Live Discussion: Central Connecticut State at Indiana

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  • Geoff says:

    I never want Oladipo to leave…

  • Chet says:

    Really shaky officiating. I seen a bunch of sequences that have been ‘bad call’ followed immediately by ‘make up call’.

    I just hope the bad officiating doesn’t result in any more injuries.

  • Ron says:

    Plus, why is CZ defending at the 3-point line? Way to many easy drives to the basket.

    40 points for Hunter? Kind of reminds me of some games last year.

    Hate to see the injury to Austin or any player in this type of game.

    Outstanding effort by Vic as usual.

    Second half was just a messy game & glad it’s over.

  • Linda says:

    What happened to the hurt player?

  • Ron says:

    Nothing official but looks like bad knee/ACL.
    Did not look good

  • Chet says:

    No, it didn’t look good for Austin. I hope he’s OK but it didn’t look good.

    You know, I’m not concerned at all about that 40 point outburst. Just a statistical aberration. We emptied the bench and won by 30. If one guy had all their points, so what? I’d be way more concerned by balanced scoring and a close game.

    It’s all good, except for Austin. He had just been earning some confidence from CTC (judging from his PT).

    Here’s my hope. One of my kids had a nasty injury (bilateral mandibular [jaw] fractures). Five hours of surgery, blah, blah, blah.

    He went from being fair in one sport and pretty good in another to being All State in one and HS AA in the other. Hunger, desire, who knows? It just turned a switch in the guy.

    I hope he’s got nothing more than a bruise but I also hope this is the moment that flips a switch for Austin. I gotta hope something positive comes out of this.

  • Podunker says:

    Just before someone placed a Gatorade towel over his injured knee, AE’s knee looked to be swelling up like a balloon. I watched the replay several times and it was hard to see exactly what happened, but given the pain he seemed to be in, it’s appears to be a serious injury. My guess is that AE will require surgery and is done for the year.

    As for the team, we get two bigs back for the next game, and it should be interesting to see what they can do. While I’m sure they’ve been working hard in practice, playing their first college game against a good team like Butler will be challenging for these two freshman. IU’s already deep team is getting even deeper, bigger and more athletic, and that must be frightening for opposing coaches. I’m glad these two freshman will have four non-conference games before the Big Ten season begins. We’re going to need them to be in stride when we start playing the big boys.

    CWat played very well today. He scored well, rebounded well and played solid defense. Anyone that thinks he’s not going to be a key to winning the Big Ten Championship is just ignorant, and they have forgotten how good a free-throw shooter he is (92% from the line). that’s going to come in handy is some of those close conference road games.

  • phenomenal1 says:

    Po, excellent point about watford. It made me cringe reading all of the bloggers chastising him for having an off game last week. While he has been known to be inconsistent at times, he remains an integral part of our team. Free throw shooting will be a huge key for us in a lot of those close B1G games and there is nobody I would rather have on the line than watford. He’s automatic from the stripe.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Anyone that thinks he’s(Watford) not going to be a key to winning the Big Ten Championship is just ignorant, and they have forgotten how good a free-throw shooter he is (92% from the line). that’s going to come in handy is some of those close conference road games.

    Couldn’t agree more, Podunker. No surprise it’s those that questioned Watford’s heart and effort that now do their regular “disappearing” act.

    But don’t fret, soon as Watford has an off shooting night(an inevitability for anyone on the roster), the bus drivers shall return.

    If Hulls isn’t currently on any of the first two rounds a 2013 NBA draft watch list/mock draft, they’re grossly inattentive his full array of skills beginning to come together into the complete package. How amazingly different a guy can look when he gets a quality guard joining up with him in the backcourt…Though the more astute observer always knew that a simmering Hulls was always ready to go full boil.

  • meadowlark says:

    ^There needs to a be a newer, stronger metaphor for “beating a dead horse,” because in its current form it simply doesn’t do justice to Harvard’s daily posts.

  • Mike P. says:

    What I’m heard last night is that Austin’s kneecap is broke, kind of like Creek’s and he will be having surgery done this morning and will be out for the season.

