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One good half was enough to beat Penn State, but Indiana will need more against Minnesota, among other takeaways from Monday’s game, I wrote.

Unbeaten Michigan continues to lead the way in the Big Ten power rankings, I wrote.

The new IU Varsity Shop is now open on the west side of Assembly Hall, Mike Leonard wrote.

Former Indiana soccer player and assistant coach Caleb Porter met with the media as the coach of the MLS’ Portland Timbers for the first time Tuesday, the Associated Press reports.

Christian Watford might finally be emerging as a force in his senior season, ESPN.com’s Myron Medcalf muses.

Australian 6-5 guard Dante Exum, the son of former UNC player Cecil Exum, is scheduled to visit Indiana this weekend. Here’s last year’s video feature on the father-son duo from Contact Sport in Australia.

IU’s Eriq Zavaleta comes in third, Luis Soffner 53rd and Caleb Konstanski 67th on the MLS Draft big board, from topdrawersoccer.com.

No. 2 Michigan could get deeper and better with the return of 6-10 Jon Horford tonight against Nebraska, Mike DeCourcy of the Sporting News reports.

New Purdue football coach Darrell Hazell’s staff is starting to take shape, Mike Carmin of the Lafayette Journal and Courier writes.

Some highlights of 2014 prospect Dante Exum at 2012 Adidas Nations.

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  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Dante Exum has a Verdell Jones look about his game. Dips the shoulder going to the basket…always in that middle gear. Don’t see the hard acceleration or much explosiveness.

    Unless there’s been big improvement not reflected in last year’s video clip provided above, I’m not sure why we’re interested…Unless he also reminds Tom Crean of VJ.

  • Florida Alum says:

    Saw no outside shots on that video. Did I miss something?

  • Laffy says:

    Saw this on SI:

    Weird fact that David Woods of the Indy Star pointed out: Ever since Chase Stigall made the go-ahead three with 1:02 left in overtime of Butler’s upset of Indiana, on Dec. 15, he hasn’t scored a point.

  • Debbie says:

    Nothing in that video or this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=DjeBCyrL2YU&feature=endscreen
    reminds me of VJII, except maybe his weight.

  • Geoff says:

    I saw Exum in some kinda international competition this summer… He was by far the best player for Australia and I immediately started looking for more info on him. He reminds me a bit of CJ McCollum – way more shifty and athletic than VJ. He’ll finish in traffic with a 2 hand dunk. I saw him make several 3’s over the course of a couple games. It’s always hard to tell how someone will adjust to being a role player against good competition when before they were the focal point of the offense, and I don’t think he’d ever be that at IU, but he has the skills to be a solid double-figure scorer for multiple years. He’s definitely better than VJ in my opinion. Someone I’ve been hoping IU would recruit since I first saw him.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Interesting about the Aussie. Our present U.S. Sect. of Education, Arne Duncan, played as a pro for several years in Australia (he was a college player at Harvard). And, continues to play and is our President’s favorite bk-ball partner. (About 6’3″-6’5″ range. He was pretty darned good. Here (Chicago) he continued to play and was part of a group (which included MJ, Pippen and other former Bulls) that played (plays) informally at Hoops, the Gym on Randolph. Duncan more than held his own.

    He (Duncan) and I became close (we worked together for almost 10 years). He met his wife Karen in Australia (born there) where she played in a women’s pro-league. Great, great people (they have two kids now almost exactly the age of my two grandkids- 5 and 2 1/2. Anyway, both Arne and Karen were very, very good players.

    I think we’ll continue to see a greater and greater penetration of the NBA by foreign players. Because many of them do not begin until late, they develop their skills later. But, because their coaches are more technical ‘students’ of the game, they do not develop the ‘technique’ and ‘recognition’ issues that beset many of our own players. Players like Ginobili are gold here because their tactical development is very advanced once they get here.

    Where they do have greater difficulty is developing ‘natural’ skills. I fully expect Perea to have a slower learning curve for offensive moves since he is relatively ‘new’ to the game (at best, I don’t expect he’s been playing more than 7-8 years). Same with Jurkin; both of whom can probably catch a ball with their feet as well as with their hands. For both, it is a matter of repetition and repetition. The good comes from the fact that there will be fewer ‘bad habits’ to unlearn.

