May Classic Player Evaluations: Devin Davis

Recruiting Status: Committed to Indiana, Class of 2013

AAU Team: Eric Gordon All-Stars 17U

Games/Stats: Eight points in 74-70 loss to Martin’s Wolverines, two points in 63-46 loss to Indiana Elite

Skinny: Davis didn’t score a ton of points in easier of his first two games, but that’s in large part because his team is somewhat overloaded with talent and that’s leading to some dysfunction. He’s not getting a ton of shots or getting the ball in a position to score very much.

Davis is who he’s always been, just a healthier version. After suffering through a back injury last season, he looks rejuvenated, more athletic, faster, and bouncier, and that helps him a lot on the glass. At 6-foot-6, 200-pounds, he may not have the size to be a true power forward in the Big Ten, but he still has enough size at this level and his motor makes him a dominant rebound. As coach Randy Owens said, he can rebound outside of his position, which is really just a question of having the desire to go out and get the ball.

The knocks against him are still the same. He still needs to develop more of a perimeter game. He can slash and get to the basket, but he needs more of a dependable jumper, because he will probably have to be a small forward at the next level. He can, however, defend any position from 1-4, because he has quick feet and can keep ball-handlers in front of him. His skill set is a lot different than Victor Olaidpo and Will Sheehey. Those guys were always much more perimeter oriented and he’s always been more comfortable close to the basket, but he has that gene in him. It’s obvious why he’s not ranked that high, because he’ll never be a go-to scorer, but you can already here Tom Crean raving about his toughness, grit, desire, mindset, etc. etc. etc.

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    “hear”, not “here”, sorry.

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