Indiana wins second straight Big Ten game for first time since 2007

Indiana sophomore quarterback Cameron Coffman was benched after the game’s first drive, but returned just before halftime to throw for 315 yards and three touchdowns to lead Indiana to a 24-21 win over Iowa in front of 40,646 at Memorial Stadium. Sophomore wide receiver Cody Latimer caught all three of those touchdown passes, grabbing seven passes for 113 yards, and the Hoosiers won back-to-back Big Ten games for the first time since they beat Iowa and Minnesota in 2007.

The Hoosiers improved to 4-5 overall, 2-3 in the Big Ten, claiming more than one conference victory for the first time since 2007. It’s a victory that allows the Hoosiers to build on the momentum created from last week’s win over Illinois.

“I don’t think our kids are going to get a big head by any means,” Wilson said. “But do you learn how to still come back and be tough and work hard and prepare when you’ve won a game? … Now you’ve got the result. Do it again. Keep working hard and the result is going to repeat itself. It’s a little bit of the snowball mentality. You want to gain momentum as you’re playing through the season.”

The victory also set up the most potentially consequential game at Memorial Stadium in recent memory. The Hoosiers play Wisconsin (6-3 overall, 3-2 in the Big Ten) next week. The winner of that game will have the inside track toward representing the Leaders Division in the Big Ten Championship Game in Indianapolis on Dec. 1. The Badgers and Hoosiers are currently third and fourth respectively in the division, but first-place Ohio State and second-place Penn State are both under postseason banishment because of major NCAA sanctions.

The Hoosiers, unsurprisingly, weren’t looking to address that on Saturday evening.

“We’ve always controlled our own destiny since the first game,” junior wide receiver Kofi Hughes said. “Like we said. This game is over. We won. Now we got Wisconsin. We’re not looking at anything past that.”

It appeared the Hoosiers might have squandered all of the momentum they took from last week’s win over Illinois in the first quarter. Iowa took a 14-0 lead on a 24-yard touchdown pass from quarterback James Vandenberg to wide receiver Kevonte Martin-Manley and an 18-yard interception return for a touchdown by linebacker Christian Kirksey on a pass from Indiana freshman quarterback Nate Sudfeld.

The Hoosiers answered with a 45-yard field goal by kicker Mitch Ewald on the next drive. However, they went three-and-out on the next possession, turned the ball over on downs on the Iowa 8-yard line when junior tailback Stephen Houston was stuffed the next time they had the ball. Then Ewald missed a 38-yard field goal and the Hoosiers were still down 14-3 with 6:48 to go in the first half.

Wilson brought Coffman back in the game in the next possession after he had been benched early in the game, and that proved catalytic. The sophomore junior college transfer led the Hoosiers on a six-play, 87-yard drive in just 1:26, finding Latimer with a 15-yard pass with 47 seconds left to cut the deficit to 14-10 at halftime.

Meanwhile, the Indiana defense posted its best performance against a Big Ten opponent all season. Defensive tackles Adam Replogle and Larry Black Jr. destroyed the Iowa offensive line and the Hoosiers held the Hawkeyes to just 96 rushing yards on 30 carries. It was the first time since the Hoosiers win over Purdue on Nov. 27, 2010 that an IU opponent had failed to rush for at least 100 yards. The Hawkeyes went three-and-out five times, punted eight and turned the ball over twice.
“Our defensive line was just real aggressive against their offensive line,” safety Greg Heban said. “Replogle and Larry Black did an absolutely great job. Going from, myself, 13 tackles to (four), it shows how well the line’s playing. The ball’s not getting back to the safeties.”

The Hoosiers took the lead with a 6-yard touchdown pass from Coffman to Latimer . Iowa got it back on a 4-yard touchdown run by tailback Damon Bullock with 12:17 left, but Indiana took the lead for good on the 30-yard post pass to Latimer with 10:58 to go.

Indiana almost got in trouble with a fourth-quarter fumble by Houston, but Iowa went three-and-out, punting instead of going for it on fourth-and-1 on its own 28, and the Hoosiers took up 4:25 on an eight-play drive that took up just 15 yards, but included a tough run by tailback D’Angelo Roberts for a critical first down. Iowa had the ball with just 18 seconds left and had to resort to a desperate hook and ladder play to try to continue the game before Replogle fell on the fumble.