    With really strong teaching and coaching, both will grow by leaps and bounds over the next two years. I seriously doubt we need to worry about the NBA with either for at least a couple. Anyway, this new prospect- Exum- has the advantage that his dad was his coach and is probably way ahead of the curve.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    Move over Hardee’s girls, I bring you Ben Allen!!

  • Podunker says:

    Does anyone else hear the talk that if CZ stays for his third year at IU, Jurkin will depart? I think that is pure speculation based on the difference between the high expectations associated with Jurkin’s arrival (the hype) and the realities of his limited playing time so far this year. But the more games in which Jurkin does not play any significant minutes, especially when Elston can’t play, the more I’m hearing that. Is this legitimate or just garbage talk?

  • Laffy says:

    Where are you “hearing” that?

    I haven’t seen it on Peegs, though I don’t see every post on there.

    If anyone transfers, even if Cody leaves, my money is on him and/or Jeremy.

  • Podunker says:

    As I said, I think its pure speculation. People are noticing that now that the suspensions are over, Jurkin’s not playing, even though Elston is not up to full speed. We’re a little thin in the post! Also, we have a potential scholarship crunch coming next year.

    I did not see it printed anywhere. I received an email from a buddy (who lives in Indy) that is also an alum and rabid Hoosier fan. He forwarded it to me from about four other Hoosier fans, the first of which was the one that said he had heard the rumor.

    I think it’s BS. 7 foot athletes don’t grow on trees. I believe Jurkin has a lot better athleticism/coordination than IU’s former 7-footer that transferred a year or so ago.

  • Harvard for Hillbillies says:

    How can speculation ever be “pure.” It’s thick in tongue that licks dirt off of any floor.

  • Ben says:

    I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if it was true PO. I hope Jurkin can get it together. I really do. Obviously the games missed hurt, but I think he would still be lacking. With all the talent coming in, Peter looks like the odd man out. Jeremy has a future in my opinion. Though what do I k now. I have said for 2 years Austin would transfer. Just with Cody and Fischer, Peter would be holding down the bench in my opinion.

  • Hoosier Clarion says:

    …and he would be court ready upon CZ’s exit…with 2 years, who knows maybe 3 years left for success…

  • Punjab says:

    Not to feed into the rumor mill, but the proposed NCAA transfer eligibility rules would allow Jurkin– or anybody with a 2.6 GPA– to go to another D-1 school without having to sit out a year. If it goes through, I wonder how that might play out with some of our own guys not getting the PT they thought they would.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Sorry, there must be a lot of free time. Where do people come up with this BS? Jurking is five weeks into his college career after getting out of a God forsaken place like southern Sudan and ends up in Bloomington, IN where we have real trees from which they make real benches and see green hills and real pretty buildings with cars and everything. Who invents this BS? Some people are warped…Forget about respecting the reader, respect the kid living out a dream!

    After all the c–p with A-Hope and the nine weeks and …he’s worried about pine time while he learns and gets an education and hopes to learn enough for an NBA career. Do any of you of the rumor mongers know anything about South Sudan? Darfur? Maybe we should break NCAA rules and get Peter an I-Phone to keep him entertained while waiting a little while. Be fair to Jurkin!!!!

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    PO, if you think it is speculation, don’t pass it on!

    Harvard, well said (about thick tongues,etc).

    Ben, give Peter a chance to decide what is best for him. Don;t push him out five weeks into his college career.

  • Punjab says:

    Tsao, I do know a bit about Sudan. I grew up in student-family housing less than a mile from Assembly Hall; Redbud and Banta apattments, to be exact. I played school-yard basketball with the Duany’s at Tulip Tree for years, and got to know the family pretty well. You may know their story. Both parents are former South Sudanese refugees and now are now educators at IU. they continue to do instrumental humanitarian work in their homeland. Their stories, much like Peter’s, could’ve ended in horror like so many hundreds of thousands already have. Thankfully, they were fortunate enough to escape, and use that gift to try and better the lives of their countrymen.

    They are good, grounded, warm-hearted people who don’t take anything for granted. And I see the same demeanor in Peter. He doesn’t strike me as the kind of young man who would bail; rather, he seems like someone appreciates the opportunity that he’s been given. Of course I’ve never met the man. I can only go off his story and how he carries himself.

