Noah Vonleh commits to Indiana

New Hampton coach Pete Hutchins confirmed a report from Evan Daniels of that Noah Vonleh has committed to Indiana. Vonleh, a 6-foot-9 power forward with perimeter skills, took an official visit to Indiana this weekend. He is the No. 7 player in the nation according to More to come.

UPDATE: More on Vonleh

Indiana has apparently closed out its 2013 class with a top 10 player.

Noah Vonleh, a 6-foot-9, 222-pound forward from Haverhill, Mass., and New Hampton Prep school in New Hampshire, verbally committed to Indiana on Saturday according to his coach Pete Hutchins. Evan Daniels of originally reported the commitment.

Vonleh is the No. 7 player in the Class of 2013 according to He had been a part of the Class of 2014 before reclassifying earlier this year. He had numerous other scholarship offers, including those from Arizona, Florida, Kansas, North Carolina, Ohio State, Syracuse and UCLA.

“They did a very good job of recruiting him throughout the process,” Hutchins said late Saturay night. “He felt very comfortable with them I think they demonstrated to him they do an excellent job of player development. I think the future is bright in terms of the direction of the program.”

Vonleh has power forward size and strength but can also handle the basketball and shoot from beyond the 3-point arc, as he displayed during the Adidas Invitational in Indianapolis this summer. That would allow him to seamlessly fit into the hole that will be left by senior forward Christian Watford, although Vonleh is certainly more coveted than Watford was at this stage.

“He’s going to have an opportunity to play multiple positions the way they’ve used Christian Watford as a 4 who spends a lot of time on the perimeter,” Hutchins said. “I think they’ve sold him on that from a position standpoint. He’s certainly a dominant inside player and very effective on the perimeter. That aspect of his game continues to improve.”

That, of course, is the reason he was so coveted. Hutchins said he averaged 16 points and nine rebounds for New Hampton Prep a year ago.

“His overall skill set is very diverse,” Hutchins said. “He can do everything, but hes a very elite rebounder and an elite inside presence. I would assume coach (Tom) Crean will kind of simplify for him what his role is. I would assume he’s going to be a perimeter wing, a 4/3 wing. He’s capable of playing multiple positions on the perimeter the way Indiana plays Christian Watford. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw him coming off ball screens, but at the same time, I’m sure they’ll post him often. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him grab rebounds off the backboard and then take the ball down into the front court. “

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  • HoosierCane says:


    should we be expecting another Scooptalk considering the class coming in now with Vonleh? Always look forward to them.

  • Geoff says:

    What great news. Figured this was coming, and I am little surprised that the services thought he would last into the spring. Almost have to pinch yourself on a daily basis as a Hoosier fan these days. Welcome to the best program in college sports Noah!

    Now my only job Wednesday night is to make sure one of my buddies doesn’t blow out his knee.

  • Geoff says:

    I think that on top of being preseason #1 again next year we will also be the most athletic team in the country…. Yogi, Sheehey, Vic(?), Troy(!), Vonleh, Perea, Hollowell, Stan, Davis(?), REMY…am I forgetting any? If by some act of God Zeller returns… But assuming he doesn’t I just named 9 or 10 superior athletes on the roster.

    This year is going to be great. But it’s also comforting to know that if some bad injuries happen or we get upset in the Elite 8, that we will come back with teams just as strong the next few years.

  • chris K. says:

    O M G!! 1 of the worst days of the year as a Hoosier fan, just ended better than I would have EVER imagined!! Fan”F$%*&ing”tastic!! The 2013 class is now BETTER than this years, IMHO. We have truly arrived now!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chris K. says:

    Call me crazy, but I’l almost looking forwars to next years team more than this one(not really, but…. Ofcourse a lot can happen between now & then, but if all goes as planned or even close to it, we will be absolutely loaded with athleticly gifted, long, lean players. Perea, Vonleh, Oladipo, Sheehey, Williams, Ferrel, Robinson,Abel,Fischer, Jurkin. The days of worrying about front line depth & strength will be looooong gone. Luke Fischer, I’m told, is a diamond in the rough waiting to bloom. Its unlikely all 6 committs for next year will actually be here, but I’m hoping Fischer still comes here. It feels soooo good to be back in the conversation again. Every conversation that matters, & to look forward to seasonS-plural. The program is back now.

