More quarterback talk and other Wilson radio show notes

Kevin Wilson reiterated on Monday night that he’s happy with both of his quarterbacks, but reiterated that he views them both as starters and who actually starts against Michigan State on Saturday will be determined by practice this week.

“They’re both good,” Wilson said. “I’m glad we got both of them. I don’t plan to have a revolving door, we’ll just see how the week goes and go from there.”

Wilson said that despite Cameron Coffman’s struggles, he felt both played well in Saturday’s game and that film study found more positives in Coffman’s game than the Hoosiers originally realized and a few more miscues in Sudfeld’s.

“They both played reasonably well,” Wilson said. “Cam had the one pick and actually just went the wrong side on the ball. One of the few balls we’d thrown that it was ‘hey, why’d you go there?’ Ball should’ve been going to the other side of the field. It just kinda got bluffed with coverage and had one interception. Outside of that, we didn’t force the ball, but our whole offense, the bulk of when (Coffman) played was just ho-humming. I don’t know if anything picked up until the one drive we got going, Stephen Houston made a physical play, ran through a DB, scored a touchdown and it kind of ignited us. From there, the team kinda took off. After that we went with Cam. I told them both, we didn’t even talk about it as a staff. I talked to them Wednesday night last week, and said, ‘Hey, we’re gonna start (Coffman) he’s been here longer. Like him, but I think you’re both good. We’ll see how it goes. Don’t plan to play two. Don’t plan to play one. I plan to win. I think we’re gonna win with both of you. I want you to be a better quarterback after this meeting. Better quarterback tomorrow. Better quarterback after Saturday’s game, whether you throw a lot of passes or throw none, I want to get better every day. That’s where these guys are this week. They both played today. They’re both getting equal reps. As we go through it, we’ll see how it plays. They’re both similar. Nate made a few plays, but when the game was on the line, Nate had a chance and didn’t make some plays.”

Wilson said he can tell that whoever wins the job will have the team behind him.

“I have confidence in both of them,” Wilson said. “And I believe if you talk to our receivers, our receivers have confidence in both of them. And I think our team has confidence in both of them. And that’s a credit to those kids.”

— As bad as some of the numbers looked, particularly the 704 yards of offense the defense allowed, Wilson said he still saw a number of things he liked.  One thing in particular was the play of the IU wide receivers, especially Cody Latimer and Kofi Hughes, both of whom made highlight reel grabs on Saturday.

“They made some acrobatic catches,” Wilson said. “It’s nice to make those big plays because they’re capable. They’re big, strong, athletic kids. At the same time, we’ve gotta be a little bit more efficient and make the more high percentage throw and run the route proper and not have to jump over top of guys. Some of those catches, I think one was an ESPN play, they were both awesome. That’s what they’re capable of, but you’re not gonna win games with jump balls. It’s nice a guy can go out jump a guy and get a ball, and we did a little bit of that, but it’s timing and spacing, it’s all those receivers. It’s getting Duwyce, who didn’t have a big game or Shane Wynn, get those guys in the flow of things. Nick Stoner, Ted Bolser, we’ve got a nice complement of guys there.”

Wilson couldn’t deny that the defense generally wasn’t good, because it gave up 44 points and 704 yards and was gashed by the zone read option over and over and over again. But he said he saw some fight and that he believes the defense is better than statistics indicate.

“We can point out some things,” Wilson said. “But again, they’re creating some thing in the second half with turnovers. They’re fighting their tails off. You watch the tape and you don’t see guys not giving you effort. We gotta get off the block. We gotta make a tackle, we gotta scheme it better, we gotta put ’em in better positions, we gotta make some plays. But you look at the kids and say,’I like your effort.’ We’re not giving up the ghost. There’s a lot of fight in these kids. There’s some things to build with as we move forward.”

— Wilson on Michigan State: “I know they’re disappointed with where they’re at because they have a high standard, high expectations coming back last year having won their division with expectations and a team that can do so again. Stout on defense. Starting up front, excellent linebackers, blitz pressure, very aggressive in the secondary. Quality defense, as good as we’ll see all year. No disrespect to anyone else.  Offensively, gonna pound the ball with a running back. The (La’Veon) Bell kid. Going to get 30, he’s had games where he’s been pushing 50 carries. A quarterback that they’re settling down. They’re struggling a little with the passing game, but they’re trying to make a commitment, because with the run game, the play action’s always there. Great big tight end. Coach Dantonio always does a great job kicking. We’ll need to play good in all three phases. A little bit different animal if we play defense properly. Not as much quarterback run game, some things that gave us problems last week, but a very very stout test offensively. You’re going to work to get your points.”

