Dougherty becomes IU’s third commitment

Obviously, this has made the rounds, but just so it’s on here, Indiana added its third commitment for the 2013 class on Saturday. Patrick Dougherty, a 6-foot-5, 250-pound lineman from Aurora, Ohio, picked the Hoosiers over Ohio University as well as offers from Cincinnati and Boston College. More on this later.

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  • Podunker says:

    It appears that KW and staff are doing a good job recruiting bigger players (relative to their predecessors). You have to love Dougherty’s size at the age of 17 (6’5″ and 250 lbs.).

    Looking forward to seeing this recruiting class of 2013 come together.

  • t says:

    Could be a very good pick up. Go MacIU.

  • BeatPurdue says:

    Why would the HT list Ohio U as a scholarship offer before Boston College and Cincinnati? It is not based on the college’s football reputation, it is not alphabetical, why? It appears to reinforce the “old” idea that IU only recruits MAC players. However, Boston College is ACC and Cincinnati is Big East. I find this order troubling. If IU Basketball landed a recruit would anyone say that he was considering “Evansville, but also offers from KY and Louisville,” in that order?

  • Podunker says:

    BeatPurdue; the short Inside Indiana article stated that “Dougherty chose the Hoosiers over Ohio, his other finalist.” Ohio University was Dougherty’s other finalist and obviously, his second choice. The article did make immediate reference to the offers he received from Boston College and Cinci, so I think they were reporting it accurately and in a fair manner. I don’t see any evidence that they were perpetrating any “old idea.”

    My guess is that “distance from home” was a key criteria in Dougherty’s decision given that he lives in Aurora, Ohio.

    It appears to be a good get for IU. Very big kid, and I especially like his basketball experience, which suggests he’s more than just big, but also a good athlete. Hey, does anyone else think Tom Pritchard would have made a good tight end?

    Here’s what I think is going on. The MAC schools make their offers to a lot of kids that are borderline BCS Conference players and they do it very early relative to most Big Ten teams. The elite Big Ten teams and other BCS Conference teams can wait until a kid’s senior year, evaluate his progress and then try to swoop in during the fall (or even later) and, if they think he’s a fit, poach the kid away from the team he originally made the verbal commitment to. IU, as the weakest team in the Big Ten the last few years, has to selectively go after some of those “borderline BCS Conference players” (i.e., three star recruits), beat out the MAC schools and then try to hold on to the kid’s commitment until signing day on February 3rd.

    But it’s a two-way street. If the kid does not commit early to an IU-type team early, he risks suffering an injury during his senior year and being left with offers from only MAC-type schools. But if an IU-type team (BCS conference school, but historically weak in football) gets an early commitment, they could still lose the kid to a more prominent BCS conference school that poaches him late in the process. It means IU’s coaches have to work that much harder and be that much smarter in order to elevate the quality of talent on the roster. And it means they should continue to recruit quality JC players every year.

  • t says:

    this recruit is not a three star….he may not even be rated or may be a 2 star…Go MacIU!….However, you try to get the best you can and hopefully he can grow into a good player….and compliment better players including jr college players…it may be that IU may field a jr college team in the future along with high school recruits. The 4 star recruits are not going to IU…it seems it is a struggle to get 3 star recruits.

  • waitingforwin says:

    Mixed emotions about this recruit. Nice size for a linemen if he is an OT or DE candidate, but a 6’5″ DT could have difficulty keeping his pad level low and maintaining leverage.

    As for his lack of offers from larger programs he may have decided to forgo attending summer camps that these programs desire a potential recruit to attend so that they can evaluate the player in person. The other thing is that he could very well have attended these camps but did not fare as well as other prospective linemen in attendance. Whatever the case he is ours to lose until signing day. Hopefully he will blow up during his senior season and make all those who passed on him envious.

  • Podunker says:

    t and waiting; by now I’m sure you’ve read the latest HT article on Daugherty. The article points out that Daugherty received offers from Boston College, Cinci and Syracuse, as well as a lot of MAC schools. IU beating out those three schools BCS-conference schools is sign that Wilson has snagged a very good recruit.

    The article points out that Daugherty has been clocked at 4.9 in the 40, which is impressive for a 6’5″ / 250 lbs 17 year old. And Daugherty has been an accomplished basketball player too.

    I suspect that the reason he has not gotten more attention is because a) he’s from a small school, b) he’s been heavily involved in basketball and therefore has not had the time to spend putting on the additional muscle and weight, and c) until recently, he was uncertain as to which sport he would pursue at the college level.

