Interesting Stuff: USA Today’s database for college athletics revenues and expenditures

USA Today just published it’s database on college sports finances, detailing revenues and expenditures and subsidies for fiscal year 2011. The schools detailed, are of course public schools and the ones subject to public records requests. You can view it here.

Indiana made $71,017,355 in revenue. Spent $69,314,511 and therefore was well in the black. Got a total of $2,686,769 in subsidies, which is either student fees, direct or indirect revenue. I’m not exactly sure where that subsidy money comes from or what it was for, but only 19 schools in Division I were subsidized at a lower percentage than Indiana.

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  • Lord of the Alfalfa Sprouts says:

    Other interesting stuff: Husky Tom officially ranked at Jimmy John’s. Now that’s what I call recognition.

  • SGHoosier says:

    Wow. I didnt realise how much bigger college football was to basketball considering all the big earners are mainly football schools with the few exceptions like Kentucky.

  • Chet says:

    Kentucky is getting their money from football, too. People turn out to see their opponents in the SEC.

  • Chet says:

    That list made me appreciate the value of the Big Ten Network. Virginia Tech’s Lane Stadium is, by far, the best football venue I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot of them including all the SEC and Big Ten schools, yet IU is still ahead of the Hokies in total revenue. The BTN is a license to print money.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Chet, Never been to Lane but have heard a little about it. Please expand on its positives and is it a model IU has similarities with and could emulate even more in the future. Pre-Beamer their FB program was much like ours and we should study their evolution.


  • BeatPurdue says:

    Indiana has no-$zero dollars- in either State fees or student fees. So see what the Athletic Department can tell us about “indirect and direct fees”.

  • Podunker says:

    Just think what IU could do if people filled Memorial Stadium for football games and the women’s BB team becomes competitive! Given the past five years, this is encouraging news of all Hoosiers.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Money doesn’t make for tradition and IU would have zero if it weren’t for those 5 banners hanging in Assembly.

    The state of Indiana would have zero national recognition in athletics(outside of some Olympic gold medals in Swimming from a guy named Spitz about 45 years ago)without the long storied tradition of their once incomparable, all-inclusive, high school basketball tournament. Michigan is a Micheal Moore flick about rusty auto plants and dying industries. Indiana is “Hoosiers”. It’s Oscar Robertson, Larry Bird, Bobby Knight, Damon Bailey, Virgil Sweet, Steve Alford, Steve Downing(Walton remembers the name), Wooden and Plump…It’s Muncie South and Connersville and Gary Roosevelt and Seymour and Lafayette Jeff and Plymouth and stories upon stories of heroics the young men forever becoming legends on hoops stages burned onto the memory cells their jaw-dropping displays of basketball skill in old pressure-packed stuffy gyms in all but forgotten towns without their mastery a round ball they’ve tamed to effortlessly rip nets to the delight of a crowd craving the food of a game Indianans addicted.

    B-ball put us in Hollywood lights far brighter any Friday night punt illuminated in the dark sky the main yardage-gaining play a Hoosier football team. The love for hoops this land filtered into the colleges. It filtered in decades before Knight came to Bloomington and was always a fertile crop primed for picking a knowledgeable coach that could build success around the oodles of pure basketball genes that flourished from New Castle cornfields to Gary playgrounds our Indiana womb. Despite the foolish abandonment of our one class high school system that allowed nearly 400 schools to battle for one ultimate state prize championship..despite taking all the unique flavor out of the ‘Madness’ that filled every high school gym in every corner our state during the first Tuesday, the first round of every sectional, the love of basketball across this land endures and survives.

    Bloomington would be a soulless limestone graveyard without the veins of hoops that found her tucked lonely in wanting a lost southern town. It is tradition in hoops that enabled the campus to remain prominent. It is the tradition in hoops that gives the place the extra injection of energy that separates it from just another college hippy town where the only draw would be pot-smoking professors still lingering about the streets from the days of Woodstock and Volkswagon psychedelic flower-child vans.

    Indiana is basketball. It is why Tom Crean could resurrect the program from the ashes. It is not Tom Crean that brought basketball back to Indiana. He helped infuse the process, but basketball will forever be in the blood this state long after Tom Crean builds his shrine upon the Village of Banners. Basketball never left Indiana. It was the NCAA and a bitter man named Myles Brand that attempted to build a wall around Bloomington to impede its natural filtration. This pimple of a Midwestern state still turns out a level of talent in hoops that is the envy of all mishmash lands of diluted interest in sports that have no true identity, a true love of the most perfect of all games as basketball in Indiana. Rival programs from surrounding states continually attempt to find their game-changers and difference-makers on their roster with Indiana’s top talent.

    I could care less if they bulldozed down Memorial and used the acreage to build the New Bloomington Church of The Tom Crean Nazarenes. Balance sheets didn’t Indiana on the map. Five Rose Bowls would be nothing but a loveless marriage in temporary wealth. Build your big house with no love if you so choose, it’s basketball that forever makes us the envy other states that can’t emulate the natural fit, a heart mended the sound of echoes a round leather ball thumping on planks of maple, and the piercing squeaks from starts and stops the rubber cutting hard to the basket, the old tread our tales and traditions, worn in song the memories our first pair of Converse shoes.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    oops..Balance sheets didn’t put Indiana on the map.

