Indiana falls to No. 6 in both polls

Indiana fell to No. 6 in both the Associated Press poll and the USA Today coaches’ poll on Monday after losing 88-86 to Butler on Saturday. The previously unranked Bulldogs also broke into both polls at No. 19 in the AP and No. 25 in the coaches’ poll.

Duke moved up to No. 1 in both polls and Michigan moved up to No. 2. Syracuse, Louisville and Arizona were the three other teams in the top five in both polls with Syracuse No. 3 in both. Arizona was No. 4 in the AP poll and Louisville was No. 5. The two teams switched spots for the coaches’ poll.


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  • Chicago Hoosier says:

    I like Dustin’s commnet that it is only December. It is good for IU to see it has some weak areas.

    I really see IU having issues with Illinois this year, they have big fast guards. I would like to see Vic and Will guarding these 2 guards.

  • Bft says:

    Wow chicago hoosier, if you see iu having trouble with illini what on earth will they face vs osu and michigan?

  • Laffy says:

    I don’t buy into the “It’s only December” too much because this team is not getting better as the season progresses.

    As most have said, we heard countless times where Zeller has an outside game. Well, where is it? If he can’t show it against Cupcake City, how is he going to show it against the Big Ten when it’s the toughest conference in the country?

    Same with his “playing like a man.” Hopefully the Butler game wakes him up on that front.

    And I’d sit Watford the rest of the year until/unless he pulls his head out of his rump.

    We’re not going to win with him playing that way anyway so we might as well let Hanner get the experience he badly needs and look to next year when we’ll have players that can actually rebound.

    If we lost every game from now on but actually TRIED to win, I’d be their biggest cheerleader.

    Even when we had Knight, I really didn’t give a crap about our win-loss record. It was all about, “Did we play to the best of our abilities?”

    In fact, I used to have a picture above my desk of Knight with the quote, “Your real competition is yourself”….or something like that.

  • Podunker says:

    The way they played Saturday, I don’t think they deserve to be ranked in the top ten right now.

    Arizona is over-rated at #4. Their victory at home against Florida was a bit of a fluke.

    We need our bigs to step up in a major way and rebound like big boys.

  • Old Hoosier says:

    Laffy, another Knight quote,”Bench gives message to A$$,A$$ gives message to BRAIN…or something like that.

  • Nater says:

    A loss doesn’t break us, it can be a learning lesson. However, too many learning lessons can result in a 6 seed. Which results in a tough road. Which results in a crap feeling. So…..lets win, baby!

    The subbing nearly had me dizzy on Saturday. I know we are deep but John Wooden once said, “If you have 10 great players, you dont have one great player.” And thats why he played 7 kids. Because thats all you really need. But what did he know….Go IU

  • Laffy says:

    What do you guys think of this article?

    I think it’s pretty much spot on.

    Butler drank our milkshake while we sat there and watched.

    And I’d much rather keep Olidipo next year over Cody but I think Victor is gone. If Zeller leaves, I won’t miss him one bit.

    And don’t tell me “one bad game” because hasn’t shown TOUGHNESS at ALL yet….nor that “great outside shooting ability” we heard 24/7 all summer long.

  • Tripletime says:

    Laffy, I’m not sure you’re living in the same world as the rest of us.

  • Laffy says:

    How so?

    We’ve got the “best player/center in the country” and he barely touched the ball after 3 of their big guys foul out.

    That falls on Crean, the guards and Zeller. None of them fixed the situation.

    Zeller had 0 fouls and 5 rebounds.

    Defense wins championships. Victor is the MAN on D. Zeller? LOL!! Ummmmmmmm…….no.

    Heck, Crean didn’t even trust his D at the end of the game.

    How many team sit an All-American at the end of the game with it on the line?

    That spoke volumes……..

  • Larry says:

    Laffy, my point exactly on the Zeller outside game. He is way to predictable wheb he gets the ball 10-13 ft away from the basket, he is talking it to the basket, period. From my understanding he shot 3’s in high school, Butler defended him well on his dribble drives to the basket.

  • Chet says:

    I never understood the ranking to begin with. It’s not like we were a Final Four team last year.

