Tom Crean meets Bob Knight after Indiana’s 66-53 win over Georgia


  • Jeremy Price says:

    Feel free to begin the caption contest, everyone.

  • Jackie says:

    Did Knight talk to the team?

  • Raul Duke says:

    Would love to see the photos, been trying for 20 minutes.

  • Dane Fife says:

    His true colors if you didn’t already know…

  • Born in 76 Call me greatness says:

    Sorry guys, I am a Bobby Fan and an Avid IU-Tom Crean fan, but this doesn’t look like a very warm welcome. It looks like Bobby is thinking; “Get the hell away from me”. Crean looks shocked at Bobbies response and It also looks like Dan is telling Crean to let it be. I could be reading the expressions wrong but Bobby looks like he’s trying to get the hell away from him. IU wronged Knight, but Crean and the people that are at IU now had nothing to do with it. I dont know if Crean should have gavce him space or not. I believe he should

  • Jackie says:

    Glad to see. M not the only one who can’t download the pics.

  • PeeWee says:

    I agree Born in 76. Knight did not want this to happen and he looks it. He wants Crean to go away.

  • FireCrean2013 says:

    Right click on them open them in another tab. How can you not open them? Can you guys not click on a link?

  • Caleb says:

    Coach Crean please now stop your incessant pursuit of Bob Knight’s appreciation. The man just does not have the ability to allow himself to move on. You’ve made every effort. Let him come now or let him stay away.

    You are above this any longer Coach Crean. Appreciate what you tried to do, but you are the coach of the #1 team in the country….Exactly none of that is due to Bob Knight.

  • Ferris S. says:

    Listening to Knight with the color commentary, there was clearly some affection for IU deep down in there somewhere. To me, that was enough.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Photo #3 is priceless. Hunting trip, anyone?

  • FireCrean2013 says:

    Crean is saying: “<slobber> &ltslobber>” (no distinguishing words, just the sound of his drool slowly dripping his face and hitting the floor…)

  • FireCrean2013 says:

    Sorry: <slobber>, <slobber>…

  • cincyiufan says:

    whatever positive feelings Hoosier Nation once had for Bob Knight are increasingly fading with each passing day. He is a sad, bitter old man. While he actually said the word “Indiana” several times tonight, he just couldn’t bring himself to compliment CTC. I, for one, wish we would stop trying to gain his approval. It’s sorta like a child continually trying to get a neglectful parent to pay attention to them. Thank goodness IU fired him or we would never be in the current position of making a run at another NCAA Championship with Coach Tom Crean

  • AWinAZ says:

    Bottom line is:
    -Knight is clearly trying to avoid him & won’t give Crean the time of day.
    -Dan is playing bodyguard for some reason.
    -Crean has done everything he could to bring closure to this situation….inviting back former players, honoring them, IU hall of fame for Knight, etc….but Knight thinks he should still be coaching at IU & thinks he is still the best coach in college basketball.
    -Knights fund raising gravy train runs through IN…book signings, speeches, fund raisers….he comes back to take your $ but doesn’t embrace the fans, the school, the state.
    -I’m a lifelong Knight fan but his behavior is appalling (again).
    -Why do you think he’s selling his rings folks? He doesn’t care about IU, the fans, the school. And despite the entirely new administration, he holds a silly grudge.
    -We fans, & Crean, want closure, but Knight is playing the classless bully he always was.

  • SS8941 says:

    So what, he didn’t smile. Get over it. You are all reading way too much into this.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Knight has meant a lot to Indiana and to the game of basketball; as far as I am concerned, still does. If you disagree, that’s fine as well.

  • Born in 76 Call me greatness says:

    If you’re a true IU fan then you cant help but have a place for knight in your heart. But i agree he is making me sick with his behavior. In the end I am an IU fan. Knight gave us great memories but Crean is GIVING us great memories. Change the subject; Where is Pat now? Drunk in a west texas town?

  • Spe says:

    For what it is worth…my opinion.

    Have any of you ever been prideful a bit too long? Maybe took a joke a little too far? Tried to teach someone a lesson and end up hurting the other person? I certainly know I am. I am a proud man and make mistakes all the time. Sometimes I get in over my head with teaching other people a lesson. What I’m getting at is this–I believe Coach Knight had every right to feel angered, betrayed, and mistreated at the end of his coaching tenure here. I think he decided to act prideful and not come back to IU. I do believe many of us would act in a similar matter. Perhaps this feud has raged out of control and Coach Knight no longer feels like he can return. Think about it, if he returns now, a good portion of the fanbase will welcome it; meanwhile the other portion could care less/claim it took long/tell him he’s been wrong all these years. Well I’m not sure he’s willing to do such a thing and I can’t blame him.

    Bottom line is, from listening to his commentary, it is easy to tell he still holds a place in his heart for his time here at IU. He may not love the institution, but he doesn’t wish evil on anyone (except maybe a deserved NCAA). Whether or not he comes back in this life matters not. He remains an imperfect man, like all of us, but with legendary coaching status.

  • David Wegener says:

    The horse is dead; get off of it.

  • Podunker says:

    Crean does not diminish himself by being respectful to one of the greatest coaches in college basketball history. He took the high road. When Crean wins his first Championship, we can all move on, and Bob Knight can either join in the celebration or fade further from the memories of the Hoosier nation. His choice.

  • Denise Hayden says:

    Cosch Knight did great things at IU. All being slowly diminished by his angry, bitter attitude. How sad for all IU fans. The man needs to build a bridge and get over it. At least Coach Crean was trying to be polite and gracious. I am grateful for that.

  • CJ4IU says:

    Being an avid and lifelong fan of Coach R. M. Knight, I am deeply saddened by the hurt & pain that coach just isn’t able to let go of. He was wronged, no doubt about it, but that idiot Miles Brand & his cronies are gone. The fans NEVER turned on him nor the players of today. He is now only hurting himself & those who still dearly love him.

  • Ron says:

    Sad series of pictures. Should have sent Jordy over instead

  • bhy2 says:

    As much as I hate to say it, Knight does not look like he wanted this encounter. It does not give Dan the right to put his hands all over Coach Crean. I have a much fonder view of Coach Knight than most, but this is ridiculous. He needs to get off his pedestal and realize he is the same as all of us. He is a basketball genious, but no better than any of us. He has to be the most stubborn person in the world. The longer he keeps this up, the more respect I lose for him.

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