And so it’s real. Indiana is playing next week for the lead in its division. Even the Hoosiers aren’t ready to talk about that yet.

“We have to win more games,” junior tight end Ted Bolser said. “We haven’t done anything yet. We’re two short of a bowl. We’ll see what happens.”

AUDIO: Kevin WIlson

AUDIO: Greg Heban

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  • Hoosier heart says:

    I’m so proud of this football team. There should be a good turnout against Wisky. I think they can do it.

  • Podunker says:

    How to explain today’s fan turnout? This was a game we were likely to win. Again, I know the weather was bad, but come on. People need to get behind this team, especially if they want the better recruits to play for IU.

  • phenomenal1 says:

    Po, completely agree. What a joke that fan turnout was. I hear the number was announced at 40,600 but that seemed like quite a stretch. The wisconsin game is huge and the team needs some fan support. I loved it that CKW called out hoosier nation and said we need some butts in the stands.

  • davis says:

    I thought it ironic that the biggest play of the game (in my opinion) didn’t make any of the highlight clips I saw. And even worse, it was omitted from the above write-up. I’m referring to Marshall’s 3d Q interception in the end zone. If that wasn’t huge I don’t know what was.

  • Chet says:

    That was, indeed, huge. That is not just a game highlight but a season highlight.

    Big, big play.

    We are accumulating a group of playmakers on this team.

    Could it be? Do we have the guy that can build a program?

    Man, it sure has that feel about it. Could CKW be Indiana’s Barry Alvarez?

  • chris K. says:

    So far, all the signd are pointing in the right direction. Even moreso than with Hopenner, & even Mallory, to be honest. This somehow feels more legitimate. More pure, more completely “his”(KCW) way. 100% from the ground up, not that the others weren’t also, but this is also more extreme, IMHO. There are parallels btween cKW’s 1st 2 seasons, & mallory’s 1st 2 seasons. Mallory, in ’84 they went 0-11, but they were not as bad as last years team. In ’85, they went 4-7, but they weren’t as good as this years team, CKW’s 2nd year, IMHO.

  • iufan23 says:

    I agree with Chris K. I believe that Coach Wilson is now ahead of the rebuilding curve. We said at the start of the season that if we got 3-4 wins and were comptitive in conference matches that this would signal improvement. I think we can all agree that this metric has been met and exceeded.

  • AceBrando says:

    I was a huge fan of CTH when he took over the program, but CKW has proven himself to me to be the perfect coach with the perfect philosophy for our program. I recall in the CTH era, the mantra was “Play 13”. In other words, the goal was to do well enough to earn a bowl bid. The team rallied around that and did in fact earn a bowl bid just after his untimely death. With CKW, it isnt really about bowls at all, nor is it about wins or losses. Instead of being goals to achieve, those are the results. Our goals now are work hard every day in practice, eat the right foods, build your body, study hard. Goals that have nothing (and yet everything) to do with the win/loss record. And now that the team has seemingly bought into this philosophy, and with some great recruits signing on for next season and beyond, i think we are on the eve of something really big for IU football, regardless of what happens these last three weeks of the season!

  • Gary N. says:

    Attendance concerns me. I definately could see CKW leaving if he puts his heart and soul into building the program and noboby comes to the games. I also believe that if there is consistantly good product on the field the fans will show.
    This team is so fun to watch and they are getting better each week. If they could get to a bowl, the extra practice would do wonders for next season and beyond.

  • J Pat says:

    Guys, I have 2 small kids and it hailed on us just a couple miles from the stadium…hailed for like 10-12 minutes and very hard. Lightning strikes everywhere…the late start and you have poor attendance. The place will be packed for Wisky this Saturday at clear and 68 degrees!

  • J Pat says:

    If you live in Indiana…vote for Glenda Ritz to keep fine arts, cut down standardized testing, better budgets to keep classrooms smaller and more assistants…thank you, my job depends on it!!! Sorry this is off topic.