    That being said, I’m glad we were. Having the number one ranking taken away from these guys might have more of an effect.

    The 1981 Championship team dropped a loss to Texas-Pan American heading into Big Ten play. I remember the sky falling on 3 or 4 different occasions around here last year. It all turned out pretty well.

    So will this. Number six sounds fine right now. I know I sure wouldn’t want to be the next team up. Their coach is hating life right now.

    I really don’t get all the alligator tears. We ALL knew things needed fixing. The team has a ton of flaws. Limitless potential, but a ton of flaws. But these are kids who were told by the sporting press that the were the best team out there. If they believed it, that’s on them. I believe we can win it all but that’s because March is 3 months off and they have a lot of time to improve. If we HAD to lose a game and I could pick a single team off the schedule that we would lose to, it would be Butler. I like the team. Cheered for them as if they were the Hoosiers in the title game. Twice. That’s just me, I know. But, like every other team for the past 26 years, we were gonna lose a game at some point.

    Couldn’t possibly have happened at a better time, IMHO.

  • Laffy says:

    Just read that Crean is all over Twitter defending the players (I don’t use Twitter….saw it on Peegs…..but not the actual Tweets).

    Kinda torn on that one.

    Yes, you need to stick for your guys.

    But you also need to admit when they….and you…..sucked.

    How about saying, “The entire team, especially myself, had our worse game of the season and it was completely unacceptable” and leave it at that?

    I’d rather he be watching film and thinking of ways to make the team better instead of Tweeting, “My guys are great so get off their backs”….or whatever he’s saying…..over and over….

  • Laffy says:

    I agree Chet.

    I’m glad we got punched in the mouth……especially by Butler.

  • bill says:

    I think kentucky lost a game about this time last year to an unranked team and look what they did.

  • Bombay Sapphire says:

    preseason rankings: IU #1
    preseason awards: Zeller for Player of Year
    mock drafts: Zeller #1

    are, have been, and will always be worthless. People holding IU accountable or Zeller accountable need to remember that Zeller is not the one who signed up and declared “I am the greatest.” In fact nothing he’s ever said or done on the court has even hinted that he views himself that way. Not his attitude, his play or his game. It seems like everyone is frustrated because IU was ranked high(they didn’t rank themselves) and Zeller is dudding out(he didn’t rank himself). If you just watch games and see what and who this team is you would still be enjoying the ride of the underdog. Anytime you start Jordan Hulls you are an underdog program. And that is a compliment to Jordan Hulls. I love the underdog so I enjoy this team. Once they are loaded with future nba players it will be much less easy to enjoy. Remember this team says it after each game “we are preparing for the next opponent.” They don’t even think of themselves as high as the fans do. The fans who were hurt that we lost to Butler obviously are fans who prefer to root for the #1 team (out of status/convenience)as opposed to fans who actually know/understand and have played the game of basketball.

  • Laffy says:

    Well, Zeller did brag about his outside shooting….so where is it?

    And I don’t give a crap about the rating except that it was nice to tell recruits that for awhile.

    This team plays better with something to prove and a chip on their shoulder. I think people piling on them will actually help them.

    I do think the #1 thing went to Will’s head and he was too concerned about “getting noticed” with his showboating garbage.

  • Larry says:

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One loss has really brought out the “arm chair quarterbacks” the one’e that lack all knowledge of college bb but can make so many so called factual statements after one loss. The one’s that now lay claim to “I told ya so’s”!!!!

  • Larry says:

    I nagreen with nthis statement by Andy Katz: “• Indiana’s loss to Butler could do for the Hoosiers what the IU loss last year did for Kentucky. Remember, this was an overtime, final-possession loss. Kentucky lost to IU on a last possession last season and then cruised the rest of the season. The difference here is that Indiana is playing in a much tougher conference. Still, this loss should do wonders for the Hoosiers going forward.”

  • santa monica pier says:

    Bombay Sap the problem is the coach. The team is the best in the country but the coach … meh! … as a coach, let me put it this way … he’s pretty good in the Subway commercial.

    Imagine our team coached by Brad Stevens. Whoah!

