Glass: Penalties were harsh and will be appealed, but enforcement was fair

Fred Glass doesn’t fault the NCAA’s Enforcement Committee. By failing to treat Indiana Elite coach and A-HOPE founder Mark Adams as a booster when Adams divulged in 2008 that he had donated $185 to the IU Varsity Club from 1986-92, Indiana committed an NCAA secondary violation, he said, and the situation deserved to be treated as such.

“The current people working at the NCAA who are vested in maintaining the integrity of the rules should not be criticized,” Glass said. “We violated that rule. We screwed up. We should get a secondary violation.”

But the reason Indiana will be appealing the NCAA’s decision, however, is that the athletics department believes the nine-game suspensions handed out to freshmen Hanner Mosquera-Perea and Peter Jurkin is too harsh. Mosquera-Perea and Jurkin received benefits such as travel costs, housing, food and clothing from Adams and the A-HOPE program which were considered permissible benefits before it was learned that Adams was still considered a booster. Now that those benefits are considered impermissible, the estimated dollar amounts ($9,007.92 for Mosquera-Perea and $6,003.51 for Jurkin) were the grounds used for the suspension.

“We think this is an unusual case so we’re asking for relief from the nine games,” Glass said. “… My understanding of this is that nine is the presumptive number given the dollars that were at issue. We feel that we should be given less than that based on the nature of the case, that some mitigation is in order. That’s what we’ve argued and that’s what we’ll argue on appeal.”

Glass said he’s uncertain when the NCAA’s committee that hears these appeals will handle Indiana’s case and Jurkin and Mosquera-Perea will not be allowed to play while the case is being appealed. He said it could be anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

Glass does however, believe that the rules on what constitutes a booster should be changed. As it stands, once someone donates money to a school or booster club, he becomes a booster for life in the eyes of the NCAA. This case, he said, provides a basis for an argument for a statute of limitations that would allow someone to shed that status.

“I think the rule should change so that we have some sort of time exception,” Glass said. “… The policy makers need to make a change. I don’t want to criticize the enforcement staff because they did what they had to do. But we ought to carve out some common sense exceptions to this thing.”

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  • docdave says:

    I think the worst part of this whole thing is making these guys come up with all that money. Not sure what the financial situation is at home, but I doubt $1500 US is just laying around. 9 games is a lot, I would say 4-6 would be more appropriate.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Could the team sell all their unworn obscene ‘D-Rose 3’ shoes(unveiled at Hoosier Hysteria as Crean’s favor to give more exposure to Calipar’s biggest academic marvel and future NBA star) on eBay and use the proceeds to pay the fines? It would only take 15 pair($100.00 ea) to come up with funds. Those shoes represent everything wrong with college basketball. Switch to the shoe that doesn’t come with the endorsement of a college athlete that hired someone to take his SAT test…and the endorsement of the Kentucky coach that jumps from college to college while the NCAA makes Indiana the poster child for recruiting misdeeds. Yes, lets sell the all the boxes of ‘D-Rose 3’ shoes in the storage room for our upcoming season. I bet there’s more fifty pairs..We could probably come up with five grand. Even buying generic replacement Adidas we’ll likely net $2500.

  • Geoff says:

    So I just checked out the A-HOPE website… How anyone, ever could construe the program as an IU pipeline or give IU an inherent advantage is beyond me. It took 3 years before an A-HOPE kid went to IU. In the first 3 years they sent kids to Michigan State and UCLA and Southern Utah and Hartford and New Orleans… but not IU.

    And just because the foundation is based out of Bloomington doesn’t mean the kids ever set foot on IU soil. They go to high schools on places like North Carolina and Virginia and New Hampshire and Illinois and Florida and Alabama and Nebraska… but only 2 kids have ever gone to school in Indiana, and that was in Richmond, and neither went on to IU to play basketball.

    How did this story ever get any teeth whatsoever? Did people just decide not to fact check? It should have been summarily dismissed. I guess the Establishment does exist.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Isn’t the conflict the fact that the person involved in A-Hope also had strong ties to the AAU program most of our top recruits were involved.

    A booster can’t provide an Indiana player with a couple cheap gifts but he can get his son a job within the program? The salary paid for that job is not considered an impermissible gift?

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    I think we got off easy. Should just shut up and move on.

  • Laffy says:

    Hillbilly offers more proof he’s the dumbest person on here and/or the biggest attention-whore alive.

  • FireCrean2013 says:

    Crean is an idiot. He should be fired now.

  • MarkMe says:

    I was about to agree with Laffy on Hillbilly …when suddenly a new contender emerged!

  • FireCrean2013 says:

    ^ You? Absolutely!

    As for Laffy: he’s a moron. Everybody knows that.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Mount Pusuvius –

    I’ve seen the SnailPond forum…You epitomize blasphemous attention-whore filth to a stratospheric pus-filled level.

