• t says:

    IU tradition….when the score got to be 27 to 24 QB should have been replaced by freshman QB…and go downfield….Is this IU’s big half (or game) for the 2012-season?…IU tradition is always a couple really good halves of football for the season with the same results…One half or game the defense plays well, then another half or game the offense plays well….equals losing tradition….Currently, will they get killed the next game or games down the road…young players come turn into older players and go….and the tradition continues except for just a handful of seasons….Even IU’s handful of good teams were never dominating teams.

  • Chet says:

    …and your point would be?

  • Rico Chet says:

    ^ You are embarrassing yourself again, Chet. It’s clear what his point is. And lest you ask, here’s mine.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Was there a point?

  • Hoosier Carlton says:

    OK, you asked for it.

    Half-time: Oregon 35 – Wusskies 7.

                          /` ,\__
                         |    ).-'
                        / .--'
                       / /
         ,      _.==''`  \
       .'(  _.='         |
      {   ``  _.='       |
       {    \`     ;    /
        `.   `'=..'  .='
          `=._    .='
       jgs  '-`\\`__

    Go Ducks!

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