    You’re absolutely right that people are jumping to conclusions off of hearsay. But, that’s what the media does, and that’s part of the reason we read. I hope that Peter stays. He’s raw, but I think in 2-3 years time he will become a fan favorite regardless of his development.

    I do wonder, though, if and how much the proposed transfer rules change would affect other recruits who aren’t as satisfied playing a smaller role on a stacked team. We can’t expect them all to be that grounded.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Punjab, yes…that’s exactly the point and Peter, your friends, the Duany’s and any other human beings who was freed from that horror deserves to be helped and supported for whatever they seek and we can provide. Hopefully they (Jurkin included) will be able to take a bit of what we can give to change even one minute of any life there.

    However his basketball turns out, I choose to believe in who he appears to be and his future contribution.

    I appreciate your words, and hope that those speculating on Jurkin’s back get some understanding of the possible impact of their speculation. Thank you.

  • Aruss says:

    I just saw the Minnesota score at UI and now I’m worried. Does anyone have a scouting report?

    On the other hand, Michigan looks beatable.

  • Chris in Denver says:

    That SI article on power rankings was interesting. I had no idea that Michigan shot the least amount of free throws. But what surprised me more was that Michigan is the only NCAA team to ever win a game in the tournament (march madness) without hitting a single free throw.
    (it was against Tennessee and they only attempted one free throw) I am not sure what anyone else thinks, but I don’t see Michigan going very far this season based on their free throw stats alone. What team makes it to the Final Four without creating fouls?

  • Laffy says:

    It sucks Afflack wasn’t nominated for best director for the Oscars.

  • Ben says:


    I am not forcing Jurkin out. I really hope he can get it together, and be effective. All I am doing is reading the cards that have been dealt. Consider this. Before the season started, Elston was throwing baseballs to Murkin, to improve ball handling. I mean, that is a basic of the game of basketball.

    All I am saying is he is behind. Sitting on the bench with Fischer and Zeller would be worthless, and I imagine he would think the same. Could be totally wrong. Again, I HOPE I am wrong.

  • Podunker says:

    I sincerely apologize if anyone thought the question I passed along on this string was “spreading rumors.” That was not my intent. I heard the rumor via an email string, from some passionate and serious IU BB fans. Thought it unlikely, but I when I began thinking about it, it was easy to see how the question could arise. So, I asked if any of the participants on this site had heard it. If asking a question is spreading rumors, well then I guess I screwed up. But I think a few people are being a little too sensitive and a few others are being hypocrites. I do not see how asking that question could, in any way, be damaging to Jurkin or the team.

    What I find interesting is that none of the journalists coving IU basketball have asked Crean the question, “why is Jurkin not playing more minutes now that he is off suspension, especially given Elson’s knee injury?” It would seem to be an obvious question.

    I think many fans, like myself, were under the impression, probably based on all the hype surrounding “the solution,” that Jurkin would come in and be able to contribute in his first year. I do not recall any stories describing him as “raw,” “a project,” or “projected to red shirt.” Then we read that Elston is throwing him baseballs to help him improve his hand-eye coordination. Then he’s suspended for nine games (due to no fault of his own), so we wait patiently to see him play. When he’s finally eligible, he does not play. Even when Elston ‘tweaks” his knee and is held out of a game, Jurkin does not get any significant playing time against a lower-echelon Big Ten team during a blow-out game. Is Jurkin hurt? Is he sick? Why is Jurkin not playing 5-6 minutes, before half and at the end, in a game with IU up by 20 points and in total control?

    It’s easy to see how people paying attention could begin to ask questions and do the simple math. We have Cody, we have another 7-footer arriving next season, and if all the non-seniors decide to stay, we may have too many players on scholarship. As has been well chronicled in this blog, someone would have to go. Since two months ago I never would have considered Jurkin a candidate for departure, I thought the question, given recent developments (or lack thereof), was reasonable. Since obviously no one else has heard anything, I will, once again apologize for my offense and drop the matter. But I would encourage one of the Herald Times’ sports reporters to ask the obvious question, “why is Jurkin not playing more minutes?”