  • Podunker says:

    Gary N.; I could see Wilson leaving if he felt attendance was adversely affecting his efforts to recruit the type of players necessary to win in the Big Ten. That would be devastating. I know for a fact that crowd size and enthusiasm affect the perceptions of High School and JC football players when considering what school to play for. They want to be part of an exciting environment. Tom Crean and IU basketball enjoy the benefit of large and vocal crowds when they host recruits for a campus visit and home BB game. TV commentators never fail to point out how loud and enthusiastic IU’s fans are in Assembly Hall during BB games. It’s a great atmosphere, and who what High School kid would not be impressed with that level of support.

    Some people believe IU’s football program gets the fan support it deserves. I see it the other way around. The Hoosier Nation will get the football team it deserves. If Hoosier fans don’t support the football team, by going to the games and making some noise, no coach, no matter how talented he is, will ever be able to transform IU football into a consistently competitive Big Ten program. What big time High School football player wants to play their home games in front of 30,000 people, especially when every other football program in the Big Ten, and hell, even some MAC teams, have higher attendance? This team is getting better and they are fun to watch, Bloomington is a great town, IUB is a beautiful campus and the football team needs Hoosier fans to attend the home football games.

  • iuhoosier1992 says:

    Another big play was Roberts 2 yard carry on 3 and 1. He carried a few guys to get those two yards to keep that drive going that practically sealed the game. You won’t see that in the highlights either.

  • Chet says:

    That was not only a big play in that game but it was big in that CKW was sending a message to Houston. By having Roberts carry the ball when it should have been Houston pounding for the yardage it let him know that his bouncing around was not going to be tolerated.

    I’ll bet we don’t see any of that out of Houston on Saturday.

  • AceBrando says:

    I firmly believe the fans are there, and will respond in a big way to the improvement that IU is showing. Wisconsin game should be an awesome environment. Personally, i just dont see a situation where IU turned the corner but for some reason the fans didnt come out to support them. There is a huge fan base all across Indiana who would gladly make the drive each Saturday (me included) to watch the Hoosiers win!

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Davis…totally right!

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    ChrisK…celebrate what we’ve got and it does have a great feel to it. CKW is the right man, having began to change a culture of losing and giving us self-esteem to back the player’s determination.

    But, we need not demean in any way the great overall history and legacy that Coach Mallory left us, the great Rose Bowl year under John Pont and the hope left by Coach ‘Rock’ Hoeppner for us to build on. Nor is there a need to compare them…just to remember how good good can be.

    That’s what winners from a winning culture do, not look back and compare…just look at the next win.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Ace Brando…#8 is a great post!! When fans add jewels like this one, we caught the train…!

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    We all wished the stands were full, or at least looked like they did vs Ohio State.

    But, be reasonable and be truthful. No one with kids younger than driving age, nor with family there that had any type of a health issue had any business there. A lap child, a baby or a 7 year old??? Are you nuts? This is a game, fandom is out of love not an insane overdone sens of obligation and even then it has limits.

    No excuse or justification needed JPat! None!

    No one should criticize nor question the decisions made by parents for their families. I would bet even CKW would tell you that!

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    JPat…re school budgets, expanding curriculum and smaller classsize with more support and professional services. Lets increase taxes!

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Chet…not only did Roberts run it, but Wilson sent him in with strict instruction and a compass arrow tattoo pointed N on his face guard.

    I would guess that Houston this week can look at the mirror and see the same arrow tattooed on his chest also pointing due N; running right through his belly button. (Two points make a straight line)

  • J Pat says:

    Tsao, no matter how it is done…it is best for the future of America and after teaching for 13 years…it is not looking too bright. We cannot count on the home/parents so whatever it takes to get it done…I will pay the taxes personally if that is the answer. I know this does not have much to do with you living in Chicago but Tony Bennett is running education into the ground in Indiana…hoping to break up unions. Research the states that don’t have unions and see where they rank in total education. We are in a bad place. Of course I am looking at it from the lens of an educator. After what he said this weekend…if he is elected I will be lucky to have a job after 2014…very sad! Anyway, I am not into politics but a lot is at stake with this local election and education.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    JPat…when teachers are good, six figure salaries should be the norm. Not one iota of disagreement on that issue. When teachers are below average (about 20-30%) and very poor (bordering on illiteracy), that last group should be fired immediately and without a process based on children’s progress.