  • Harvard,
    That’s really beautiful stuff, but pragmatically, IU still has to pay for 22 other sports outside of football and basketball. Football attendance would help.
    Beat Purdue,
    Already have a call in to Fred Glass on that. If you hit the plus sign on the chart next to each school’s name you get a more distinct breakdown of the situation and it says that IU has taken between $1.5 and $2.6 million per year the last five years in what is called school funds. It’s sort of a drop in the bucket on the total budget, so it’s way more self-sustaining than it isn’t, but it’s still interesting to know what that money is and what it pays for.
    Also truly fascinating is this. Since 2006, which I guess was the last time Indiana actually took student fees, they have taken in zero dollars in student fees in 2011, 2008 and 2007. However, in 2010 and 2009, Indiana took in $23 and $15 respectively in student fees.
    Read that again. Not $23,000 and $15,000. Not even $230 and $150. That’s $23 and $15. If I did my math right (and my calculator used the “e” sign, and I’ve sort of forgotten how all of that works) that means every student would be paying eight one hundreths of one cent.
    I can’t wait for the explanation on that one.

  • Chet says:

    Regarding Lane Stadium, well, to start with, it’s a physically nice structure. All the seats are good (it’s actually shaped much the same as our own place). Plentiful, clean concessions and restrooms. Interesting food (turkey legs!). Television monitors abound so you don’t miss the action if you leave the seats. Press boxes and suites are large and plentiful.

    But the experience…although they had little history prior to Frank Beamer the traditions are impressive and EVERYONE seems to know them.

    Defensively, third downs are called ‘key plays’ and everyone in the stadium pulls out their keys and shakes them while still screaming their lungs out.

    When the cheerleaders do the ‘Hokie Pokie’ everyone is involved.


    There are a bunch of those kind of things.

    The place is packed, always. I saw them play Northeastern a few years ago and ,though the game was a blowout, no one left before the game was over. It just isn’t done.

    Nobody sits on their hands, be it 7-7 or 40-0, ever.

    Some of what they have can be done with brick and mortar. The stuff that happens in the stands is where the real magic takes place.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Let them play the 22 “other” sports…Bloomington is a washed up hippy town without IU Basketball. It’s the entire reason Seth Davis, Chris Korman, Hugh Kellenberger, and Ryan Kartje…and Dustin Dopirak(?) despise us and envy us. It’s why Bobby Knight remains bitter. They can’t understand the passion and long for it in their own hearts. End of story.

  • Chet says:

    …there’s a rumor they actually teach classes in those big limestone buildings…

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Yeah, and we would all be talking about Astronomy and Anatomy without the resurgence of IU hoops. This blog would be a wasteland without IU hoops. The Herald Times would employ three people without IU hoops. Dustin would have never boarded a train from his Amish Pennsylvania farm to Bloomington without IU hoops. Tsao couldn’t come on here and slobber 10,000 pages over six months time about international soccer and a farce a football program without IU hoops. I wouldn’t get to listen to those wonderful stories of Chet’s dog and his trips to Maine. Husky Tom wouldn’t be on here to make us all envy his wonderful European vacations and the fine Italian sausages he buys from Salumi Meats in Seattle without IU hoops. Laffy would have assassinated Sarah Palin without being able to vent his anger at all all empty-headed Republicans without the wearing an IU hoops robe to justify all the spewing his hating of Jesus freaks and homophobes…..all because of IU hoops. Tuition at Indiana would be 50% less the heavy financial burden imposed on students without IU hoops. The Law and Medical Schools would lose their luster and there wouldn’t be near the student numbers on the campus to subsidize their existence without IU hoops.

    Where would we all be without IU hoops to justify our brilliance and worldliness? Get a life and get real. We are nothing without those 5 banners you take so nonchalantly. Journalists mock what they so long to have. “Tijan Forever” is the manifestation their shallow ridicule when we we were temporarily down; exemplifying their petty envy of the mystery and the passion that never dies for basketball at Indiana. They’ve burned it to the ground and mocked it but yet they can’t convince young men our basketball rich state to turn away from Bloomington.

    Kill basketball at IU and you’ll see how far they’ll flock to learn from our limestone halls.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    You want to see how much they talk about the “other” sports…Go take a visit to the IDS Hoosier Hype site. Go see how active there comments after doing away with their Basketblog site. They made the move to give all “other” sports an equal representation..The place is more barren in red than Mars. Tsao should go over there and talk of Lord Wilson, baseball, track, water polo, and Shuffleboard. Shouldn’t brilliance be able to build an audience? Go over to Hoosier Hype and see if a fat tongue of bullsh*t can turn Limestone into fairy dust that finds a willing ear. Good luck with that. Without IU hoops there is no chat to build your mountain of rat-a-tat-tat.

  • Chet says:

    Harvard, the problem is…you just don’t care enough.