— Rudy Ruettiger, the famous former Notre Dame walk-on immortalized in the movie “Rudy” was in Bloomington on Monday and addressed the team in the afternoon. He was with Angelo Pizzo, the Bloomington resident and screenwriter who penned both “Hoosiers” and “Rudy.” After speaking with the team and taking pictures with several players — most of which ended up on Twitter — he attended the radio show and spoke briefly at the end.

“Underdog,” Ruettiger said when asked about his message to the players. “No. 1. Don’t go back to where you were. Fight for where you’re at. Stay there. They liked that.”

Ruettiger said he watched Saturday’s game with Pizzo.

“We saw some very positive things happening with Indiana football,” Ruettiger said. “… A good thing’s happening here. … This is gonna happen, guys. This is not a I-hope-it-happens. This is happening, and it will happen because of this attitude they’re bringing here.”

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  • Dunbar says:

    Rudy’s on board! This thing must be going in the right direction! That guy’s as knowledgeable and as honest as they come; glad he was able to talk to our guys. Wilson sure sounded a lot like Lynch to me, defending a defense that just gave up 704 yards. Of course, when Lynch did it he was weak and without a plan. With Wilson, it’s just one more example of his never-say-die attitude!

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Gave up 704 yards but never gave up on the game. I saw lots of Lynch’s teams give up. In fact it was his undoing.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Dustin, When did Adam Kranda join the FB team? I thought he was most likely not going to be coming to IU. Another tall/rangy(6’6″-260)TE type Coach Wilson likes to groom and develop for other line positions both offense and D.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Dustin, When did Adam Kranda join the FB team? I thought he was most likely not going to be coming to IU. Another tall/rangy(6’6″-260)TE type Coach Wilson likes to groom and develop for other O or D line positions.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Sorry Dustin took a phone call and somehow the mind games helped me decide it was so damned important it needed edited and posted again. Some days you are both the windshield and the bug.

  • Dunbar says:

    I agree, clarion. Sooner or later we need to win one of these games, however. A loss is a loss is a loss.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    The winning of 1 of these games very likely will not be this year. Even though 704 and 44 hung on the IU pitchfork are signs of the D line not intersecting with the O line on the improvement graph it is not as incriminating as scores such as 83-20, 59-7 or 55-3. But mental and physical toughness will only carry improvement so far. Only 2 criteria offer corrections for the defense, experience and a continued influx of talent of B10-ACC-SEC-B12-PAC12 quality from HS’s and JC’s because there ain’t much in Bloomington presently. 1 more thing I’ll point out that is somewhat forgotten or at least not mentioned often; Wilson recognized from day 1 defense was the chronic problem with IU FB so because his own experience was on the offensive side he stacked his staffs #’s to have 7 assistants and GA’s on the D side and 6 assistants and GA’s on the offensive side. That is not unheard of but is not the norm for the majority of CFB programs.

  • Double Down says:

    The Manichean way we view sports skews the real argument. Fact is, KW isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so how I support “our coach” doesn’t really matter. Here’s the way I look at it:

    Last season was a massive disappointment. Like, I’ve never seen football that bad in my life bad. However, he did come here with a specific vision. Now, it remains to be seen if that vision will bear fruit in the long-term or not. But ripping things up from the bottom might be exactly what our rotten program needs. I do think, however, that we’re often way too quick to pull the trigger on coaches if they haven’t turned the program around in year 2. The people screaming for Crean’s head when we were losing games by 40 when he had 2 walkons and some future 7-11 employees was just as absurd.

    KW has a lot to prove. He has a herculean task in front of him, but he does have a vision. Let’s critique it on its merits instead of seeing things strictly through the lens of whether we like him or not.

  • Geoff says:

    Novel idea Double Down!

    (To say it was a massive disappointment means you have massively higher expectations!? I guess I’m surprised by that. Last season, and this season are going just about how I expected)

  • Hoosier Carlton says:

    Last season, and this season are going just about how I expected.

    Geoff, are you saying you are smarter than Kevin Wilson himself? He thought he’d come here and simply… “Win Today!” — didn’t he? Now you say you knew he couldn’t. That makes you smarter than Mastermind Wilson himself. And if you, a beachcomber, are smarter than he is, then he certainly does not deserve to be the IU Football Coach.

    Thanks for making it clear for everyone.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Something is clear to everyone.

  • Hoosier Carlton says:

    Yes, but what that is, is certainly not clear to you.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    How could anyone predict the season-ending injury to Tre Roberson? If Tre doesn’t get injured, the dynamics of the team changed exponentially. I think we get over the hump with Ball State(and possibly Northwestern)..The momentum could have elevated the overall confidence of the team and made the next two games at home closer contests than what will now likely be the “expected” results the brilliant pundits. Wilson had no control the hand of fate he was dealt in losing his starting QB.