  • chris K. says:

    Whoops-I forgot Jeremy Hollowell, who while he looked very green the other night, also showed the talent,length, agility & versatilty that makes a difference at this level. I was encouraged!

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    chris k-

    I agree, but I don’t think Hollowell looked all that “green.” I was very impressed with Hollowell. He shows many the traits a Remy Abell..Multi-skilled with a solid looking frame. A more natural shooting stroke than Remy(release reminded me a bit of Jamarcus Ellis)..A very cool customer that appears to have some court savvy beyond his years. It will be interesting to watch him develop and gain confidence as the season progresses.

  • Aruss says:

    Great news to help erase the CKW debacle today.

    Remember you heard it here first: I think Yogi might be a one and done who will head to the League in the spring.

  • Geoff says:

    Harvard/Chris – on Hollowell… I guess it depends on your definition of green. I thought that he certainly looked like he could contribute at this level right away, in that sense he didn’t look green. But it definitely took him a half to catch up to the speed of the game and work out his nerves, so in that sense he was green. Even if it only lasted for 1 half of 1 game. My guess is that it will happen again against Georgia, and then again against UNC, and then again in his first home B1G game, and in his first road B1G game, etc etc…. In other words each time there is a step up in talent or intensity he will struggle for just a bit to get acclimated.

    He seems to me to be a fairly cerebral player, which can be good and bad. He didn’t struggle to be in the right place the other night, but when he got the ball in his hands you could see the wheels start turning. He was very good around the basket in traffic when instincts just kick in, but on an island on the perimeter it wasn’t smooth. His 2 jump shots were… Wow… Brutal. If we didn’t already know better we’d think he should never shoot again. But certainly, as he gets more comfortable that flow will come and he’s so gifted that he’ll become a big and consistent contributor.

  • Ron says:

    I suppose that somebody has varified Pete Hutchins
    does not have any IU stickers on his car…?

  • Geoff says:

    So now that we’re talking again about future teams, I’ll throw this out there too. Next year I could see us being thin in the backcourt, even if Yogi stays, and the following year I could see us being thin in both the backcourt and bigs, unless Yogi stays his term.

    2013 – Vic and Zeller could both declare and Hulls graduates.. This leaves us with a backcourt of Yogi, Robinson, and Abell. That’s it, unless you want to throw in Marlin. There is also a chance that Creek plays another year, and in this scenario it’s basically necessary and therefore more likely. As Aruss said, there is a chance Yogi is gone, even tho I think it’s unlikely, that would almost put us in desperation mode in the backcourt. I guess you could be worse than Creek, Abell, and Stan as your only 3 rotation guards, but it certainly will be THE weakness of the team, and I don’t know that Remy can be a pure PG.

    2014 – here’s where I see it more likely that Yogi leaves, and barring a medical redshirt Vic is definitely gone, as is Creek. So now we have Abell, Stan, and Blackmon… again you could do worse, but this scenario makes me feel like we need Lyle or Russell, or some rising PG recruit that isn’t on our board right now. In the front court we could have similar issues with our bigs… With Zeller almost certainly gone, and it being fairly likely that Vonleh could be too, we now have Fisher and maybe Jurkin. Sure there are teams in worse shape than that, but this group is begging for the addition of Cliff Alexander or another immediate-impact big.

    Obviously we are set for the future with wings and tweeners – Hollowell, Williams, Davis, Hartman/Etherington (doubt both), Sheehey, and guys like Perea and Vonleh that can play bigger than they are. I guess what I’m looking at here are teams built similarly to Crean’s at Marquette.