    The more facts about Daugherty that I read, the more impressed I am with this recruit. I love that he has been a quality basketball player (athleticism). I love that he can run a 4.9 – 40 without having trained for it (natural speed for a big man). I love 6’5″ and 250 lbs for a 17 year old that has yet to really focus on weight training (great size). He’ll probably arrive in Bloomington a year from now weighing 265 before he even get’s serious about conditioning. And I love the fact that he’s a 3.4 GPA dual sport athlete that was influenced by the Kelley School of Business (student athlete).

    If we continue to beat out schools like Boston College, Syracuse and Cinci for football recruits like Daugherty, IU football will improve dramatically and quickly. Based on the facts, it appears to me that Daugherty is a keeper.

  • Chet says:

    I doubt we see any 4 star recruits until the program turns the corner. For now we have to hope the staff can find those diamonds in the rough and coach them into quality performers. The numbers imply that Daugherty might be that kind of player.

  • Podunker says:

    There are a lot of those “diamonds” playing in California. Kids that would be stars in many other states are so easily overlooked in CA. And USC, UCLA and Cal can only recruit so many each year.

    I hope IU continues to recruit CA. I noticed today that Nebraska just got some hot shot option QB out of California. If Nebraska can recruit California, so can IU.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    The lowly Washington Huskies could surely use some California talent. They sure have a hell of a time winning against the prestigious programs of the Pac 12.

  • Podunker says:

    Washington does pretty well recruiting CA, especially given the coaching staff’s experience with USC. Wash, WSU, Oregon, OSU, AZ, ASU, Boise and even ND recruit California.

    With 37 million people living in the “People’s Republic of California” there are a lot of football players to be found. Of course, there are some weather weenies out there and some native California kids can not imagine life exists east of the Nevada border, but IU would not want weather-weenies anyway. Hey, if Oregon can recruit some of the best players up to that shower stall, IU can get a few good players too. And as crappy as California’s education system is, you’d think getting a Big Ten college education would be appealing.

  • Chet says:

    There are some very impressive universities in California.

  • Podunker says:

    Yes, and only four of them have BCS conference football teams.

    Did you know that Stanford does not give out F’s. It is impossible for a student at Stanford to get an F in a class (I believe that is still true).

    Did you know that while practicing football on the campus one year, a USC football player was struck by a bullet fired from an AK-47 shot by a gang banger a couple blocks away?

    Did you know that on the Cal-Berkley campus, a young man walked around campus and attended classes completely naked for months before finally being arrested?

    Did you know that most of the male and female varsity athletes at UCLA can all spot each other is a huge crowd of students on campus? And did you know that one of the biggest obstacles to recruiting athletes to UCLA is the growing perception that UCLA offers an extremely limited “social” life?

    A lot of people are open to getting out of California. IU should exploit that.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Did you know Ted Bundy attended the University of Washington?

  • davis says:

    Yeah, Harvard, but did he graduate?

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Podunker, I normally agree with much of what you have to say. However, Stanford is one of the finest universities in this country; if perhaps a bit too liberal or leftish for me, the University of California at Berkeley is widely respected for much more than the streaking student; San Diego has a couple of excellent universities and Los Angeles has 5-6 including private institutions, Fair is fair Podunker…there’s much more to admire in California’s educational system (lots of bad too) but those are just a few examples of what I could think so in about 15 seconds.

    I also expect that there may be rules at Standford that make A’s nearly impossible to get (while quite a few probably manage to get them). They probably ‘invite’ those who earn F’s to leave before the grade is published.

  • Chet says:

    True story.

    While walking back from campus to my cheesy trailer on 17th Street I glanced into a yard and saw the most amazing display of roses I had ever seen. They were overgrown and needed tending but the quality and variety was unlike anything I had ever seen.

    An old woman looked down from the porch very concerned at my attentiveness to her yard. I lifted my my and said, “Your roses! They are incredible.”

    She smiled and walked down and opened the gate. She explained that her father had been a noted botany professor at IU. He had collected the roses from all over the world.

    She said they had gotten out of hand. She used to have a couple of wonderful neighbors, Bill and Emma, who helped her care for her yard. She spoke of them at length.

    After a while I realized who they were. Bill and Emma.

    They were better known as William and Emily…Harris.

    The people who kidnapped Patty Hearst.

  • Chet says:

    ‘my voice’ not ‘my my’

  • Hoosier Clarion says:


    I’ll add this, the shame about California Dreamin is how many towns and cities are declaring bankruptcy. With over a 1/3rd of them all in imminent financial peril. With strategic changes a 1/2 decade ago they could of avoided much of their mess. The same thought process that allowed this calamity to happen most likely thought F’s at college were too mean. At this time the only thing good in Cal. is the weather and possibly your notion on their HS athletes.