    Lest we forget, the Dallas Mavericks would never have won an NBA title without the Kelley School of Business (i.e. Mark Cuban).

  • Harvard,
    Yeah, pretty sure no one at all is suggesting getting rid of Indiana basketball, and no one’s suggesting IU basketball is not the most important thing in the program. All anyone is suggesting is that it’s impressive that Indiana can raise so much revenue and stay in the black despite not drawing much in the way of football revenue when its empirically obvious that as a general rule across Division I-A, football generates far more revenue than basketball. The insinuation is that if football reached a level of respectable success and filled Memorial Stadium on a weekly basis, the budget would be in better shape than it is, and considering that it’s expensive to maintain 22 sports, that would help the budget.
    Also, “Tijan Forever” doesn’t mean what you think it means, and I neither despise nor envy Indiana fans, but you knew that already.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Go see how active their comment sections after doing away with the Basketblog site(the traditional site that used to be similar to Hoosier Scoop in its design and format).

    And how many smaller successful blogs(e.g. Inside the Hall, Chronic Hoosier) have spun off because of IU Basketball? See how long they exist if they attempt to cover the “other” sports one iota. We all know how far their self-proclaimed journalism careers would go without IU Basketball. Osterman gave it a whirl. He found out how much attention his fabulous writing received when not featured on a popular IU Basketball blog. Kartje will learn the same. Nobody cares..Why in the hell do you think his ego needed fed so much and he had to come onto Hoosier Scoop as a guest to steal time from Kartje? Nobody cared to follow him to the “other” sites. It’s IU Basketball that provides their stage. Hoosier Scoop is the best site providing entrance onto the stage.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    I can’t stand Cuban. He’s a complete diptwad.

  • pUKe is the worst! says:

    Everybody knows that Indiana is a basketball state and IU is the elite basketball program in the state. We need a bigger budget for football, then we can actually hire a real coach who knows how to recruit guys who don’t decommit (Gunner Kiel) and has a .500 season. How awesome would it be to have a .500 season regularly in football!

  • pUKe is the worst! says:

    Pardon the grammar

  • Chet says:

    On my dog’s trip to Maine…

    I made it as far south as Yarmouth/Freeport where I sat on the wharf and ate two (two I tell you) lobsters at sunset. May God have mercy on their souls.

    The next morning the rains started again so I drove in the opposite direction to get behind the weather front. Sorry I missed Portland. Thanks for the invite. Maybe next time.

    We landed in Saratoga Springs, NY, this time and my horse naturally won (Carly Simon, get it? Never mind…). Very cool place but a little expensive for this Hoosier boy. Downtown is like Kirkwood Street if it went on for 8 blocks in every direction. There are literally a dozen eateries within a block of our hotel and another dozen taverns. Plenty of other ways to spend money, as well. Zero tattoo parlors.

    There is a horse track and other stuff for the obscenely rich but even I can afford a cup of coffee and a sandwich with bizarre condiments (Cranberries? Really?).

    They really do have springs here. Every few blocks you’ll see a little pavilion with a free flowing spring. Neat.

    I had high hopes that some billionaire would meet Smokey and want to make him a star but no dice so far. I really can’t figure that one out.

  • Chet says:

    I like Cuban I think one of the things I like best about him is that all the stodgy old coots that own sports franchises not only loathe him, but they fear him as well.

    That, and the players love him.

    You do know the story, I’m assuming, about how his love affair with IU basketball made him very, very rich?

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:


    I do love your tales. You know, your writing is quite beautiful and more than obvious from the heart.

    We had a beautiful Lab/mix named Smokey…Our first family dog we fell in love with at the Humane Society…unbelievably intelligent dog that could identify about 10 different toys when you would call for him to retrieve the one from behind a chair a demand to hunt down for some playtime. A very loving dog that had a unusual desire to protect the household not often found in Labradors. My wife’s heart is still broken the day we had to take him into the vet to end his suffering. I wrote a poem for Smokey.


    I want to take you for a nice long walk,
    But my leash can’t take me there,
    And munch your piece of morning toast,
    And all that you would share.

    I want to greet you at opening door,
    Hear your excited “Hi Smokey,” your voice once more,
    And wiggle my hips in that wildish way,
    Obvious it’s you I long my name to say.

    I want to answer your call, I want so much to come,
    Thump my tail against the sofa, play my heart’s drum,
    And then I’ll tell you in my deepest bark song,
    I’m so happy you wouldn’t let me suffer long.

    I want to place my head upon your lap and stop your rush of tears,
    The sorrow bleed out the hands that gently rub my ears.

    I want to calm your restless night,
    Your search for me in darkness air,
    Gaze back at you my endless devotion,
    That’s not an empty space you stare.

    For then you’ll know I’ve never gone,
    This place we gave each other,
    Your eyes I wish could see,
    It’s not goodbye forever,
    It’s ever after we’ll always be.
    My endless devotion

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    oops..scratch the last line.

    Poem should end on “It’s ever after we’ll always be.”

    I’m done ranting(for today).

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