    Not that it’s bad to ave a bunch of 6’6″ to 6’8″ athletes out on the court, I am just of the opinion that its always best to have your strengths at PG and C – those are the 2 most efficient positions in basketball. They either get you good shots or take high % shots themselves. They are the 2 positions most necessary to getting out and running so your athletes can get transition buckets. Rebound -> outlet -> decision -> bucket…. The athlete doesn’t touch it until the end.

    So yeah, I think as long as Yogi, Zeller, and Vonleh stay we are in GREAT shape, but if all of them are cleared out by the start of the 2014 season we better have picked up a couple more blue-chippers in that class, at those specific positions, or we’ll be vulnerable.

    Ok, back to enjoying the ass-whoopings we’ll be handing out this year.

  • Chet says:

    I’m guessing CTC is three steps ahead of everyone else on this.

  • Geoff says:

    Probably – and I don’t really have any concerns, given recent history, that he be able to sign top notch guys. I just wonder if his underlying philosophy is to gather interchangeable wing-sized athletes, or if having Cody has made him covet that iconic centerpiece… I don’t doubt we’ll have as much talent as anyone in the country, I just hope it will always be as evenly distributed through the positions as it is now.

  • Laffy says:

    Great job Crean!!!!

    4guardretard must be crying in his beer.

  • Aruss says:

    Watching videos of Noah and he reminds me of a thicker, more physical Shawn Kemp.

  • Geoff says:

    I wonder what Trey is thinking these days…

    “Damn, I blew it.”
    “I wonder if they’ll take me back?”
    “That blue T-shirt was so freaking itchy!”
    “At least I probably won’t have to play IU until the tournament…”

  • chris K. says:

    You really think Oladipo & or Ferrell could leave after this year?? Wow, if so, I’m sure gonna’ love this season, cuz’ they’ll have to have an amazing year to drive their draft stock high enough to consider coming out. That won’t happen, but I too wondered if we’ll be too thin in the backcourt next yuear, but of all those swingmen, a couplke will have good enough handles to carruy us. I hope Either way, I’d rather be thin there than the frontcourt. Blackmon will be here as well, remember.

  • chris K. says:

    well, in 2014. Guess that won;t help us, but again, this i so far in th future, who knows what will happen.

  • Laffy says:

    So glad Crean didn’t beg Trey or grovel to him.

  • SpankyBTown says:

    I have faith that Crean has ahold of the scholarship situation, but I’ll be disappointed if he has to force someone out to make room.

    As I understand it: We can oversign by one, so we need to have room for five LOIs from loss of existing scholarships. Jordy, CW and Elston are gone. So we need room for two LOIs from loss of existing, non-senior scholarship players. I suspect that Zeller is EITHER gone to NBA OR will pay his own way if he stays (no inside info, just my expectation/tea leaf reading).

    So, Coach Crean needs to expect the loss of one other existing, non-senior scholarship.
    Possibilities include:
    Sheehey, Oladipo, or Yogi going pro (would dearly miss each of them, but I would have no problem with it). Based on VERY little in season data, seems like Yogi would be a first round pick. Oladipo does not seem there yet nor does SHeehey.
    Etherington–either by transfer (do not like it) or by paying his own in-state tuition (no problem if he and his family can do it.
    Hartman–decides to play elsewhere or be a non-scholarship player. Don;t like either of these options.

  • indianavelt says:

    You better BIGREDcognize …. GO HOOSIERS!

  • PeeWee says:

    Creek along with the 3 seniors will be gone. Creek’s scholarship won’t be renewed. Time to move on. We’ll have better talent than him. Still don’t see Zeller going pro after 2. One of the next year’s recruits won’t set foot on campus. One will go to prep school. That leaves one oversign. Oladipo is and won’t be ready for NBA, but may make a move. I could see Yogi going pro, but my gut tells me he likes the college scene and wants an education. So someone will transfer to free up the last scholarship. All is just my humble opinion.