    And let’s keep in mind that in November of 2011 very few on this blog predicted the Hoosier basketball team to have the success we witnessed last season.

    It’s much easier to claim things are “as expected” once into full swing a season(especially after a very key injury to the most dynamic QB and best option for success the guy taking snaps has been removed from the equation). All earlier predictions are off when you pull such an important starter, a starter that was showing drastic improvement his early outings, from the mix.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    oops..”change exponentially.”

  • Double Down says:


    True. But even by my low expectations last year was just some horrid football. Unlike Crean’s situation when he arrived, KW didn’t inherit a program that hit bottom. My expectations only changed after I started to see what he was trying to do: build a culture of toughness. That’s why he’s a stickler about guys practicing hard, etc. Remains to be seen if it will work, but it is an ethos, if you will.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Double Down…good comment and a good take on it.

  • Wang Wang González says:

    He doesn’t need you to tell him, OK?

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Crean inherited a state that produces some of the best basketball talent in the nation. That “bottom” has been grossly exaggerated compared to the decades of plunging into the dark abyss of irrelevancy Hoosier football has lived in. The landing of one big time recruit had the potential to turn fortunes on a dime(as it did with the commitment of Cody Zeller).

    Within that pigskin irrelevancy is a smaller pool of talent and the battle to win over local and Midwestern top prospects against football programs thick tradition(OSU, ND, Michigan) and national exposure.

    Wilson may also be the victim of rather poor timing and circumstance. Did he expect Indiana basketball to climb so quickly back into national recognition when he signed on the dotted line his momentous task when he came to Bloomington? Will the average fan stay on board or care of the “cultural movement” when basketball is suddenly propelled its status to what the nation has forever attached the name “Hoosier” to the given sport its historical importance?

    Basketball reigns as king again with the explosion of success, defeating UK on a last second shot, and a great March Madness unexpected run to a Sweet 16….And what happened for coach Wilson? Gunner tears up his commitment and heads to ND. As painful as the thought of Cody never heading to Bloomington, playing in Tar Heel blue instead of candy stripes, there is no doubt two programs are on different planets in the ability to capture the interest a national audience yet the ears of recruits.

    Crean’s fate has been changed by one decision a small gym in Washington. Wilson’s fate, in terms of riding out his contract and lowered expectations, is likely now more secure a satisfied fan base that has their longest love and tradition in hoops reborn. Cody Zeller put Hoosier basketball back on the map and, at the same moment, put IU football back into the Twilight Zone of nobody cares. They are worlds apart again and the middle point, created by a slowly growing equal interest in the two programs amidst what was a fading basketball program in turmoil, is no longer.

  • Geoff says:

    Harvard – that is a really great and important question! Sometimes you absolutely hit the nail on the head! I hadn’t thought about the timing issue with basketball as a consideration for fan patience and job acceptance before. Bravo sir, and I’m not even being sarcastic.

  • Geoff says:

    “Carlton” – not that your post really deserves a rebuttal, but no, your premise isn’t correct. Wilson has to come in positive and try to build a culture of expected success. “Win today” isn’t so much an expectant action as it is the building of a new culture. That is his job. My job is to take a realistic view on things. I’m sure if you signed a confidentiality agreement and got Wilson in a private room he would admit that he didn’t expect to “win today” in his first couple seasons.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:



  • Hoosier Carlton says:

    I’m sure if you signed a confidentiality agreement and got Wilson in a private room he would admit that…

    Oh, so now you’re sure of entirely hypothetical situations, eh? That’s a new low, even for you… Tell me, are you and Tsao in the same ward?

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Geoff now we are sure, it did not deserve a rebuttal. But he is so exposed and inviting.

  • Hoosier Carlton says:

    Clarion, are you still talking to your belly button?

  • Geoff says:

    Hoosier Charlatan – who in your opinion is the best, the very best, coach in all of college football? Meyer? Miles? Saban? Someone more obscure? What do you think they could have done at IU last year taking over a team of mediocre players that went 1-7 in the B1G in 2010? Now maybe they get Gunner to stay with his original commitment, but what does that even mean? As far as I can tell he is 4th on the depth chart at ND and can’t get a snap.

    So would the best coach in the country have turned IU around in 1 or 2 years? Where is the precedent for that happening at any FBS school? Where a coach came into a traditionally bad-to-mediocre-at-best program and turned the entire tradition around in a couple years… Now add in that the school isn’t in a football talent-rich area or state…

    So yes, I can say with confidence that the hypothetical situation I described would be true. It simply makes sense, even probably to someone like you, although you can’t stand to admit it.

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