  • Larry says:

    I myself strongly defended C-Wat last week. Very rarely do we hear about broken kneecaps, ummmm, this is now Creek 2, AE 1. Another long wait now for our next game.

  • Geoff says:

    Watford definitely played much more in the flow last night on offense. I have to go back and watch, but I remember only one forced shot. His offense came from getting to the front of the rim on his teammates dribble-drives for easy catches and dunks/lay-ins and then WIDE open 3’s… Exactly what he needs to be doing. The one post up I remember, I think he forced a jump hook on the right baseline and air-balled it.

    Offensively, I hope we see a lot more of this Watford, where 80+ % of his shots are high quality.

    First half, when the team was trying to build up the lead and Dipo was in absolute beast-mode, this was as entertaining a performance as any outside of UNC. Other than that, sorta a blah game to watch after the Etherington injury.

    Seriously though, I want to hear from fans like Tsao and Clarion and others that have been watching this team for 50 years or more… Have you ever seen a Hoosier play defense like Dipo? Challenging people all over the court, creating havoc off the ball, seemingly getting 5+ steals/blocks every game, breaking “deflection” records, and taking charges too…

    I’m just not sure I’ve ever seen a perimeter defender be so disruptive in so many ways.

  • Laffy says:

    Well, I didn’t “disappear”, I just don’t live on here like you do because I actually have a life.

    Wat beat up on a nobody school.


    Let’s put him in the Hall of Fame and retire his jersey.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Glad to see CW play to his strengths last night. I hope he does not return to his Houdini act. He is money from the FT line.
    Myself along with 3 close friends watched the game from Nick’s Hoosier Room. We did our best to help advance the Bloomington economy. As always that place is pure energy. Sink the Biz.

    Geoff, 1 other player for IU who stood out on D every bit as much as VO was Bobby Wilkerson(74-75-76). He was a different style player on D. He was not as fast and flashy as Vic nor as disruptive playing in Knight’s help side man to man. He consistently caused his kind of havoc. He stood 6’7″ w/ long arms and incredible jumping ability. He always drew the D assignment for the opponents offensive star. He jumped center instead of Benson and I have not looked up the stats but am quite sure he led that 32-0 team in rebounds. Knight early on convinced him he would play a strong roll on the team and he would be a 1st round pick. He was by the SuperSonics. I am biased, as he is my all time favorite IU BB player.

    Do you have more on the Brewster/New Hampton game from the other night?

  • Ron says:

    I think both the C. Connecticut coach and Roy Williams said basically the same thing about Vic…”where did you get that guy”

  • Podunker says:

    Geoff, IU has had some great defenders over the years, but I don’t recall any that were more capable or more determined than Dipo. What’s most impressive to me is that he plays great defense and is still capable of taking over the game on offense. IT was similar in that regard. He was a great defender and could take over the game on offense. His steels, that led to layups could really demoralize the opposing team.

    My daughter broke her kneecap playing soccer. Same type of thing, knee-to-kee collision. She had her share of injuries in a career through college soccer, but she said that breaking her kneecap was the most painful injury of all. The good news is that it should be a fairly straight-forward recovery if the connective tissue was not damaged.

    Wow, what did CWat do to offend certain people? He was a bum against a nobody team because he only hit 1 of 9 shots. But yesterday, in leading the team in scoring and having done a great job rebounding, his performance is of no significance because IU played another nobody team. I just don’t get it. There have been some highly irrational criticisms posted about CWat on this blog. I’m beginning to suspect that some of these criticisms have nothing to do with the quality of CWat’s performance on the basketball court. We should not try to assign motivations to people’s comments, but when the criticisms continue to be totally unwarranted (“a cancer to the team”), to the point of being irrational, one can not help but wonder if something more sinister is involved.

  • Laffy says:

    Hey, I said we should retire his jersey because he kicked some nobody’s team butt.

    What more do you want?

    The only “highly irrational” people are the fanANTICs who say, “If you don’t think all of our players are All Americans every time they step on the court, it means you hate IU and aren’t a REAL fan.”