  • Bombay Sapphire says:

    Disagree about your beef with Will but I respect your view of his actions.
    Sometimes you lose, plain and simple.
    People comparing this team to Kentucky last year are hilarious. Kentucky was a bonafide #1 and won every game except the Wat-shot. Kentucky had legit future nba allstars on its roster. Let’s stop comparing this overachieving(last year) IU roster to Kentucky. Michigan is the closest team to Kentucky. Michigan is 8 points better than IU right now. “Loss should help them going forward.” Is dumbest comment of all time. The game and the way they were competed against, regardless of winning/losing is what helped them not the outcome, any coach will tell you that. IU never thought it would be easy. They lost. On to the next one, the B1G will be even tougher than Banker’s Life Butler.

  • Bombay Sapphire says:

    Santa- I agree that Crean isn’t the best coach. You think he is a bad coach? Like…you think they can’t win because of Crean? I don’t think its that bad. I would say there are at least 3-4 better in game(xs and os) coaches in the B1G than Crean, but I think he does enough with recruiting/motivating/confidence-building that he makes up for it.

  • santa monica pier says:

    the problem with crean is this: he’s a smart man. he has a beautiful family. he has a good heart. he’s a good recruiter (very shrewd person in the best sense) and he has put together a pretty good coaching staff. i hate to see him overwhelmed by the opponent especially when he finally has the team he wanted. i think he’s maybe a bit hyperactive and a bit overcoaching. i hate it when his best moments appear to have happened by chance. i love what he did with will and vic and he has helped jordy a lot. with knight i didn’t like he just seemed to never want to call time out towards the end of the game, let the players figure it out he was saying. with crean it’s exactly the opposite. he sometimes chokes them by interfering with their play too much. so, yes, i think it gets in the way, i really think it does. but i hope i am wrong except it bothers me, you see?

  • Laffy says:

    Oh Jesus.

    It isn’t “one loss” that has people upset. Except for the UNC game, we haven’t looked good at all.

    Don’t brag to me about beating up on cupcakes by 25 points….especially when it took us 10 minutes to “get going” most of the time.

    The people who “know nothing” were the ones screaming, “Why didn’t we get every #1 vote in the country? We’re FAR better than Duke!!!!”


    I agree comparing us to Kaintuck’s team last year is stupid as they had FAR more talent.

    Brad would make MANY teams better, not just ours….though I don’t think even Brad could get Watford to be tough.

    Speaking of Kaintuck, they are having problems this year and they say it’s because the players are “not listening” to Calipari.

    So, was Crean telling our players to dump it to Cody and they didn’t listen or did Crean screw the pooch and not call it?

    He did admit he should have pressed more.

    Just wish people would stop with the “one bad game” after every time we look like crap…..

  • Bombay Sapphire says:

    Santa- I have always been critical of that aspect of Crean’s coaching. I believe he is way to involved during a game, the clapping/yelling/pacing does no one any good. The players/recruits supposedly love it because of his positive energy. But I would prefer he coach during the week and then watch them play, this team is experienced, if they don’t know how to defend on their own, him pacing and clapping on the sideline won’t help. I’d love to see him sit calmly and watch them play for a 10-12 minute stretch ala Boeheim or a Phil Jackson. Or any coach that doesn’t constantly pace/cheer lead. He wants IU to have a leader, he needs to step back and allow a leader to grow, he’s cutting into that growth, he wants to be the face of the program. Its college so he can get away with that. But Jordy and next year Yogi, need to be allowed to be the face, just like Burke is the face of Michigan, not Beilein.

  • Laffy says:


    I disagree that Crean “has the team he wants” and why I’ve said, many times, I think we’ll be better next year…..even if, or especially if, Zeller leaves….and especially with Watford gone.

    Crean learned from Izzo and his teams almost always lead the country in rebounding…..and how many Final Fours has he been to?

    We’ve got 3 studs coming next year that are rebounding machines.

    Cody is a poor rebounder. If he stays next year, he’ll have 3 or 4 studs rebounding (Hanner too) so he can take off for the basket and they can lob it to him all day long like they did with UNC.

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