    You were likely putting Knight-cream all over your oily skin in the heyday our championships won. You continually bash Taso and call people Knight-worshipers on here while being the biggest hypocrite on the universe in your refusal to acknowledge the fact our current coach is more of a “Knight-worshiper” than any former Hoosier, coach, or blogger on Scoop.

  • Podunker says:

    It would be interesting to know what Tom Crean did or did not do to create the level of disdain FC2013 has for him. My guess is that Crean chose not to do something that FC2013 wanted from him. Care to explain the origin of your contempt for Crean, or are you just going to continue laying in the weeds and taking pot shots?

  • Iso T-Storms says:

    Podunker: would you ask a beaver to explain its large teeth? Would you ask the moon to explain its roundness?
    Would you ask a port-o-potty to explain its odor?

    Why do you bother with such questions, Podunker?

  • FireCrean2013 says:

    Absolutely, Crean’s inborn incompetence and congenital smarminess is as evident as a latrine’s odor etc. — but Podunker has always been the slowest poke on the block…

  • Chet says:

    He was several levels of magnitude more successful than Steve Alford and that just kills him.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    “congenital smarminess”

    I have to admit, that’s uber-zest.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Laffy…just a question out of curiosity. You’ve often used the forum to accuse posters, especially those who have Christian beliefs, of gay bashing, being homophobes, and attacking what you seem to consider the use of negative images against gays.

    Yet, either yesterday or the day before that (I believe it was yesterday) you went off on someone and called that person a “fruit-cake”.

    Needless to say, it surprised me.

    Perhaps I don’t understand your categories and fruit cake refers to…well,.. fruit. So if you can shed light, I’d appreciate it.

  • Laffy says:

       [froot-keyk] Show IPA
    a rich cake containing dried or candied fruit, nuts, etc.
    Slang . a crazy or eccentric person; nut.

    I don’t see anything there having to do with homosexuality.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Chet…now that the water spout of the election passed… I had a question about your post the other day referencing the economy and different ‘wasteful’ sectors and investments.

    Yet, Obama seems to also understand a very important point in economic policy, especially when related to apparent wastefulness and what seems to be planned obsolescence, i.e. defense industry and vehicles or equipment such as tanks airplanes that may be outdated the day they hit the streets.

    The biggest concern for the US economy is employment. We see that now when our rate is at (approx) 8.0%, a figure most of the world envies but we consider unacceptable. A little discussed fact is that government spending in capital, equipment and goods is manipulated into huge, huge expenditures we simply may not need or could be more efficient in our investments as a way for government to intervene and sustain full employment.

    In that sense, that is not so much economic policy as social policy. The assumption being that it is better to do ‘pass through’s through General Electric or Boeing than to do so with welfare or employment security checks. Especially when Americans are much more likely to accept that people are working for their checks than ‘on the dole’.

    Just pointing that out. Social Security is more than acceptable because most think (and correctly) that the recipient ‘earned’ it. The problem that Obama may be having with his health program is not so much its concept or the way it will supposedly work as the resistance we have to anyone getting something for ‘no effort’/not earned/welfare, an idea some political extremes have been able to sell.

    Someone once told me that American progress depends on one thing. Absolutely nothing happens until someone sells something to somebody else. That may be so with how we see America as well (thus, the importance of ‘marketing’ as an entirely separate technology of economic growth).

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Laffy…OK…you’ve satisfied my curiosity. I accept your word here. Glad I asked.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Laffy…you fruit cake!

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Crean prefers Bundt cakes….They’re holier than thou typical fruit cake.

  • FireCrean2013 says:

    You mean “holier than [thine]” I suppose…

    Very accurate observation, I must say!

  • Peggy says:

    the resistance we have to anyone getting something for ‘no effort’/not earned/welfare, an idea some political extremes have been able to sell

    Looks like, Tsao, like the “many Americans” you reference, don’t even understand the basic concept of the health care law. The law is doesn’t give handouts to those evil, lazy people you reference. No one is getting anything for free. Instead, it makes everyone buy into the system so that there is more money in the pool. It is ultimately a law that aims to MASSIVELY EXPAND PRIVATE INSURANCE, not distribute government freebies.

    The right is so stuck on “principles” that it ignores what’s actually written down.

  • bdotblot says:

    Peggy, while that is true that there will be more money in the pool, the other half of the equation that hasn’t been addressed is that we haven’t managed to lower health care costs. I agree that everyone should be covered but those that are being added in are the ones that will require more resources to cover (i.e. pre-existing conditions, etc.)

    Other countries have better health care than we do but manage to have lower costs yet our costs continue to rise. We should be looking at finding ways to accomplish this so that we aren’t spending so much of our GDP on healthcare and can focus on other things like our aging infrastructure. Throwing more money at a problem doesn’t necessarily solve said problem.

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