  • Podunker says:

    Just having some fun at the expense of some of the universities in the People’s Republic of California.

    There are in deed some great schools in California, but just not enough of them for the population. University of California and California State University campuses are notoriously impacted, making it extremely difficult for students to the classes necessary to graduate within four years. Since California’s economy went south, so are the Junior Colleges.

    Although my previous post was an attempt at humor, my point is there are a lot of good High School football players in California and not enough BCS conference schools to recruit them all. IU has gotten a couple of kids from California in the last few years, but I think they could do a lot more. If I were KW, I’d be recruiting the California JC’s hard. Over time, I’d develop a recruiting presence in California to pick up a few diamonds overlooked by USC, Cal, Stanford, and UCLA.

    Stanford is hard to get into because of academic requirements. USC does not care about academic standards and are notorious cheaters, but they get great FB players and generally get the pick of the litter in California. Cal has huge problems with their FB facilities and budgets. UCLA football is simply in decline and is unlikely to displace USC as the football power in Southern California. Meanwhile, Oregon and Boise State are getting stronger and stronger recruiting in California.

    The talent in California is there for the taking. While IU must continue to work Indiana and the Midwest hard and as the top priority, I have thought for years that they should cast a wider net. IUB has a lot to offer and there are no “naked guys” walking around campus.

  • Podunker says:

    HC, didn’t I just read today that the city of San Bernardino, CA declared bankruptcy? There will be more and more cities in the People’s Republic of California doing the same in the near future. That state is a mess and Governor Moonbeam has no solutions. I think his plan is to convince Congress to get the good people living in all the other states to cover the state’s debt. That means that if Moonbeam has his way, the rest of us are going to get stuck with the bill. But don’t worry, the latest estimates are that California’s unfunded liabilities are only about $60 Billion with annual deficits at $16 billion. Hey, that works out to be just about $200 per man, women and child living in the U.S.

    But heck, you can move to California, get a job as a State Prison Guard, make $96,000 per year (average), retire at 50 with your pension at 95% of your last year’s salary, and with full healthcare benefits for the remainder of your life. Then you can go back, get hired as a “consultant” at double your previous wage and get rich. NICE!

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Podunker…on your football scenario, it seems to me that you must not have visited Bloomington for several years or you may have missed seeing the ‘naked guy’. One thing I remember from my days as a student in Bloomington was the coaches having the reserves on Saturdays pick up the used ‘memorabilia’ left from the Friday Nights in the 10th. Street stadium. Same was true for the soccer team playing down the hill from the 17th. street/Jordan Rd. near the then ‘new’ fraternity row.

    On the People’s Republic of California, sounds almost like the Chicago and Illinois reality, Stanton, Pa. just cut all municipal pay to minimum wage )firemen making $7.50 an hour). Many cities, states and their institutions will have to start making tough choices and reviewing their needs or, in some cases, simply deciding that additional taxes are needed to sustain present quality and services. And, both budgets and work rules will have to be reviewed and in many cases changed. Spain’s and Greece’s is not that different from where we are headed and it ain’t pretty.

    As an outsider (but a keen and loyal follower and observer) to the state of Indiana today, I admire the fact that the current governor (and future President of Purdue University- d_m_, we missed that one there!) has kept Indiana fiscally strong while moving it steadily forward. It is too bad (IMHO)that, for whatever reason, he decided not to offer his obvious leadership skills and talents to the rest of the country. I think a man with his vision and discipline would have won in a walk over present choices.

    Unfortunately neither party is serving us very well with their emphasis on politics and ideology rather than the country. What is beyond my understanding is why we let them?

  • Chet says:

    I read an article a few weeks ago that pointed out that the most liberal cities and states were, in general, in much better financial condition than their conservative brethren. It went quite in depth as to the reasons, but that was the synopsis.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Biden’s hometown(Scranton, PA) has also declared bankruptcy. They’re paying cops and fireman minimum wage to corner taxpayers into more desperation. The whole damn country is bankrupt..There would be no automotive or housing industry left without government bailouts to fix their bankrupt asses…Gang violence is killing children at the rate of 40 per week on the streets of Chicago. It’s a wholesome Midwestern city with plenty of profitable weapons while bankrupt of morals, example, schools, and leadership for their forgotten decrepit neighborhoods. We drive monstrous roadhogs that bankrupt the earth its natural resources and contribute to profitable drilling platforms that choke to death with oil marine life our once beautiful Gulf waters…..

    What the hell is the big deal and grief with California?

    IU football is bankrupt of talent. Throw more money at it.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    ..10 per week(40 per month). No less alarming with no intent to minimize the horrific escalating gun violence disintegrating families on the streets of Chicago.

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