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  • davis:

    H4H- good point about OSU 2d stringers not being 2d string for long so [...]

  • vesuvius13:

    H4h, a Gilligan' Island reference for the football team... I bite, thi [...]

  • Harvard for Hillbillies:

    You don't worry about riding the bench at OSU......The guy one ahead w [...]

  • Harvard for Hillbillies:

    ^^^That's funny. And Mike....I'm kidding. It's great [...]

  • davis:

    PO, HC and Y'all: Of course the difficulty in recruiting any players t [...]

  • davis:

    Yeah, PO, a team (football or otherwise) needs to know who's leading. [...]

  • davis:

    Nice reminder of why I hardly ever bother to play these clips. I can' [...]

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