  • Laffy says:


    I have your back on this one as I don’t think it was “over the line” at all.

    We’ve got a serious scholly crunch and Peter isn’t playing at all. It’s a legit concern.

    When I rip the players and say they use criticism as motivation, I’m told, “I really doubt they read this place” so I don’t know how what you said is “hurting” him.

  • TsaoTsuG says:

    Podunker, I’ve never thought (and no-one who reads you with any consistency should ever think there is any evil intended in a post contributed by you). I don’t, period. Having said that, I’ve always been concerned and detested the ease with which this blog seems to descend into rumors and is used as a medium to spread these, rumor-mongering for which no-one can ever find an origin.

    I’ve seen it happen time and time again in this blog. It happened in regards to football (about Lynch, about KW’s character, about assistants- in both staffs. About players and their disinterest in class, about heavy drug use, about cheating, about alcohol-abuse, about abusing women… About basketball; about Crean, about his religious fervor, about his recruitment ethics, about his integrity, about contradicting his own morality, about suspected violations that could get Indiana the NCAA ‘death penalty’, about cheating, about his history, about his tolerance of behavior by his players. I’ve seen it in soccer; about the coaching job, about the reasons for the selection of Coach Todd Yeagley, about the influence by his dad Jerry on the Varsity Club and Alumni Assn., about the reasons behind dismissing the last coach- a former Yeagley (Sr.) player. Sickening!

    I’ve read rumors as to why IU does not recruit in Gary and the Region, or in urban areas and soon those rumors turn into a racial/ethnic/social origins argument. I’ve read rumors about the reasons why certain stories are published and certain stories appear to be ignored or, worse, buried. I’ve read rumors about the relationship between the press and the athletic administration; rumors about the finances of athletics, rumors about criminal behavior…and, somehow these get spread around between ‘real good IU fans’ and take a life of their own and , suddenly, are being repeated as if they were ‘fact’.

    It is abominable and we should treat it as such. Call them out! Often, those repeating them KNOW there is no truth to them…and they repeat them anyway (ironically, often with the proviso that ‘I don’t believe it , BUT…

    Give you an example. Someone tells the story that they saw Coach Wilson in a restaurant having a drink in a social setting. Someone else repeats it as ‘he tips a few too many’ and by the third stop, he has a ‘drinking problem’. Beginning with nothing but a social drink, or the ‘after-aroma of a mixed drink’ to a ‘paralyzing health habit’ to ‘corrupt character’ in less than three blog posts and 10 minutes. I’ve read it about coaches here, about former coaches and their staffs and, worse and much more evil, as chances to attack the families of those coaches.

    There is no truth to them, yet they become reality. Worse, we innocently (in some cases not so innocently) pass them on, claiming ‘I read somewhere…’ But it is a reality that they impact careers in people vulnerable because of their public roles. And, it impacts their families…kids who suffer real wounds from having to hear these ‘untruths’ stated over and over in their schools. A rumor is nothing but that, an attempt-willingly or unwillingly- to vilify an individual for an agenda that has nothing true to do with that person or the rest of us.

    Why would any adult, five weeks into the first year and five months after he arrived in Bloomington with the memory of bombs going off, people being executed in the street, women rape, arms cut-off, children abused and, in some cases, enslaved; children for whom a ‘good day’ is finding a refugee camp even raise the question that leads others to inquire about the ‘worth’ in a basketball game of an individual from South Sudan? Why would anyone believe that Crean would be such a cynic? Why would anyone believe that we Hoosiers are so vile as to head down this road just because a couple of ego-centric fans or writers with a sensationalist agenda want to hype situations to benefit their interest?

    Never, not ever have I thought there is anything but honesty and passion behind what you write Podunker. You are a model of a great Hoosier fan. But, there are people who are waiting to use your passion and curiosity to their ends and diabolical manipulation. I would put my hands on fire for your sincerity and honesty (I’ve now known you- and argued with you often enough- and admire your integrity and passion). But, I do not and would not say the same for many of those who come on this blog under the guise of being ‘fans’ and spread their jelly of vitriol to all, without regards to consequences.

    For this reason, I ask that we ALL consider the source and the likelihood that the ‘innocence’ of a rumor often vilifies those of us who listen to them.

    Hoosier on great friend!

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