  • Beard says:

    I will begin by saying I am ecstatic. I will also apologize to those who think we should only celebrate this and not speculate as to what may happen in 2013-14 regarding scholarships.

    By my calculations we will lose Hulls, Watford, and Elston. That puts IU at 10 scholarships. With 6 verbal commits for 2013 (Vonleh, Williams, Robinson, Fisher, Davis, and Hartman) that means that some combination of 3 players will not be on scholarship or a part of the program next season. Here is a list of those players and the year they will be in next year with a little commentary as to what I think could happen with each.

    1.) C Cody Zeller (Junior)– of all the 16 possible remaining players he is the one I am sure we all would most prefer to be back, but also the one most likely to leave. My guess is that there is a 85% or more chance he makes the leap to the NBA. If Cody wants to come back there is no question he will have a scholarship. Some have speculated he would pay his own way, but I doubt it. You just never see that with top level players. Nor should they in my opinion. That means his is most likely the 4th scholarship to open up.

    2.) G/F Victor Oladipo (Senior) — there is some chance VO could turn pro but I think there is probably less than 50% chance of that happening. I would actually put the chances at 33% chance of him going pro or less. If he decides to come back there is no chance he won’t have a scholarship.

    3.) G Yogi Ferrell (Soph.) — it is awful early to make any guesses on Ferrell based on 1 regular season game, but I do think some NBA team would be happy to take him if he declared for the pros after this season. I also think it would be at best a late 1st or early to mid 2nd rounder that would be his top end selection. Coming back for a second year could only improve his draft stock. Still there is some chance he would go pro. I will put this estimate of going pro at 20% or less. Again, just like with Cody and VO, if he comes back he will be one of the 13 scholarship players.

    4.) Will Sheehey G/F (Senior) — there has been some speculation that if he had a great year this year he might consider going pro; however remote that may be. Let us put this at 5% or less. If Will comes back he too will be one of the scholarship players.

    5.) Hanner Perea F (Soph.) — prior to the suspension and foot injury there was probably some chance Hanner could have thought about going pro. There is no question he has a pro body and would get drafted if he went into the draft. Probably only as a mid to late 2nd round flyer by a team, but still he would likely get drafted on potential alone. However, the injury and suspension have probably reduced the already small chance for his raw talent develops enough to try for the pros. Thus, I would put his chances at going pro as being less than 5% just like with Sheehey. Yet another player using up one of IU’s 13 scholarships for next year.

    6.) Jeremy Hollowell F (Soph.) — I can’t see him going pro and I cannot see him transferring either. I would have to think the chances of him being an IU scholarship player in 2013 as being 95%+ chance. My only concern might be does he take a look at the numbers and see a situation where Perea, Vonleh, William, Sheehey, and VO are all ahead of him at forward and he wants to go elsewhere to seek more playing time. If so, then maybe he should be in the 80% range.

    7.) Peter Jurkin C (Soph.) — (see Hollowell explanation)

    8.) Noah Vonleh F (Freshman) — assuming he signs, he will have one of the 13 scholarships. Chances of him being on scholarship at IU next year 90%+.

    9.) Troy Williams F (Freshman) — (see Vonleh explanation)

    10.) Luke Fischer F/C (Freshman) — (see Vonleh and Williams explanation adding I think he is even more likely to sign and is at 95%+)

    11.) Stanford Robinson G (Freshman) — (see above explanation with Vonleh, Williams, and Fischer — he is also in the Fischer boat of 95%+ chance of coming)

    ***From here we shift from the question of “will this player consider going pro” to the question of “will this player choose to transfer or revoke his verbal commitment”:

    12.) Devin Davis F (Freshman) — I really cannot see Davis de-commiting. I suppose he could choose to go to prep school and wait for Vonleh to be one and done and for Hanner to go pro after his sophomore season then Davis could come to IU to fill the spot. Still I think he could contribute at the 10th to 13th man next year and he has to talent to be that “spark/glue guy” off the bench and the mentality to be willing to accept that role. I would put his chances as being one of IU’s 2013 scholarship player at 85%+

    13.) Remy Abell G (Junior) — he could transfer, but I’m not sure why. The backcourt depth is that deep even if Yogi and VO are back. Even if Robinson passes him on the depth chart he is still the #4 guard and will get time in that role. He seems to embrace his role as a backup and plays with tons of energy off the bench and has improved a lot over his first season and into his second season. I expect that to continue and I expect to see him at IU again in 2013. Chances of him being a scholarship player is probably 95%+.

    14.) Mo Creek G (Senior) — Mo will possibly have graduated and will be a candidate to have the same thing happen to him that happened to Roth this year. Nobody wants this to happen after seeing how hard he has fought to come back. But if he graduated maybe he would see his pro career is not likely to materialize and that he would want to get a graduate degree. Would his area of study be best completed at another school? If so it may behoove him to transfer and I think he could do so without sitting out. Still, I think Mo has progressed enough this year that he would be an excellent backcourt contributor next year. Thus, his chances of returning has to be roughly 70% or so.

    ***Now we get into rank speculation as to who will be rounding out the rest of the roster. Marlin, R. Smith, Wayer, and Howard who are all underclassmen walk-ons would probably be back in the same role next season.

    15.) Austin Etherington G/F (Junior) — it is simply hard to see Etherington getting much playing time unless Yogi and VO go pro and Creek decides to transfer to pursue his grad degree. I suspect Etherington will be faced with the choice of transferring or opting to become a walk on. It just seems like he needs to get a lot of things to happen in order for him to even be the #13 scholarship guy. At best I see Etherington and his situation as a toss up to being on scholarship. I would put it at about 40% if I had to be more specific.

    16.) Colin Hartman G/F (Freshman) — Hartman is in a similar spot to Etherington. I’m not sure which one of the two would make the better college player. I bet Purdue wished they had both of these last two guys. Could Hartman go the prep school route and maybe he just looks at the numbers and says, “Wow! I don’t see myself playing much at IU for a couple of years.” I would probably put Hartman being at IU at a pure 50/50 coin toss.

    I know this is approaching the longest post in Hoosier Scoop history but let’s try to summarize what I just posted:

    I think Zeller will go pro. That means IU needs a few additional items to happen before they can get all 6 verbal commits to sign and become scholarship players. I think the players most in question will be Creek, Hartman, and Etherington. I believe this makes the 13 scholarships next year look like this:

    1.) Victor Oladipo G/F Sr.
    2.) Will Sheehey G/F Sr.
    3.) Remy Abell G Jr.
    4.) Yogi Ferrell G So.
    5.) Hanner Perea F So.
    6.) Peter Jurkin C So.
    7.) Jeremy Holloway F So.
    8.) Noah Vonleh F Fr.
    9.) Troy Williams F Fr.
    10.) Luke Fischer C Fr.
    11.) Stanford Robinson G Fr.
    12.) Devin Davis F Fr.

    13.) left to be taken by Creek (SR.), Etherington (JR.), or Hartman (FR.)

    How does everyone else see the scholarship situation shaking out?

  • Aruss says:

    Beard – wow is all I can say. You need a blog or something.

  • the league says:

    I laugh loudly any time I see Oladipo mentioned as leaving early. Hoosier fans are supposedly extremely knowledgeable about basketball but they must lose sight of Vic’s weaknesses because of his amazing athleticism. The NBA is full of athleticism and that alone can’t get you drafted. You have to be extremely skilled offensively and defensively. Vic simply does not have an NBA game at all at this point. He is a poor man’s Shannon Brown and Brown worked very hard to carve out a niche in the league. Vic is a great college player and I root for him like crazy, but a future pro he is not.

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