Lyles pulls back commitment from Indiana

Trey Lyles, the 6-foot-8 forward from Arsenal Tech High School in Indianapolis, has decommitted from Indiana according to a Twitter post from Tech coach Jason Delaney.

“Trey Lyles has decided to open his recruitment,” Delaney said in his post. “He loves IU & it is still #1 but he would like to have something to compare it to.”

Lyles has been committed to Indiana since before his freshman season at Tech and is rated as one of the top 10 players in the Class of 2014.

UPDATE: Tech coach Jason Delaney said Indiana fans shouldn’t read Lyles’ decommitment as an expression of displeasure with the program, but said Lyles simply wants to make sure he makes the right decision.

“The biggest thing we talked about with him, his family and myself is that he just wants to make sure,” Delaney said. “I want to preface this by saying he loves IU. He loves the coaching staff. He loves the fans. He just wants to make sure he makes the right choice for his future. At the end of this whole process, he just wants to know for sure that this is the right fit.”

The reason Lyles was feeling uneasy, Delaney said, is simply because he hadn’t really experienced the recruiting process. Lyles committed in the fall of 2010 before he’d even played a high school game at Tech.

Delaney asked for understanding from the fans.

“My biggest hope for the fans and everything — he’s such a great kid, he’s the kind of kid I want my son to grow up and be like — is I hope they support him,” Delaney said. “I hope they keep it in perspective.”

Delaney said that Lyles has not been contacted by any other schools yet and has no timetable in terms of when he wants to begin making visits or eventually make another decision.

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  • Podunker says:

    Hhmmm, this smells a little funny.

  • David (Evansville Hoosier) says:

    I don’t like our odds after a decommit. I feel like that never goes the original school’s way.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Uh-oh… Could he be the source of the scandalous “thinking of you a whole lot” tweet?

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Oops…change ‘source’ to ‘recipient.’

  • FriscoDad says:

    This doesn’t come as a total shock to me due to numerous conversations I had with his father (but still very dissapointing). I was the only IU fan who spent a lot of time when they were at the Nike EYB event in Dallas (was in Frisco by my house) Mother’s Day weekend. I sat next to his father often over for a couple of days and had some conversations with him as well as Coach Bluiett. Was told by his father when I asked if it was 100% positive about going to IU that it wasn’t in his mind but it was Trey’s decision. He wanted Trey to play for a coach that had a better record of developing players and getting them into the NBA and wasn’t excited about Coach Crean’s record in that respect. We discussed that Coach Crean had some players who showed immense improvement from last year (Oladipo, Sheeley) and how the team had outperformed almost anyones expectations. We agreed that next year would be the year where the horses are there to prove it to him. Suprised that it happened now, rather than after next season’s results were in.

  • Chet says:

    I’m guessing he heard about all the attention fellow recruits were getting and he felt like maybe he was missing out.

  • Bano says:

    I am still going to go watch him with my iu hoodie on just so he knows the iu fans love him. Now we the fans need to recruit him not crucify him. Have to make the right choice for college.

  • Caleb says:

    Delaney says Lyles has not been contacted by any schools. Really. How many schools have you been talking to for him Delaney? He hopes the fans keep it in perspective. HAHHAHAHA Depends on the outcome…..obviously. I think it’s silly to think Indiana fans arent going to be outwardly disappointed if he leaves after two years of committment because he’s jealous of his friends and the attention they are getting. No sir. He’s a kid I get it. He’s free to do what makes him happiest. Hope its at IU

  • IUfan99 says:

    While I don’t like this decision, I can’t blame the kid. Who hasn’t dated someone and known that it was the right thing, but wanted to experience the single life for a little bit? Trey is going to get that experience and hopefully realize that IU is the right school for him. This whole thing is definitely fishy, but until someone provides legit proof that something illegal went on then there’s nothing anyone can do. The kid is 16 and still figuring things out. Let’s not get on him too much and show him why he should come to Bloomington to hang another banner.

  • Yes says:

    While its a little nerve racking for IU, what high school kid wouldn’t want to be flown all over to see great basketball and football games and have the experience of some of the greatest coaches in the game plead for him to come to their school. However, with all the love he gets from the fans here, I couldn’t imagine him going anywhere as long as this year doesn’t become a complete disaster.

  • t says:

    Smells KY to me…not necessarily from coaches, but from recent past players.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    ^…..KY jelly?

  • real iu fan says:

    He’s a probable 1 year player and based on his father’s comments UK would be the destination. He’s a terrific player. My concern is the impact on other recruits. Maybe will slow down these early offers since they mean little anyway. Also the shoe companies play a role.

  • 323SGrant says:

    I believe that he has been contacted by other schools!

  • IUoptometry says:

    Can’t blame the kid. He committed when he was an 8th grader. He’s now a top 20 player and wants to experience a real recruitment. He wants to feel like a king with all these coaches coming after him. But MOST IMPORTANTLY REMEMBER:”We’re not Purdue, if Lyles doesn’t come back we’ll sign someone else, desperation is for second rate programs”!!!!

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Bookmark this thread and the next time you question why Coach Crean keeps recruiting come back and reread the title to bring yourself back to reality.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    I believe Lyles has every right to revoke his commitment; not only because commitments per se are meaningless as per NCAA and Big Ten rules; but, because it is simply wrong for a coach/program to ask a 14-year-old to pledge his word before he is considered of age to agree to any contract or be held legally responsible for anything (except for those acts considered so heinous a court must first declare him an adult).

