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Because of the holiday, a number of beat reporters (including myself) are still out of town, and the epic snow would’ve made it tough to have availability anyway. So we’ve got quotes on Jacksonville from an IU release. They follow.

Head Coach Tom Crean
“Jacksonville will challenge our transition defense and our ability to stop middle drives. They love to drive the ball.”

“Our players competitive nature was in full bloom today in practice. Great battles and team was vocal with one another. Rebounding was hard. Driving, sprinting the floor, footwork, shooting and energy were focal points.”

Associate Head Coach Steve McClain
“Jacksonville is a team that has been on the road this season in some tough places like Georgia, South Carolina, Missouri State and they won at Missouri State, a good Missouri Valley program. They are a team that knows you have to play at a high level and I expect them to be ready when they come in our building.”

“They like to play inside-outside, create matchup problems. I think their freshman (Jarvis Haywood) is really having an outstanding year.  He leads them in scoring.  They are a team that plays with a great purpose and Cliff has done a good job of building them back up and a lot of new faces, but you can tell they are getting used to each other and playing together.”

“I like the fact that we come back from the break and still have a non-conference game to get us back in our rhythm.  The last two years, we have come back and opened up right with Big Ten games.  The closer you get to conference play, the veteran guys know what is coming. For the younger guys, I think it’s good to have a non-conference game especially after a break.”

“I think this team shows you the commitment they have to one another when you don’t have one guy late coming back.  They were all ready to go.  It’s a great job of our older guys instilling what is expected. We had a nice workout Christmas. This also is a good time of year because your focus really is on basketball.”

Freshman Yogi Ferrell
“I think the freshmen are adapting to the schedule of college basketball very well.  Our coaches have been preparing us, the older guys have been great in helping us get our mind right.”

“Jacksonville wants to get out and push and run.  We always have to have a guy back on defense.”

“The great thing about our group is that if you make a mistake, you just have to think “next play” and move on.  You have to keep that in your mind.”

Sophomore Remy Abell
“It was great to go home but it’s even better to be back and we are looking forward to getting into the gym.  We are going to get our focus back on what we need to do and what we are trying to accomplish.  The practices have been very competitive and the team is working hard.”

“We have to come right back out and play Indiana basketball from the start.  There has to be no let up whatsoever.  It’s important for us to keep our composure, trust in our teammates and everything should be fine.”

“We know team will come in here and give us their best shot. We have to focus on defense first which ends up creating a ton of offense for us and gets the crowd going.”

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  • Ron says:

    “They play with a purpose”.
    “We must focus on defense first”
    “They know how to play at a high level”
    “They will challenge our transition defense”

    I can’t wait to see how we match up. They are ranked….
    I’m looking…not on page 2, not 3. Here they are. #308 out of #347.

    This will get us ready for conference play. Wish we had one more “tuner” game. I’ve heard good things about #346 South Carolina State.

  • Southport65 says:

    Ron, You need to apply for a job at IU to make up their schedule 2 years in advance and try and get some good teams like UK was to play us home and away. No one who has a big time program wants IU home and away on their schedule. Neutral courts are our only option.

  • Dcdave says:

    I am with Ron. The latter part of this schedule is not conducive for getting a team with our aspirations ready. We do not need a murderers row of games but I bet a MIssouri Vallety team and/or mid level BCS team would have jumped at a home and home. Our first game in front of a hostile crowd will be at Iowa. A road game at a Valley school with 8-10k fans wold have been helpful. What are we going to learn from Jacksonville? An inter squad game would be more interesting.

  • Ron says:

    I agree. The KY thing put a monkey wrench in the schedule.
    UCLA did’nt happen and if it had, it would be like the victory over NC. Any other year that would have been ..epic?

    I think we pay most of the pre-conference teams to show up so pay the 50-200 ranked teams.

    This scheduling is probably a science in it’s self. This year its working out with blending Jurkin, Hanner and Elston into the system. Otherwise, after playing 6-7 of these teams, what is the objective of playing more? Kinda like our military having war games with Vatican City.??

  • Ron says:

    Throw in IU is a .. 37.5 point favorite.

  • Laffy says:

    Is Southport Crean’s dad?

    Sure is odd that Duke and MSU can get home-and-homes with good teams but we can’t.

  • Mike P. says:


    Besides OSU (B1G/ACC doesn’t count), who has Duke played at home who is worth a sh*t? Elon? Cornell? Please enlighten me?

  • Ron says:

    Not addresed to me Mike P, but I don’t understand the “at home” issue or the B1G/ACC exclusion?

    Hard to knock Duke’s pre-conference (IU’s B1G conference is going to be bruising).

    Duke’s SOS is #10 and IU is #284. Duke has played Ky (#13), Virginia Commonwealth (#11), Louisville (#2) and Ohio State (#9). Not sure which if any were at home, but if they were away, that would be even more impressive.

