Commentary: NCAA on the case (or studies in uncommon sense)

It’s only fitting that on election night, the NCAA would hand down yet another decision wrapped in bureaucracy, red tape and legalese that exceeds the bounds of common sense.

For the paltry sum of $185 (and given 20 years ago), college athletics’ governing body deemed Indiana’s Hanner Mosquera-Perea and Peter Jurkin worthy of each serving a nine-game suspension.

I shudder to think what the punishment may have been had the sum reached quadruple digits or had it been given more recently.

But at least the NCAA has caught red-handed one more evildoer. Mark Adams and his minions will think twice before they try to help another young man attempt to further his educational or career opportunities in the United States of America.

And let this serve as a warning to recent college graduates as well — if you have any aspirations of being involved in athletics at any level at any time in your life, think twice before you give a cent to your alma mater and three times before giving to the athletic department. You never know when such a lurid skeleton will jump out of the closet.

At least the nine games will give Perea and Jurkin plenty of time to take a long, hard look in the mirror and think about what they’ve done. How foolish of them to trust a charitable organization or accept the aid of those they trust and rely on (the role of parents and family for most of us) in a foreign country. Clearly, the lesson is to only lean on the kindness of strangers with their own agendas and interests — mainly in the big payday the players might one day provide.

Plus now they’ll have a whole month to figure out how they are going to pay that money back. For Jurkin, it shouldn’t take too long to panhandle $250 on a Bloomington street corner. Perea on the other hand may have to sell all of his worldly possessions and live in a van down by the river (or an RV with assistant football coach Mike Ekeler) in order to cough up $1,588.69 without violating any more NCAA rules.

Meanwhile, the failure of Indiana University to previously report this egregious error on Mr. Adams’ part and render former Hoosier Tijan Jobe ineligible will cost IU a $5,000 fine.

Fortunately for the Jobe and the school, the Hoosiers only won 10 games in those two seasons, so there’s really nothing left to strip.

It just goes to prove that the NCAA has its heart in the right place, even while its head is stuck firmly up its you know what.

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  • Ron says:

    Well Said

    (My comment was too short..?)

  • Aruss says:

    If you think the NCAA is bad, think about the bureaucratic nightmare created by big govt President Obama.

  • Cutter In Chicago says:

    Game. Set. Match. Laurel and hearty handshake for this

  • Chet says:

    Hey, if I can pay it drop me a note. I’ll be more than happy to and I’ve never given a cent to an athletic booster club.

    But…I have given plenty to underprivileged kids in other countries, so maybe I’m allowed.

    Dustin, seriously, I’ll pay it if I’m allowed. Let me know.

  • hoosierjc says:

    AMEN. You are preaching to the choir.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Could much of this NCAA investigation aimed at Indiana revert back to those in power within the halls of the headquarters in Indy still holding loyalties to Myles Brand?

    And is it possible that the ongoing loyalty/reverence for the deceased former president of the organization(a man burned in effigy on the Bloomington campus upon the firing of Knight), fueled with the Establishment-driven attention given to A-Hope by Mike Fish at ESPN, have a substantial impact on another frivolous witch hunt aimed in our direction?

    If these investigations and subsequent penalties are ludicrous, then where is the motive? Don’t such large amounts of money spent on frivolous NCAA investigations and the dollars and time investment in media attention point in the direction of agendas bordering on personal vendettas and conspiratorial behavior? Does it not have the appearances of desires to even a score?

    But, with our objective eyes, how can we claim the NCAA is less conspiratorial in a 3-way call investigation than the unveiling of seedy influence and power players within IU and their ties to an AAU team where many our top players were drawn in? Did we have to offer Perea and Jurkin spots on the team to have the full support of the AAU organization when going after Cody? Do we even have this investigation if the AAU organization didn’t hold so much power over our basketball program? And isn’t strange that once we land Zeller, Drew Adams moves on to work for Steve Alford?

  • Chet says:

    …or Jeremy. I’m used to corresponding with Dustin.

  • Laffy says:

    Bush expanded the government BIG TIME and you Righty Retards NEVER complained.

    And speaking of Righty Retards, I’m sooooooooooo glad my fellow Hoosiers turned down the Tea Bagger Fruit Cake for Senator.

  • Chet says:

    Aruss, turn your head to your left. That’s your colon you’re looking at.

  • Chet says:

    Aruss, this is your colon speaking!

  • Jeremy Price says:

    As I now understand it, Perea and Jurkin are actually allowed to repay out of their scholarship money. So you’re off the hook.

