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  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    DId Herald Times hire Husky Tom? JUst wondering because the second letter in “LIve Chat” is peculiarly capitalized(a hallmark of a Husky Tom post). IT’s a slow day.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    I have a huge favor to ask.

    Is there any possible way the Technology Team on Scoop can insert the scores our first two NCAA tournament victories(New Mexico St & VCU games) into the MEN’S BASKETBALL box(top header Scoop’s homepage) to show our two other wins above the UK loss?

    Such a storybook season seems deserving the small request…a bit of pride our miraculous team that kept winning in the face so much doubt all the experts. It was truly a special season and just leaving that one loss to the eventual national champions seems rather slighting.

    Let’s also remember that the Hoosiers were the only team in the tournament that even stayed with Kentucky for one half.

    I’m sure the Tech Team of Engel & Eline is still very busy attempting to figure out how to remove the virus that froze the ESPN football standings appearing underneath the “Recent comments on The Scoop,” but any efforts would be enormously appreciated.


  • Laffy says:

    Since baseball is often mentioned in the chat, did you guys see the worst call in the history of all sports?

  • BornHoosier says:

    What happened to Hoosier Morning today? Are you only doing it on certain days now?

  • Jeremy Price says:

    Hoosier Morning will not appear every day in spring and summer due to the hit and miss nature of IU news, plus vacations, etc. For example, we had no new HoosiersHQ stories today to highlight, but it will return tomorrow since there is certainly some news to read about both here and other places. When football, soccer, etc. get going in August, Hoosier Morning will again become a daily staple. And I am striving to keep it a morning delivery, instead of brunch or afternoon.

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