    Hopefully IU will get some early season tournament invites next season. We’ve played #27, #38 and #51 and two of those went to OT. My feeling is that our schedule YTD does not prepare the team for conference play. But, I’m not the coach and I do have faith in Crean.

  • Ron says:

    Forgot Minnesota #10

  • Geoff says:

    Laffy, that is an unfair criticism… We did have a high-profile home-and-home until it wasn’t renewed at the 11th hour by the other team. You can’t just expect to work out another deal when 90% of the dates and schedule is already set for the next season… for all teams.

    You’re going to have to wait until next year to make that particular criticism.

  • Geoff says:

    Ron – where do you get your SOS? Can you provide a link or something?

    RPI has IU at 48 and Duke at 2…

  • psych says:


    The Louisville, Minnesota, and VCU games were all at the Battle 4 Atlantis tournament in the Bahamas. None were home-and-home…

  • Laffy says:

    Geoff, pomeroy has us that low……and they seem to be the most respected place around.

    Yes, we had to scramble because Kaintuck chickened out, but I think we could have found something else.

  • Dcdave says:

    Last I looked POmeroy has our schedule at 284 and Sagarin has us at 299.
    In regards to Duke playing mighty Elon….Elon is rated far higher than many of our cupcakes.
    Everyone plays cupcakes but my issue is how many bottom of the barrel cupcakes we play.
    A true road game would also be nice to see.

  • Geoff says:

    Like who?

    If you respect the Pomeroy ratings so much then I assume you respect it’s rating of IU as #1…

  • Dcdave says:

    FWIW…..Just saw that JAcksonville lost by 42, at home, to Wofford.

  • Geoff says:

    Not sure how I feel about Pomeroy’s algorithm… It has UC Sana Barbara at #2 SoS… They’ve played 1 ranked team – SDST – and their only other BCS match-ups were against Cal and LSU…. Oooooh, scary.

    I’ll take our schedule over that one any day.

  • Geoff says:

    2 years ago, when the Jacksonville game was scheduled, they won 20 games, beat Auburn and lost to Florida in OT.

    So which “cupcakes” would you like them to schedule for 2014-15?

  • psych says:

    So, you’re telling me that Nate Silver needs to make IU’s schedule from now on because Tom Crean et al. cannot forecast teams’ records two years in advance? *rolls eyes*

    In all seriousness, I am sort of disgusted at how fast people have turned on this program. Do people forget that two years ago, they won 12 games…ALL SEASON? They were LOSING these games to Jacksonville, Bryant, and Florida Atlantic two years ago. Now IU is beating these “cupcakes” by 25-30 points, and that isn’t enough? Do people forget that IU was a cupcake 2, 3, and 4 years ago? Two years ago, no one would want us on their schedule, because the Hoosiers were a cupcake that would hurt their SOS, their RPI, etc. Christ, get some perspective. The fact they are going to likely finish 26-6 or something similar after finishing 12-20 TWO YEARS AGO is a feat in and of itself. EVERY team is going to play a bad game here and there. There is 0 chance a team is going to put forth 100% effort every night against every opponent, Bobby Knight, Coach K, Jesus as their coach, it does not matter. Butler executed their gameplan to near perfection. IU did not adjust well enough to win. Either IU learns from that, or they do not. Again, it’s that simple. I am of the mindset that thinks they will…because it makes the season a lot brighter to assume our team will succeed rather than fail.

  • Ron says:

    Good points psych & Geoff. How soon we (I) forget.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Earlier in the season Jacksonville lost to Georgia by 6. pUKe is the chicken**** not IU.

  • kurk81 says:

    Agreed with psych, Geoff and others who suggest that we all chill over the schedule. A combination of factors: we sucked when lots of these games were scheduled (when a win over Jacksonville might have looked like our ticket to a winning record and an NIT berth); the semi-pro cowards from south of the river backed out of a probable home loss against us; and the ‘marquee’ games turned out to be against teams having bad years (UCLA/ Georgetown, UNC). So, the schedule is what it is this year, we have two choices – win ’em or lose ’em. Next year expect to see Louisville take the place of their academically and ethically challenged KY brethern and maybe a couple of other big match-ups against ranked teams having good years.

  • Chet says:

    Well, Pomeroy doesn’t rely much on his strength of schedule in determining the caliber of a team because, as of today, he still has IU as the #1 team in the country.


  • Laffy says:


    Sure I’ll take us at their # 1.

    Are you going to admit we’ve played, overall, a bunch of girl JV teams?

    284? Really? That’s pathetic.

    And even if Kaintiuck was still on the list, I doubt it makes it into the top 200 schedules.


    Stop the “turned on the program” nonsense, Drama Queen. All I’m saying is our schedule is pathetic and that Zeller has not improved one bit.

    He certainly hasn’t lived up to “Player of the Year” everyone was slobbering all over him. Hell, he’s not even mentioned anymore in the Top 4 when people before the season were saying he was a “lock” for the award.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    How much higher than #1 would we be if we listed better than #284?
    Anyone who believes the #284 is accurate also buys bridges.

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