even allow you to produce a good comeback. I just feel sorry for you guys now.

  • Chet says:

    The story is all thoroughbreds can be traced back to 3 Arabian horses.

    All Kentuckians can be traced back to a French fur trapper and his dog.

  • Chet says:



  • Gene says:

    I guess all we can look forward to now with kensucky is when they vacate all their wins and take down their banners…(just going off the past, that’s all)…

  • Gene says:

    Kensucky will make history.. as the first team to have 2,000 wins twice!! It’s a shame we even tried working with them..

  • Chet says:

    I believe in Kaintuck they spell that ‘bayunur’. You know, like ‘pathedic’.

  • Double Down says:

    UK, I see why you’d feel this way. Spelling and atrocious grammer aside — which feeds the stereotype of the UK fan as an illiterate chimp playing with blocks in Darwin’s Waiting Room — I can see why Kentucky wouldn’t want to continue the series with IU.

    IU has had some awfully mediocre seasons at best and bottom of the barrel seasons at worst in the last 15 years. But now that we are back, UK is damned if they do, damned if they don’t. There wasn’t a single person outside of your borders that was routing for your team of mercenaries to win in Bloomington or in Atlanta this year. Rest assured, we’ve still got our sites set on you and hope to meet again in the tourney with a much stronger team than this past year. It must sting knowing the rest of the country feels this way, too.

  • Dan says:

    Two possums were shouting to each other on opposite sides of the Ohio River when they both stepped in steel traps. “Oh no what do I do?” shouted the Kentucky possum.

    “I don’t know about you, but I’m not waiting to be killed by the hunter, I’m going to chew my leg off and live on with just the other three.” replied the Indiana possum.

    “Are you nuts? I’m not going to chew off my leg”

    “Suit yourself.” Three days later, the Indiana possum returned on his three good legs to see if the other possum escaped. “Are you still there?”

    “Yes, and your advice was worthless!”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “I chewed off THREE legs and I’m still trapped!!!!”

  • Laffy says:

    An in-bred from Kaintuck telling others they need to learn how to handle their booze?

    Now I’ve seen everything.

    So, how is your fellow hillbilly doing after having his foot amputated because his moonshine-plastered brother, who is married to his sister, shot him while celebrating?

  • A Non-Idiotic Fan on either Sides says:

    Hey now. Is name calling really appropriate? I’m a true blue Kentucky Wildcat fan but I’m not gonna sit here and put people down and say oh Indiana is scared, oh this and that. There isn’t any point in that. And as for the ones putting Kentucky down, What’s your problem? Just because some fans act like idiots doesn’t mean that we all do, get over yourself. I’m actually saddened by not seeing the games played. I always enjoy seeing these two teams play each other. And now that indiana doesn’t look half bad the series is being cancelled because they don’t want to play at a neutral site? Is it that big of a deal? I mean it would keep it fair on both sides. Equal amount of tickets could be sold for both teams so therefore the same amount of fans. At an ideal location, not too far of a distance for either teams. And both teams would get experience for the tournament by playing at a site that they aren’t used to. What’s the big deal here? Yea yea yea, tradition. But is it to late to start a new one? I guess what I say doesn’t change the matter of things but I’m going to miss it personally. If y’all don’t then you really have issues.

  • Dan says:

    Actually the best part of that joke was that I shared it with a friend from Kentucky and he loved it but felt bad that he couldn’t tell it to any of his other friends without shaming his own state… Think about that one for a second (UK fans, lemme know if you need it explained)

    That he did this in front of a group of fellow Hoosiers made for a priceless moment!

  • JobW says:

    As a Kentucky fan, I think this is very unfortunate.

    I mean, it’s been 10 years since IU was competitive. I was looking forward to some decent games in the future.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    UK2012…your insistence that the games be held in “neutral” sites off-the-campus is based on the need by Kentucky alumni to run the gambling, recruiting and drug money laundering through large city banks to make the dirty money less evident to the DEA, the FBI and the IRS.

  • HaHaHaHa says:

    IU had one lucky shot in one lucky game on a day that mighty UK was off. Now you think you are one of the best? HA! How many games have you won? How many titles? When is the last time you even made it to the Final Four? Sheesh. If all you have are some first grade insults then I feel sorry for you. You know it, I know it, the country knows it. IU is a has-been, wanna-be.

  • Aruss says:

    Dustin Dopirak – Can you change the Scoop poll asking who we want to replace UK on the schedule with? I’d like to vote for either Kansas or L’ville.

  • Phirebird says:

    What could possibly be more fair than home and home? You get your home court advantage and we get ours. There are only two good reasons for Kentucky to want to move to neutral sites. Fear and Greed. Fear that IU will end their home winning streak and greed that drives them to want to play in a larger arena

  • DLP says:

    Thank You Fred Glass for standing up to corporate media and the big business interests of the Kentucky Professional Basketball Farm Team. You probably passed up an additional two to three hundred thousand dollars of revenue but you did what was right for IU students and the Bloomington community. Hmmmm, I just wonder how you’re going to fill in that scheduling gap? Maybe we’ll have a closer drive when it becomes a Assembly Hall / Freedom Hall rivalry!

  • GMC says:

    What do you get when you have 32 Kentucky folks in the same room??

    A full set of teeth!!

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