  • Podunker says:

    Laffy, the third part of #17 was not directed at you, in particular.

    If any player has a bad game, its fair to criticize him for that game. But calling any player on this IU team “selfish” or “a cancer” or “lazy” suggests something else is at play. If nothing else, you’d think a senior, who has played through all the adversity this team has experienced, who had gone to class and stayed out of trouble would get the benefit of the doubt regardless of one bad game. And I for one will have a hard time criticizing the man who made the shot of the decade and provided the Hoosier Nation with the most exciting moment in decades. If for no other reason, CWat deserves the benefit of the doubt and our respect. But he has and continues to do a lot for IU basketball and I’m confident he will be essential during the upcoming big ten season.

  • Chet says:

    I don’t thinks it’s the regulars that pull that stuff. It’s the ‘Debbie’s’ of the world that show up out of nowhere, called a respected player a ‘cancer’, and then crawl back under their rock.

    Just ignore them and they slime away.

  • Geoff says:

    HC – I think you asked for some notes on the Brewster/New Hampton game…

    – there was a LOT of talent on the floor. New Hampton, besides Vonleh, has at least 3 other high major kids. The Baylor coach I was talking to was there looking at PG Travis Jorgenson and PF Tory Miller. Another kid, SF Jeremy Miller, is an athletic 6’9″ soph whose greatest strength right now is as a spot up shooter, and will eventually go to a big name program. Brewster has 2 Syracuse signees, a NC State kid, a West Virginia big man who played very well, and a couple other top 100 juniors.

    – Jorgensen stole the show. He dominated top junior prospect Kevin Zabo so thoroughly in the first 10 minutes that they basically sat him the rest of the game in favor of a kid who is getting some mid-major looks. They tried switching Buss on him defensively, but that didn’t seem to bother him much either. Jorgenson was good in the first half when New Hampton was building a 17 point lead, but he was just dominant in the last 15 minutes as Brewster pressed and pressured all over the court in an attempt to get back in the game. He was about 80% of the offense, while Noah was the other 20%.

    – Neither Patterson nor Vonleh did anything in particular to stand out. Though that’s not to say they didn’t play well. Vonleh attacked the rim a lot, and I felt he should have gone to the line about 4 or 5 more times than he did. The reffing was brutal on both ends. Basically once New Hampton ran out to a big lead the refs stopped giving them any calls. Vonleh played some point when Jorgenson was out. He knocked down a dagger 3 with about 5 minutes to go that stopped a run. He rebounded on both ends, but had some issues finishing through contact. There were a lot of big boys on the court though, and as I said the reffing was inconsistent at best. Patterson is clearly a better defender than offensive player at this level. He is competent on offense, but you can tell he knows his job is to make people uncomfortable. He did a very good job on everyone except Jorgenson, and he had his moments there too. He knocked down a couple 3’s, initiated the offense at times, and played almost the entire game.

    – the Baylor coach had plenty of praise for Vonleh… He said that he will be unguardable at the next level, and that every program dreams of having a player like him because he is such a good kid as well. He agreed that Noah is the only recruit in HS right now that can legitimately play all 5 positions well.

    – Kenny Johnson could play offensive line for the Colts. That is a large man up close. When he wears his all-crimson warm-up suit you simply cannot miss him, no matter how many people are in the gym.

    – New Hampton broke Brewster’s 44 game home winning streak.

  • Podunker says:

    Chet, good advice. You’re right, when the “Debbie’s” on this site are confronted, they tend to slither away.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    Yes Sir, much obliged. I can see that would have been a blast setting there watching all that hi-end talent. I understood Jorgenson had made significant offensive improvement from a season ago. How well does he defend? Even though he has not committed I have been under the impression home-state Mizzou is far in the lead for his services. Also read Villanova was sniffing but have not offered to date. If true though Wright runs a great offensive for small guards.

  • Geoff says:

    He defended pretty well. He’s pretty quick and strong for his size, and plays with effort all the time. Also has long arms.

    He de-committed from Mizzou last month, so I’d say they are a long shot at this point.

  • Laffy says:

    I’ll say it again: I think we’ll be even better next year.

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