    We are just asking for trouble on this issue. The age of majority in most states is 18 or 19. No child could even enlist for the armed forces or marry without parental consent. Parents are legally responsible for the sustenance of the children until the age of emancipation. Recruitment pitches and requests for ‘commitments’ by an adult are simply not legal nor proper. And, in making that request coaches (indeed who claim to be educators) may be undermining the authority of the family and the parents.

    Personally, I feel strongly that the NCAA needs to step up and mandate that commitments nor promises not be requested from prospects until they reach the age of majority or are legally emancipated.

    The NCAA should consider that the line between this issue and a major scandal of Penn State magnitude is very thin. What will happen when a child ‘commits’ and the parents object? What happens when the parents acts on that objection? Do the parents have the right to sue the school to overturn a commitment? Do we want to be a part of that? What if it is your kid?

    (BTW…it has happened before and it involved IU- though IU was on the right side of the issue and the parental right to object to a non-emancipated athlete’s decision was enforced. The athlete involved eventually attended IU and was an athlete of national significance at IU).

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Frisco…sure do hope you registered properly with the IU athletic department and notified it of the contact. Not sure if, as an obvious IU follower and, possibly, alumn you come under the heading of ‘a representative of IU athletic interests’.

    And, I hope the NCAA is not sending someone to get details of the contact your way.

  • Tsao,
    Verbal commitments aren’t legally binding. A player can not sign a letter of intent until his senior year, so your hypothetical is impossible.
    The purpose of a player making a verbal commitment, perhaps more than anything else, is to end the recruiting process. In basketball, by and large, coaches tend to end or at least tone down the recruitment of players who are verbally committed. Football, because the recruiting process is packed into a smaller window, operates differently and coaches tend to recruit players until they sign, but for basketball players, committing early allows a player to play without the distraction of constant phone calls and texts and e-mails from coaches other than the one to which they are committed. Some players like the process and want to see everything that’s out there and weigh all of their options. Some don’t, see what they like and decide to stick with it. It depends on the kid and the family.
    Coaches don’t demand commitments, they offer scholarships. How pushy they are about those offers differs from coach to coach, but there is nothing legally binding behind any of it.

  • Debbie says:

    Maybe this is best for him at this time. Tweeting Christian thoughts and actually practicing them are two different things. Maybe Lyles figured that out.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Nothing smells fishy to me in the Lyle’s handling. We approached Lyles before his voice stopped cracking. We asked him (at 13 or 14) to commit and he did. Now he wants the attention and maybe, just maybe sees it as a chance to see some schools and a bit of this beautiful country. So, he decides to give himself some freedom and space while making it clear he’s still likes IU a whole lot. His dad defends that right and protects his kid. Well done! And well done Mr. Delaney for acting as a shield for them.

    Someone tell me what is wrong with this. That is exactly how I would handle it as Lyles (had I made the original mistake of prematurely giving my commitment); and how I would handle it as his father. Violate the rule and automatically fall out-of-consideration.

    I would also give notice to recruiters. Not one word about commitments to my kid until the spring of his junior year at the earliest. (And, no talk of one-and-dones either). That is left for the immediate (parents) family circle only.

  • And as you’ve pointed out, I’m not super comfortable discussing Penn State but no, the difference between that scandal and the worst that could possibly happen by recruiting a player early is not a “fine line.” For any scandal that could be caused by this practice to reach that magnitude, you’d have to inject a party somewhere along the way that is criminally insane or a sociopath and committing actual felonies. You can use SMU or Miami or Ohio State or some other scandal and use it as a potential worst-case scenario, but something on the Penn State scale requires a party that is in someway shape or form causing actual physical and emotional harm.

  • Mike P. says:

    CTC should treat him the same way he did Matt Carlino when he decommitted. If you’re not 100% in, the offer is off the table.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    DD- I believe that is exactly what I said two or three times; commitments are not a document or a legally binding obligation. One sentence in my statement read “…because commitments per se are meaningless as per NCAA and Big Ten rules…” In other words, have no value, zero.

    The truth is that the “commitment” process and asking for “commitments” is an invention coaches use to pressure a player prospect kid- usually a minor, in many cases a child- into rejecting all other advances while accepting to submit to the coach employing the tactic. As for your statement that ‘it stops the recruiting’, we both know that rarely happens when a kid is that sought after. The OSU football coach came in announcing he had not intention of respecting commits. Sampson sure as hell did not respect Illinois’ commitment.

    As for telephone calls, time to study, meeting other obligations while being pestered and harassed by 30-50 year-old-men, that’s where the family must take charge, set rules, pursue ways to keep their kid their own and high school coaches to assist by enforcing these rules with any and all predators.

    But, I’m just repeating what I said in my earlier posts, I believe Dustin.

    And, furthermore, ironic that as you’ve written about numerous times the converse is also true…the commitments don’t hold much water when coaches decide not to respect their own offers top kids and over promise.

    Please DD….we can’t defend the indefensible.

  • Aruss says:

    He’s dead to me until he signs his LOI. It looks like his head blew up more than his game at all the summer camps. I’ve unfollowed him on twitter.

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