    You and I know that some of these children hit a bad teacher in the third grade (or the seventh for that matter)who knows and understands little math and is standing in front of a class teaching it. We are insane! Those children, as of that moment, can not ever be engineers, doctors, scientists- chemistry, physicists- through our bad standards and tolerance for ineptitude we’ve condemned and locked them into ignorance for the rest of their lives and impacted THEIR children as well.

    And that happens, all too often, not only in Chicago, Gary (where it is like a tradition), and Indianapolis (please Dr White!!) but, as likely, in rural states. And, the unions have been just as complicit as the politicians.

    That’s why the choice of public Charter schools is becoming the option. Teachers and administrators can be held accountable, resources preserved (for good teacher salaries, classroom resources)and the tax payer respected.

    Look at your kid (kids?) tonight JPat. Of course, we’ll all pay increased taxes…but we want some results that allow and give our kids the right to dream with attending Indiana University. Currently, the universities turn to overseas applicants to fill out the numbers needed in admits. What do you want for your kids?

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    JPat…I had a teacher’s union official come to my office to complain about what the teachers were facing on a daily basis. Parents that did not feed their kids breakfast, who didn’t supervise their rest, that were completely uninvolved in their nurturing,who would not discipline their kids about doing their tasks, parents who could not read nor make change themselves, who never attended teacher conferences and simply did not seem to have any concern with their children’s success in (grammar) school.

    I listened, understood her frustration, nodded as she spoke. When she was done and paused…I thought about it and got up. I offered her my hand and walked to the door.

    ‘Where are you going?”, she asked.

    “To let my assistant know to prepare the necessary documents to end the year (it was November) and close the schools.”

    “There’s just no point to even try educating them, if what you say is true ” I told her. “Let’s just close the schools”.

    Didn’t see her again the rest of the year. (She did resurface the following union negotiation arguing against accountability methods and against abolition of tenure after the second year of employment).

  • J Pat says:

    Tsao, good points actually. Tell you what I want for my kids…I want the two teachers who were not hired back because of budget cuts back so my kids are in smaller classes and get more individualized help…I want 4 counselors instead of 1 (3 let go for budgets and one is not enough)…I want it back to 8 assistants instead of 3 so included speacial ed kids can get more help and are not a threat to our kids, I want more $$$ for “Bullying” workshops so my kids are not bullied (thank God they have not been but others are on a daily basis)…I want more $$$ in the schools so my kids can have PE, Art, and Music again (it was cut), I want real health teachers and not someone without a degree in Health…same goes for science…I want a less cumbersome evaluation system so our principlas can finally discipline again instead of doing paperwork…that is about it. Education went to crap when Daniels so proudly balanced our budget and so many teachers were given pink slips and programs dropped…oh, I want elem sports in my schools again (dropped $$$) and my kids schools and I want social advocates that are paid like they should be for their degrees…

    It has never been about the paycheck for me…I started coaching 4-5 year olds at the YMCA down south when I was 15 and still do it today…I have coached every level…I love to teach kids! I know I will never see 60,000 in southern Indiana and we are practical, I don’t care about that. I do care that my school corp has frozen our pay and I am making less than I was 14 months ago after getting a Masters and working to put myself through undergrad. Why is this happening…Daniels and Bennett…budgets!!!

    As far as bad teachers…yes, I agree and they are in my kids school and my school but they are few and far between. As Matt Damon said “why the hell would anyone go to school to be a teacher and make that kind of money”…we do it because we want to help kids.

    I am from a family of educators…this paying teachers for test score crap is crazy! Anyone with half a brain knows it is a crap shoot…one year you can get kids that are bright from supportive homes and one year special ed kids (No assistant to help) and bad home life…should my pay refelct that when there is not an equation set up tp offset the years I have a really low group.

    I have a buddy who teaches in CPS after 5 years in Gary…I respect the stand those teachers took recently and we might have to do the same!

    Bottom line is more $$$ are needed in the schools!!!

    PS I am going to help my kids with their homework now…almost 70% of our parents do not help kids or set a timer for kids to work on homework or study…that teacher you turned away..she was not wanting to hang it up…it was a cry for help!!!

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