  • Chet says:

    That is poverty money (my kids “lived” on scholarship money). It is food stamps for smart (or athletic) people.

    If there is a fund to pay it back, let me know. To help a kid from Columbia or the Sudan go to college is a great place for my money to go.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Sorry Mitt.

  • Chet says:

    I’m not sorry for that evil SOB. Thank God enough people saw him for the sorry POS that he is.

  • psych says:

    Might be the first, and only time, that HofH, Chet, and I agree on something. I will take it.

  • jessejim says:

    The NCAA is sending a message. Do not self report – it makes us look bad. If you do we will come down hard on you. Also there is no statute of limitations on being a donor!

  • IUGRAD says:

    NCAA is just like OSHA . They are gonna get you for something…. Just hope the damage is kept at a minimum

  • IUMIKE1 says:

    Laffy at comment #8 and Chet at comment #14, couldn’t agree more. My faith in the American people is restored to some degree after these two being defeated.

  • Chet says:

    IUGRAD, I had a dangerous job back in the day and I remember my employer wanting us to hide or disguise pretty much all of our standard practices whenever OSHA came around. I always felt like, WTF, if they think this is dangerous for my health or safety maybe we should do something about it.

    Like anything, it can get out of hand, but just imagine what corporations would do if there were no one checking on health and safety.

    psych, I’ve agreed with stuff you’ve posted before. You probably wouldn’t be on here if there weren’t things we agree on.

  • IUoptometry says:

    Who does the “checks and balances” for the NCAA? I feel like they could make any ruling they want because there is no outside entity looking over their shoulder to make sure their decision is fair and acceptable. Does anyone know if there is some organization that looks over these decisions that the NCAA make or does the NCAA have the final say all by themselves?

  • Reality says:

    Evil SOB, POS, retards, tea baggers… it seems clear our nation is shifting to the left.

  • Chet says:

    IUoptometry, you’re right. They do seem to operate above the law.

  • kurk81 says:

    Jeremy/Dustin/Andy: I saw yesterday something about IU’s intent and right to appeal to the NCAAA to reduce the penalties. I don’t recall ever hearing of them reducing a penalty, but what do you hear or conjecture about the likelihood of reducing the suspensions to fewer games?

  • Geoff says:

    Reality – actually I think it’s shifting toward the middle. There were such clear lines drawn by both the left and right over the last 8 years that it’s been a turnoff to people who can’t identify clearly with those agendas (which is most people). Most people agree with parts of both platforms, so you naturally shift to the middle, when before there was such partisanship maybe they called themselves a Dem or Rep because they agreed with more things on one side than the other. Now there is such a stigma attached to labeling yourself one or the other that there is no incentive to do it unless you’re a hard-liner.

    For example, I agree with the right on gun issues, some tax issues like estate taxes, issues surrounding small business, energy independence, and a desire for smaller govt… While I agree with the left on issues around women’s and civil rights, diplomacy, education, and some tax issues like capital gains. There are still some issues I’m undecided on or think need a combination of both philosophies. Case in point, healthcare… I’m not sure Obamacare is the best option, you have very intelligent researchers on both sides giving compelling arguments for what it means. I think universal healthcare is a good idea, but lean towards it being handled at the state level instead of the federal level. In fact, I think almost every law should be handled at the state level and not mandated throughout the country. We are a diverse group and should be able to be American somewhere if we don’t necessarily agree with how the state we currently live in is handling things.

    I digress, but yeah. I think if you are a confessed and proud neo-conservative or part of the Christian Right, then you definitely see the country as moving to the left, but in “reality” the population and politics is shifting to the middle. We re-elected Obama, but the Congress picked up Republican seats to remain red, and we voted in more Republican governors yesterday, but the Senate remained blue.

    I think a great, and maybe trend-setting, decision was made in Maine yesterday when we voted in Angus King, an Independent, by a vast majority over Republican and Democrat senatorial candidates.

  • Laffy says:

    You can’t point to Congress as a barometer of anything because the districts are so gerry-mandered right now, only the extreme wackos have a chance of winning.

    If I could change just ONE thing to fix our country, it would be to re-draw the Congressional districts so that moderates have a chance to win.

    In the Senate races, the TeaBaggers got their butts kicked.

    And I’m really sick of Righties crying “Obama is taking our freedom away” when they want to ban porn….wow….tell people who they are allowed to marry and FORCE rape victims to have the kid.

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